Pythagoras Quotes on Friendship, Silence, Maths and Full Biography

Pythagoras of Samos was a prominent figure in ancient Greek philosophy. He is known as the progenitor of the Pythagorean school of thought. His political and theological doctrines were widely disseminated across Magna Graecia, and they had a significant impact on the philosophies of Plato and Aristotle, as well as, by extension, the Western world. … Read more

Haidakhan Babaji Quotes (15 Best Quotes)

Haidakhan Babaji quotes

Best Quotes of Haidakhan Babaji. The following thoughts of Babaji’s utterances on several issues were collected by a devotee who lived around ten years in the physical presence of Shri Babaji. Nothing can be attained without knowledge and yet only through a pure heart can everything be achieved. Haidakhan Babaji The most crucial thing is … Read more

Soul ties Quotes & Ideas (15 Best Quotes)

Soul ties Quotes

Today we going to know Best Soul ties Quotes and ideas. Famous soul ties break quotes. Bible Soul ties Quotes. Nothing like a “broken family.” Family is family and does not include marriage certificates, paperwork of divorce and adoption. Families in the heart are made. The only time the family gets null is if the … Read more

Xenophon Quotes (50) on Leadership, Horsemanship, Socrates, and Sparta

430–355/354 BC) was an Athens-born Greek military commander, philosopher, and historian. At the age of 30, Xenophon was chosen to lead the Ten Thousand, one of the largest Greek mercenary armies of the Achaemenid Empire, as they advanced into and almost conquered Babylon in 401 BC. You can read these Collection of Xenophon Quotes in … Read more

Socrates Quotes in English/Hindi on Marriage, Love, Life & Change

Socrates, an ancient Greek philosopher who lived in Athens and was born about 470 BC and died around 399 BC, is considered to be the father of Western philosophy. A well-known figure who established the Western ethical tradition of thinking and was the founder of western philosophy. An enigmatic figure, he is known primarily through … Read more

Meister Eckhart Quotes on God, Prayer, New Beginnings & More

Name Meister Eckhart Known As: Theologian Born On: 1260 AD Died On: 1328 AD Born In: Gotha, Germany Died At Age: 68 Meister Eckhart was a German philosopher, mystic, and theologian who lived during the middle ages. During the reign of the Papacy at Avignon, when tensions were rising between diocesan clergy, Eckhart’s Dominican Order … Read more

Chuang Tzu Quotes – Zhuangzi Butterfly Dream Quotes & Meaning

Zhuang Zhou, more commonly known as Zhuangzi, was an influential Chinese philosopher who lived around the 4th century BC during the Warring States period. This was a period that corresponded to the peak of Chinese philosophy, which was known as the Hundred Schools of Thought. Zhuangzi’s life took place during the Warring States period. Here … Read more

Dynasty Series Quotes – 10 Best Quotes

The Dynasty series of movies has been around for almost three decades, but the Dynasty TV series only just began. With its first season recently finishing and a second season announced, the show follows an American family who run a casino empire in Las Vegas. Read all quotes of Dynasty Series and Fallon Carrington Quotes … Read more