Osho Quotes on Life, Happiness, God, Love, Meditation, Nature

In this Article who is identity is featuring Bhagwan Rajneesh Osho’s quotes and thoughts in English and hindi, read osho’s quotes in English and Hindi. Osho Quotes on love, life, God, Happiness, Success, Enlightenment, Smile, Relationship and more. We attempt to provide oasis in the inundation of information on the internet by providing positive inspiration. Our posts are not about religion, but rather an introduction to nirvana, enlightenment, spiritual life and self-awareness and it is for all people who want to reflect on their life. We also offer blogs on mindfulness as well as biographies of Osho’s masterpieces.

Osho quotes in English/Hindi
Osho Quote

Osho’s books have been translated into more than forty languages. His autobiography, published in April 2007 and titled “I Am That” was the first one to be translated into English, published by Penguin Books India in 2007. According to the publisher, it has already sold hundreds of thousands of copies in India. The original Hindi edition was released in October 2006, followed by translations into several other Indian languages. The book has also been released in Persian, Chinese and Japanese editions. It is yet to be translated into Spanish or Russian language.

Osho’s biggest contribution is to bring back the forgotten and most natural state of awareness that Buddhists call “Buddha-nature” and Hindus call “Atman”. This inner awareness is not only found in the mystics of all religions, but is a part of everyone’s everyday experience. Osho is trying to bring this awareness from the deserts of Rajasthan and the forests of Pune onto the streets, into people’s homes and into their everyday lives.

Osho Quotes in English/Hindi

Osho quotes on happiness

Osho’s view of enlightenment, and the discourse around it, has been both criticised and defended. Criticism mostly stems from non-dualistic schools of thought such as Advaita Vedanta or Dzogchen which claim that no separation exists between subject and object in reality. As an alternative to this, on which Osho’s teachings are based, Advaita Vedanta sees the factor of existence as essential to meditation and has a wider range of practices in its own tradition. Others point out that Osho rejected many central tenets of Vedantic scripture such as Krishna’s teachings, which contradict his advaita teachings.

The traditional understanding of enlightenment is the state of perfected wisdom or understanding, manifested as the “awakening” to the Truth. Osho’s teachings have been described as a form of “enlightenment without awakening” or “happiness without enlightenment”, in opposition to the path that classical Buddhism advocates such as meditation and moral discipline. Rather than enlightenment, the term “awakening” is preferred by Osho’s followers to describe the path of self-realization.

Osho Thoughts

Osho asks us to go beyond the boundaries of our minds, that is, beyond the “me” and “mine”. He says:

“There is no need to say anything special about yourself: you are ‘That’ – whatsoever you are. You have simply forgotten it; that’s all. You have forgotten it. And you are jumping from one idea to the other, and it’s all because you want to fill your mind with something. You want to make your memory full, you want to fill the empty spaces. But there is no need for you to do anything about it. Your effort is just this: that when nothing seems to be happening, nothing can happen, when everything seems negative, when everything seems ugly and unimportant – just relax. That is all.

osho quotes

You are ‘That’. Just relax.”

Osho says that in order to remain in “That”, or enlightened state, we must practice what he calls “concentration on awareness”. He says:

This is the boundless ocean of awareness. Concentration on awareness – that’s the only thing you have to do.” Osho also says that this awareness is not something “someone” or “thing”, but rather a “totally different quality of existence”. He says, “This ‘I’ – whatsoever ‘I’ you are – is not your reality. It is a superimposition on reality. It is your falsehood about your self, not your self. This ‘I’ has to stop functioning – has to be just a memory – for you to be open and available.”

OSHO Quotes on Love

Osho quotes on enlightenment

If you wish to know the meaning of Love, love yourself. Do not be selfish. If you really wish to know what Love is, give all your time and energy to yourself alone; then only you will know.”

“Forget love, as for a day; for the true lover it is ever night in his arms.” “A man who loves always wants to drink.”

“Those who love only themselves always have pain because they always become themselves – whatever they may be. They remain clinging to their own inner emptiness. They are miserable.”

“Love is not something that depends upon you, it depends upon the other. The more you can forget yourself the more love you will be able to receive, because the object of your love will be freed from your ego.”

Osho Quotes on Love

Osho Quotes on God

Osho quotes on love
Osho quotes on Meditation
Osho quotes on prayer

“The more you know God, the more you become God.” “If you have the capacity to see God, you will not be able to remain in darkness.”

“Before there can be humility there must be love.” “You are God. You are the only Self there is.”

“When all is said and done, the word ‘God’ can never mean anything else but you – who am I to say what God is?”

“God is not a noun of reference, it does not stand outside of man and dawn from nowhere. It is already here—you are it. You are God.”

It is not true that God is dead; what is dead is man’s relation to it.”

“Be the very bliss itself. That’s all there is to it; and then you will know what God really is.”

“Whatsoever you do, remain in the right relationship with the almighty Self, the limitless Love—then whatever you do becomes your work, becomes your life, becomes your creation. Then whatsoever you become or do becomes divine in its own right. Then you are not doing anything from the point of view of the doer, yet whatsoever you are doing becomes your very being, without any effort on your part.”

“To know God is to be God; to know yourself is to be yourself. The source and the goal meet in a single point. There is only one path, there is no other way.”

“Without knowing one’s own being, one can never find God.”

“God is nothing but my own being, reflected in me like a mirror. The moment I see myself as God, I know God. The moment I feel myself as the infinite, throbbing energy of existence, suddenly the whole existence starts vibrating in me.”

“Only when you know yourself do you become aware of God within you.” “When there is deep self-realization, the only way to express it is by dancing. For it is beyond words. Perhaps a moment will come when you can express this realization through words also—but at that moment language will be of no use at all. The moment there is a possibility of expressing it in words, you have fallen from the high peak of realization. The moment you can express it through a word, it is out of your very being; it is your life-breath.”

“We are not going to discuss God because that will be simply stupid. But you cannot remain with me without knowing that there is God in you.”

“One can search for God in the sky or in the deep sea, but to find God one has to look within.

God has never been lost. You have just forgotten yourself. That’s all. Once you remember yourself, it is so natural that you will find God, because He is already there.”

“God cannot be seen because God is not an object; one cannot see an object. God cannot be heard because God is not a sound; one cannot hear a sound. God cannot be tasted, because God is not a taste; one cannot taste a taste. God can only be felt through love—not your love, but His love.”

“If you see through the language of your mind, you will find the ultimate truth. And once you have found the ultimate truth, it is no longer so difficult to find God. In fact, the ultimate truth is the only door to God.”

“Once you have loved yourself, you will love God. And it is not a question of choice. It is when you have loved yourself that God starts falling in love with you.”

“To see oneself as one always was, here and now, and thus to come in contact with the eternal present. This very moment there is eternity; this very moment there is timelessness; this very moment there is infinity; it has always been so and it will always be so forever. So why are you so afraid of this moment?”

“The ultimate truth is the highest love; and this is your love as it has never yet been experienced by anybody.” “Where there is love, there is also devotion; where there is devotion, there is also service. But these three will always go together.

“God has not changed. He has only come to you in a new form—not new because He was not there before, but new because He now comes to you without the veil of fear.

“The whole universe has been created by God; and He is the one who gives Himself to you as your own. And His love falls on you like a leaf, which disperses on the air. And you will be lost in it.”

“Start with yourself; and though God is within, you will not find Him there. You have come to the wrong place; but when you have found Him, you will have arrived to the right place.”

“The best way to find God is not through religion, but through meditation.” “You can search for God in your mother’s womb, but that is a waste of time. You will be disappointed and disillusioned if you do so. The only thing we can do is to meditate and find out what He is like. Then we will know what God is.” “To know God is to become God.

Osho Quotes on Life

Osho quotes on Success

“Life has no meaning whatsoever. You give it the meaning yourself. Your soul is the depth of life, and that depth of life has infinite possibilities.”

“God and true religion are not the responsibility of any church or any priest; they are your own responsibility. It is the responsibility of your very being. It is the task of your life.”

“If the quality of our experience determines the quality of our work, then the quality of our life determines the quality of our work. If the quality of our life is unquestioned, then the quality of our work cannot be questioned.”

Osho Quotes on Nature

“Once you are in contact with nature and the trees and flowers, your life becomes a prayer.”

“Nature is your great teacher, and if you move in her lap, you will be able to learn all things. It is a very lazy man who will not move away from the world of technology and live with nature.”

“Nature is your teacher, your guru, and if you move in her lap, you will be able to learn all things.”

“We are part of nature. We cannot separate ourselves from the whole; we can only try to understand it better.”

“In nature you find divinity. In nature you find love. In nature you find poetry.”

“The one who wants to be in touch with God has to be in touch with the trees, with the mountains, with the flowing rivers and with the fragrance of flowers.”

Osho quotes on nature

“A saint is not a man who has found something. He is a man who has lost himself so completely that he is able to find everything.”

Osho Quotes on Meditation

“The essence of meditation is not to think about anything. It is to live in the moment. That is meditation.”

“New life begins from meditation. A tree becomes a flower, a flower becomes a fruit, and ultimately the fruit is transformed into the seed of another tree. It is a continuous process of transformation.”

“Meditation is the ultimate prayer.”

“Life is one complete meditation—you have just forgotten how to be in it. Meditation is not an activity; meditation is not something you do; it is something which happens to you—you suddenly start feeling that connecting link with existence.

Osho says, “The whole struggle for existence is basically a struggle to remain unconscious. The basic effort of everyone is to forget oneself. Only a few miserable creatures like you and me come in sight—and we are making tremendous effort also—to remember ourselves, and we call it meditation. Meditation is an effort to remember oneself.”

Osho Quotes on Happiness

“How we do create is by our own happiness, by our own idea of what is happiness.”

“To be happy, live your life as you want to live it. Don’t let anyone tell you how to live. Don’t let anyone tell you how to dream, and don’t let anyone else dream through your dreams.”

“So when you are happy, create something that is going to help other people become happy also.”

“I am not interested in quality as such. I am interested in total quality, because total quality includes not only the product but also the entrepreneur or the worker who is producing that product. The quality of a person is not just the quantity of his work, but also the quality of his life. And the quality of an entrepreneur or supervisor is not just how many things he does, but also how he lives.”

“People say: ‘I want to be happy.’ But they don’t know what happiness means. They don’t know what it means to really be happy. They are thinking of happiness as a fleeting experience. Happiness is a permanent experience; it has no end. And only when you understand happiness as an eternal experience do you really begin to be happy.”

“Only when you understand happiness as an eternal experience do you really begin to be happy. And once you are happy you will never allow yourself to become unhappy again.”

“Happiness has nothing to do with the external conditions of life. You can be happy in a palace or in a small hut, if your inner self is full of joy. Happiness has nothing to do with wealth. You can be extremely rich and extremely poor, if your inner self is full of joy. Happiness has nothing to do with power or position. You can be a king or you can be the lowest slave in the world; if your inner self is full of joy.

“Happiness means that your heart is filled with joy, with peace, with silence. If you want to live a happy life, then be silent; don’t talk so much. Live your life in silence and joy.”

“When you are in joy, there is no need for any kind of reaction to any kind of situation. Joy is a living experience; it has no opposite. You cannot be sad and be in joy at the same time.” “This is the way I call meditation: practicing silence in every moment.”

Osho Quotes on Success

“There are many ways to be successful, but there is only one way of being unsuccessful and that is to become a goal!”

Osho Quotes on success

“The golden key to success in all fields is to create a desire, a demand for your services and products. You can supply them better if you know what you are doing.”

Osho Quotes on success

“Your whole life depends on what you do next.”

“The thought of failure is the most dangerous thought. And yet, it is the best thought, as one cannot be successful without being aware of failure.” “Do not be afraid of failure; it is the stepping stone to success.”

Osho Quotes on success

“You can never become a success unless you are a failure in your own eyes.”

“Any success you have in life comes from your surrendering.” “You can only succeed at certain things and not at others. And you can only fail at certain things and not at others.”

“Success, in the real sense of the word, is failure because it is not stable. Success is a social convention which has no value. If you consider success as something permanent, then your very success will attract millions of failures; if you only make others successful by your success, then the very act will be your failure.”

“If we judge ourselves by our achievements, we are lost; if we judge ourselves by our intentions, then we are lost. But if we judge ourselves by our potentiality, then we have a chance.”

“Do not think about your failures, or you will remain stuck in them. It is much better to think about your potentialities and how you can realize them, and so you will become successful.”

“You cannot be successful without being aware of the obstacles. You cannot be successful without being aware of the failures. You cannot be successful without being aware of the golden moments that come in between. And it is the golden moments that give life meaning. It is wrong to consider it as a great tragedy if you do not succeed, because there is a possibility that what you have not yet done will be the success.”

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