I am who i am Quotes & Sayings for Motivation, Self Respect

Here you will explore our collection of inspiring, insightful, and amusing ancient I am who I am quotes, I am who I am sayings and Instagram captions, and I am who I am proverbs, gathered from a variety of sources throughout the years. The meaning of all these quotes are simply be as you are as said by Ramana Maharshi.

These motivational i am Quotes will make you fall in love with yourself, read all these I am who I am affirmations and be yourself proudly and love the way you are. If people don’t accept you the way you are then you should not be giving importance to those people and be happy with yourself.

O God, I serve you when I don’t know who I am. When I figure out who I am, then I know I am You.

~ Spritual Quotes

We are exactly who we believe we are to ourselves.

~ Read More Buddha Quotes

I am Who I am Quotes

I am happy with myself quotes

Because of the decisions I made yesterday, I am who I am now.

It’s disturbing to read the truly bad comments, but I know who I am and am at ease with myself.

I love myself quotes

My family means the world to me. I am who I am because of my mother, father, brother, and sister, who have all given me everything. They are responsible for my education.

Because I am who I am, I cannot go against my nature. I don’t strive to be anything other than myself.

I am quotes

Don’t pass judgement on me; you couldn’t manage half of what I’ve gone through. There’s a reason I do what I do, and I am who I am for a reason.

The loyalty I feel for those I care about is one of the characteristics that defines who I am.

I am what I am

Because, for some reason, I want to tell the world who I am today, even if I want to remain at home all the time and be alone.

No, I am who I am supposed to be. I’m not going to change just to please someone.

I am a simple man

I am who I am, and I express my opinion. For the record, I’m not putting on a show.

~ Eminem

I was about to say, “I am who I am because of who I am,” and “If you like me, I’m thankful,” but “If you don’t, what am I going to do about it?”

We are what we think we are

Something seems to call us down a specific path sooner or later… this is what I have to do, this is what I need, this is who I am.

I am who I am today as a result of the people who influenced me as a child, many of whom were gay. No one has the authority to define what constitutes a family.

I am who I am quotes

I am who I am, and I shall die as I am.

Because of the people I grew up with and the place that I’m from, I am who I am today.

I’ve come to the conclusion that all there is to say about myself is that I am who I am. Like it or hate it. It’s a great weight off my shoulders that I no longer have to worry about pleasing anybody.

However, people will say what they want to say regardless of what you do. I am aware of who I am, and I am aware that I am not perfect.

I am proud of who I am, and I urge others to be proud of who they are as well. But it wasn’t easy as it took me a long time.

I am who I am. I’m not without flaws. I’m not interested in attempting to be flawless.

This is who I am. Don’t pass judgement and don’t despise. I am who I am, who God created me to be: an angel with scars, shattered hearts, and a voice that needs to be heard. I’m a soldier and a warrior who fights for love and for people who are in need of an angel.

I’ve always risen to the occasion and persevered in the face of hardship; it’s simply who I am.

Accept me for who I am. Love me despite my flaws. Be present for the good times as well as the bad. Remember that I will never become the person you want me to be; I am who I am.

I choose to live a simple life because that is who I am – a regular man who has been on an unbelievable adventure.

There’s nothing to prove, and there’s nothing to defend. I am who I am, and that is sufficient.

I’m in love with you. Because of you, I am who I am. Every reason, hope, and dream I’ve ever had is because of you, and no matter what happens to us in the future, every day we spend together is the best day of my life. You have my undivided attention at all times.

~ Nicholas Sparks

It’s just incredible. Everything is possible for me. And make a good impression. I’m capable of any good deed. That is why I am who I am, because God loves me, and I am amazed by it. It means a lot to me, and I appreciate it.

I accept myself as I was created by God. I’m proud of who I am and what I am becoming.

Do not inquire as to who I am or whether I want to stay the same; leave it to our bureaucrats and cops to ensure that our documents are in order. At the very least, when we write, spare us their morals.

Michel Foucault

I am not open about who I am and what I like doing since it is my life and it belongs entirely to me, my friends, and my family.

I am myself, / I am a better version of who I was, / I am a newer version of who I am, / I am my own boss, / I am the fire in my spirit, / I am the heart in my body, / I am me, / Who are you to say I am not?

Because, at the end of the day, I am who you have created me to be. And you’re the one thing I’ll never be able to change

Nitya Prakash

When you see me for who I am, you’ll see the genuine me.

I am who I am: a distinct and unusual person with a lineal history of ancestral promptings and urgings, as well as a history of dreams, aspirations, and particular experiences, of which I am the sum total.

I am who I am because I made the decision early in life to satisfy myself in all I did.

I am What I am Quotes

I spent a lot of my life trying to be someone else’s idea of who I should be. That fight is now over for me. What I am is what I am.

I’m proud of what I am and what I’ve accomplished, and I’m going to continue to be myself.

I am what I am, I will not to act in a manner that is contrary to my nature. I make no effort to present an image that is unlike to the real me.

I’m not interested in attempting to change people’s minds. I am what I am, and if you don’t take the time to understand who I am, your view will become your issue.

Labels, in my opinion, belong on canned foods… I am what I am, and I am aware of what I am.

You can eat fish and be a vegetarian. It’s all up to you; just declare, ‘I am what I am.’ There are no longer any tough divisions.

Is it appropriate to refer to what is ephemeral, unpleasant, and changeable as “This is mine, this is I, this is myself”?

I am who I am, what I am, and do what I do, and I’m not going to change my ways. It makes no difference to me whether people like it or not.

I’m not trying to hide from anybody. I am what I am, and I am not perfect.

My belief is that it is none of my concern what others think or say about me. I am what I am, and I go about doing what I go about doing. I don’t have any expectations and am open to anything. It also makes life a lot simpler.

I am what I am, and I am an awful liar. I’m sorry, but I’m not up to it. I’m simply being honest.

~ Pamela Anderson

The only thing that separates what I am and what I aspire to be are my actions and words.

Despite the fact that I am none of these things; not what I ought to be, not what I may be, not what I wish I could be, and not what I once was, I believe I can legitimately declare with the apostle, ‘By the grace of God, I am what I am.’

I am—yet no one knows or cares about who I am; / My companions have abandoned me like a faded memory: / I am the consumer of my own misery.

~ John Clare

I am myself plus my surroundings, and if the latter is not preserved, I am not preserved.

~ José Ortega y Gasset

I’m not what others believe or claim I am.

One of my life’s regrets is that I am not someone else.

I’m as forthright as I can be with folks about my thoughts.

Everything in my life mirrors this by falling into place quickly, sometimes wonderfully, when I’m trusting and being myself.

I wanted the opportunity to create and remake myself. ‘I define myself,’ you must say to the world. ‘I’m not going to be labelled.’

I got everything I wanted, but I wasn’t living like myself. So I made the decision to be open and honest about who I was. It was perplexing. People who liked me because I was humorous suddenly disliked me because I was…myself.

I’m not going to change for anybody except myself. I’m not going to accept anything merely to be recognised. Before I appreciate someone else’s being, I shall respect myself. Today, I vow to alter just for the sake of my own being: myself.

I’m who I’m supposed to be / I am a one-of-a-kind creation / So drop in and have a look. Please give me the hook or the standing ovation / It’s my world / In which I want to take a little pride / It’s my world / In which I want to take a little pride / It’s my world / In which I want to take a It’s also not a location where I have to hide / Life isn’t worth anything until you can declare, “I am who I am.”

I’m who I’m supposed to be / I’m not looking for praise or sympathy / I’m the one who beats my own drum / Some people believe it’s noise, but I think it’s beautiful.

I am all that has ever been, is, or will ever be, and no mortal has ever been able to lift my veil.

I am aware of what I am. But I have no idea what I am.

I’m not going to change; I’m obstinate like that. What I am is what I am.

Why should I be concerned about what others think of me? I’m who I’m supposed to be. And who I aspire to be.

My essential values and beliefs haven’t altered in a long time. You know, I don’t alter my mind on things only to attract more people. I am who I am, believe what I think, and express myself accordingly.

I am what and who I am, and that is all I am, so why do I look like myself if I’m meant to be someone else?

I am what I am, and that is all I am, so why do I look like myself if I’m meant to be someone else?

i Am not What you think i am, I am not what I think I am, I am what I think you think I am.

i Am not What you think i am Quotes meaning by Charles Cooley

The Quote above is by Charles Cooley and you might have got confused after reading it that what does it even mean to say a quote like that.

Charles Cooley quote I am Meaning explained

Taking it apart…

  • I am not what I think I am: (What it says is precisely what it means.) I am not who I believe I am.)
  • i Am not What you think i am: (I am not what you believe I am.)
  • I am what I think you think I am: ( Essentially, this person is transforming himself into what he thinks or believes the other person thinks or believes about him, which may or may not be accurate on the other person’s end. This individual has created a whole tale about how the other person views them and lives by it. As a result, they are the image of themselves that the other person has of them.

The Power Of I Am Quotes Affirmations

These quotes can make you gain self respect, self confidence, positivity and success in life. You will believe in yourself and be yourself without trying to change and wanting to change your personality.

  • ‘I am fortunate.’ I am well-off. ‘I’ve achieved it.’
  • I have triumphed. I am gifted. ‘I have a lot of ideas.’
  • I know what I’m talking about.’ I am in good health. ‘I’m in good condition.’
  • I have a lot of energy.’ I am content. ‘I am certain.’
  • I am enthralled. I am a powerful individual. ‘I am certain.’
  • ‘I am safe.’ I am stunning. ‘I am appealing.’
  • I am priceless.’ I am no longer bound by any obligations. ‘I have been redeemed.’
  • I have been pardoned. I have been anointed. ‘I have been accepted.’
  • I have been authorised.’ I’m all set. ‘I am capable.’
  • I’m inspired.’ I’m concentrating. ‘I am a self-disciplined person.’
  • I am a firm believer in myself. I am a patient person. ‘I am a good person.’
  • I am a generous person. I’m fantastic. ‘I have everything I need.’
  • I am a force to be reckoned with. ‘I am more than capable.’
  • I am a child of the supreme god
  • No weapon devised against me will ever be successful.
  • I will spend out my days in excellent health, with a clear mind, good memory, and mental clarity.
  • My mind is on high alert. My perceptions are acute. My youth is resurrected.
  • You must foretell good health. Predict a long and fruitful life. “What you say will become true.”

God will make things happen that should never have occurred when you pronounce favour over your life and destiny.

Our attitude should be, ” I’m predicting that this will be my finest year ever. I am certain that I will conquer any challenge. “I will achieve my goals, and I am adamant about it.”

God formed you just the way you are for a reason. He gave you your appearance, height, skin tone, nose, and personality. There’s nothing about you that happened by chance.

You were not ignored. You were not left out. God refers to you as His “masterpiece.” Instead of feeling ugly, too tall, too short, not enough of this, or too much of that, dare to get up every morning and declare, “I am a masterpiece.” “I was made in the likeness of Almighty God.”

Make grandiose plans. Believe in yourself. Pray a lot. Make place in your life for God to accomplish something new.”

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