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Sometimes the fact that we are unwell and fatigued becomes exhausting in and of itself. Although it’s usually seen as a bad emotion, being fed up may really be a powerful motivator for making positive changes in one’s life. You’ll discover a selection of sage and perceptive sayings about being fed up with something below.

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Eventually, you’ll have to let go of the things that are dragging you down, no matter how persuasive they appear, and even if you think you can’t live without them, you’ll get over it eventually.

New life

I feel as if I’ve begun a new chapter in my life and need to let go of the old.

Fed Up Quotes & Tired of My Life Quotes

The cycle of life can only be comprehended in backwards, but it must be lived in the forward direction.

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When I’m fed up with life, I like to go for a nature walk.

Tired up quotes

Just being alive makes me feel like I’m bothering others.

I’m tired of the life I’ve planned and want to appreciate the one I haven’t planned.

Fed up life quotes

When things don’t appear to be going right and may never go right again, stay patient. Accept that what is yours will come to you in the appropriate manner and at the appropriate time.

Stop Repeating “Life is too short, enjoy it”, life is too long and you can’t really enjoy it all the time.

Best motivation

A conclusion is merely the point at which you become tired of thinking any further.

~ Dan Chaon

I’d had enough of listening to nonsense.

I’m tired. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to outrun how I used to be.

I’m tired of justifying my character. I am who I am. What you see is what you get.

I came to the point where I was fed up with everyone telling me how and who I should be.

Making someone else appear awful might sometimes be the only way to feel good about yourself. I’m also sick of making others feel good about themselves.

I’m in desperate need of some calm right now since I’m overwhelmed by the circumstances.

We only believe in deeds and actions, not statements. We’re tired of all the announcements and promises…

I’m tired of it. I’m tired of crying and feeling weak. But there’s not much I can do about it.

And just when I thought things were getting pretty up, everything went wrong once again.

~ Rachel Ward

The most crucial moment in any conflict is not when I’m tired, but when I’ve lost all interest.

~ Craig D. Lounsbrough

I’m weary of getting back up every time I fall and fighting a battle that I’ll never win.

When something grows more popular, people become tired of it.

And it hurts that it can’t be all that everyone wants or needs, and it hurts that I can’t be what I want or need because I’m not enough, and I’ll never be close to enough, and I’m just so damn exhausted.”

Either you tire yourself out striving for serenity, or you give up and die.

Everyone gets tired of waiting, presuming, hearing falsehoods, and suffering, but no one gets tired of love.

I’ve exhausted all of my options. I’m fed up with myself.

Before acquiring a taste for the realm of grace, a person must become fed up with the ways of the world.

Those who are passionate about life do not read. They also do not go to the cinema. Whatever else may be stated, access to the creative realm is mostly limited to individuals who are fed up with the state of the world.

When you’re fed up with life, start writing: ink, as I discovered long ago, is the great panacea for all human ailments.

Even the most kind individuals might get tired of being taken for granted at some point.

Take your handgun, call your dog with a whistle, and go to the wilderness as soon as you’ve fed up and tired of the stressful situation that exists right now.

~ Jose Ortega Y Gasset

These days, she was constantly tired. They walked on, and she put on one of those smiles that wasn’t really a smile at all.

You become sick of chocolate if you consume too much of it. You become tired of champagne if you drink too much of it.

I’m fed up to the ears with elderly men conjuring up wars for young men to die in.

When we are tired, we are besieged by notions we vanquished long ago

I’m a highly irritable person that rapidly becomes tired by others.

We should not be terrified of the monsters themselves; rather, we should be afraid of the people who fail to identify the monsters that reside inside themselves.

~ Shannon L. Alder

If you poke a bear in the hope that it would roar, there’s no use in continuing to do so if the bear doesn’t have the strength to do so.

Simon stopped listening midway through. He came to the conclusion that he’d had enough. Enough with the speculation, enough with the air of mystery, and enough with the blatant lack of evidence. Enough now with the military, the weapons, and MI5! He had had enough of viruses and malware infecting his phone and the people he cared about. Enough with others not caring about you behind your back. Enough enough with the ambiguity, falsehoods, and the state of civilization, whether it is in decline or not. Enough with his participation in it, his position, his function; the persona of Simon Parfitt and all of the responsibilities that came with it.

~ L. Ashley Straker

“It’s typically because the truth wasn’t included into the calculation if the words don’t add up.”

I’ve had one of those days when I’ve had more than enough. Tired of feeling unappreciated?

I’m tired of fighting, cries, regrets, and tears. I’m hoping that everything works out before my funeral.”

I’m envious of everyone who is content with who they are physically and intellectually.

“I’m tired of documentaries and narrative films. They elicit a slew of unnecessarily probing inquiry.”

Dear tired mother: Children are wonderful. It’s quite aggravating. That is how they communicate their love language.

I’m tired of people complaining about their weight; if you’re that concerned, you’d do something about it.

I’m tired of appearing to be happy, tired of pretending to be okay when nothing is okay. But, since I’m not tired of trying, I’m not tired of living, and I’m not frightened to dream.

“I’d had enough of humanity.” Really. I’m having a bad feeling about human potentials. For a time, at least. I considered writing a novel that had no human beings at all.

“I did quite well in the race. I got the feeling that I was as prepared for it as I had ever been, and possibly as prepared as I will ever be for it. I decided to go rock climbing since I was getting tired of jogging about three weeks before that.

— Roger Bannister

Tired at always having to do the same thing. I need a few days to just chill out and do nothing. There is a lot of stress, yet no one is listening. Nobody can ever fully comprehend how I feel. Because life is so brief, I have to learn to make the most of every circumstance.

Those that cross this may be sad, frustrated, or going through a difficult period… Remember, only you can provide your finest performance in your position! You may not be able to do so now, but you will be able to do so in the future! Continue to be strong enough to heal yourself!”

“I’m tired of the album-making taking over my life; it’s all I can think about or speak about.” You become stuck in a rut and lack ideas, and it’s difficult to get out of it since I work alone in the studio.

“Fed up” is an unpleasant state to be in, but it’s generally the greatest position for a person to decide to make and commit to a significant change for the better. So, in a sense, it’s good to be irritated… Just don’t remain there for long.

Why should I ever tired of discussing my father? He was a smart and colourful guy who left us with a lifetime’s worth of memories. Most people remember his films, but I have anecdotes, guidance, and real-life stories stashed away in my mind.

People are fed up, and in my opinion, they have every right to do so. But what do they suggest we do instead of just being angry or feeling disillusioned or abandoned instead of simply being upset? This sort of protest movement truly has to take place on a much larger scale, but there also needs to be a clearer message.”

– Scarlett Johansson

I’ve had enough to do for a while, and people get tired of seeing you, but aside from that, even though I’m young, I need a little bit of rest. I’ve done enough. You might argue that I have transitioned into the role of a home husband. It is not a matter of meeting a new guy; rather, it is primarily a matter of meeting a dull man who is content to spend time at home.

“I used to be the man who yelled at you for being late to work, made you clean the toilet, made you make your bed, and made you scrub the latrine. Because of the nature of the work, you had to be harsh and unfeeling, and I couldn’t take it any longer. I made a pact with myself that if I was ever able to get away from it, things wouldn’t go on in the same manner.

Fed Up Relationship Quotes for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

These are the quotes for those who are in relationship and you can quote these to your boyfriend and girlfriend to let them know how you are feeling right now.

Cry as much as you want, but make sure that after you’re done, you don’t cry again for the same reason.

In light of all this… I’m approaching the point where I don’t give a damn about anything anymore.”

The more chances you offer, the less respect you get. When you allow individuals to get comfortable in the knowledge that there will always be another chance, your standards begin to be disregarded. They become reliant on your forgiveness. That’s why I’m not a slave to apologies any more. Because I can’t promise you a second chance, treat me well the first time. You can’t keep me after you’ve broken my trust. I’m not saying you should be terrified of losing me; I’m just saying I’m not afraid to walk away.”

Never underestimate a fed up and tired person’s behaviour. Last chances don’t come with warnings

It’s often preferable to be silent than to express your true feelings and make things worse.”

“I’ve had enough of your lies and deception. Lies are disgusting to me, and I hate them.

I’m cutting you off from now on if we have any sort of connection, whether it’s a friendship or a romantic one, and you’re not doing anything for me and I’m the only one there for you. I’m sick of one-way individuals in my life that are just interested in themselves.

Nothing can stop someone from leaving you if they’ve had enough of being lied to, abused, or misled.

How? If a woman has had enough of all the men in the world, then the one thing she can still want is a guy who doesn’t even exist.

~ Italo Calvino

Am just fed up… The words “Don’t wait just move on” keep running through my head.

“I’m tired of your deception and lies. I never lie & I don’t like it when people lie to me

I’ve had enough of putting on phoney smiles!!! When will I finally let my true tears fall?

“I’m sure the stars get tired of hearing your name every time they fall.”

There is a clear differentiation between giving up and understanding when you have had enough.”

I’m fed up and tired of fake relationships, drama, liars, being ignored, and being hurt.

You don’t have to sit at their table if you’re fed up with specific persons in your life.

There comes a point when you’re fed up with all the drama and the people who generate it, and you simply walk away.”

“I don’t believe people realise how difficult it is to express what’s going on in your head when you don’t even understand it.”

“‘I’m so sick of you.’ He said, ‘I have never seen such a selfish girl as you.’ ‘How come you always act like this?’ ‘All I want is a few minutes of your time,’ she answered. Their never-ending quarrels brought their relationship to an end.”

I’m not aware why I’m being so chilly to you. I just stopped trying and expecting things to work out. I’m sick of building up expectations just to be let down.”

“I’m tired, agitated, irritated, annoyed, pissed, and fed up. I’m closing in on myself. I can’t handle it any longer. I’m tired of trying and failing.

“If you don’t set aside time to concentrate on building the life you want, you’ll wind up spending a lot of time managing with the life you don’t want.”

Even though family is vital, we might become tired of them at times. We need a lover at every stage of life, but we also need a break from time to time. A best friend, on the other hand, is like the wings of a bird, joyful or unhappy, thrilled or angry. We tell them everything, even the humiliating stuff.

Boys have the flexibility like elastic bands. It does not imply that males are made of stretchy material, which is a relief since no one wants a partner made of rubber. If, on the other hand, they were made of rubber, you could save yourself a lot of time, effort, and heartache by simply fashioning one out of a car tyre. This would be the case if they were made of rubber. Boys are distinct from girls in many ways. Boys aren’t as concerned with maintaining a constant state of cosiness as girls are. To begin, they like being as close to you as a coiled-up rubber band does, but after a time, they become tired of being too coiled and feel the urge to extend away to their maximum stretchiness. Then, after engaging in some independent plan of their own, they ping back to be in close proximity to you. In conclusion, when it comes to boys, you need to “play hard to get” while simultaneously allowing them to be “elastic bands.”

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