Buddha Quotes (40+) on Meditation, Peace Thoughts, Enlightenment

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Buddha quotes on peace

Buddha Quotes on Meditation

Buddha quotes on thoughts

Young Siddhartha sat under a fig tree and meditated till he was free of suffering in order to reach enlightenment. At the end of an exceedingly protracted meditation and mental fight with Mara, he became awakened and was subsequently known as the Buddha.

Meditation produces wisdom; absence of meditation creates ignorance. The route to wisdom is paved with knowledge, so know well what propels you forward and what hinders you.

Gautama Buddha Meditation Quotes

If you are calm enough, you will feel the movement of the universe. You will feel its rhythm. Go with this flow. There is joy to be found ahead. Meditation is crucial.

The Buddha described the first step on the path to enlightenment as having “correct understanding.”

Buddha quotes on Meditation

Meditate. Embrace the simple joys of life. Keep your mouth shut. Perform your duties expertly. Come forth from the shadows, like the moon! Shine.”

Gautama Buddha quotes

Meditation is a state of mind that you bring. Meditative practise is not defined by any one specific act, but rather by the state of mind you are in at any given time. This is not to say that it is impossible to meditate, but rather that it is not necessary to perform a specific act in order to achieve this state.

All that you are right now is gone when you meditate. The dead will rise again, but it will be a whole new original being that you aren’t even aware of.

Once you’ve entered the realm of meditation, you’ve entered the realm of meditation. Even if you’re resurrected, you’re still a completely new individual. There’s no trace of the old you. You must start from the beginning of your life. You must approach everything with a new perspective and a fresh heart.

Meditation gradually transforms into enlightenment over time. One day, you abruptly realise: where has all the gloom gone? What happened to the constant barrage of ideas? What happened to the mind? While your hollowness is not empty, it is full of excitement and rejoicing; you feel like you are floating on air. No one will ever know why you’re dancing or singing, and you won’t even know how to do any of these things. Your mind is filled with these thoughts, which come to you out of nowhere.

osho, Buddha meditation quotes

Meditation is sufficient. Everything else will take care of itself.”

Meditation is beyond the control of the mind. It just isn’t aware of meditation, and there is no inherent possibility that the mind will ever come into contact with it. As I previously stated, darkness cannot come into contact with light because darkness, like the mind, is merely an absence.

The absence of meditation is what is known as the mind. When you begin to meditate, you will notice that your mind is nowhere to be found.

Meditation is a similar sense of calm, tranquilly, and happiness, but it is done alone. When two meditators fall in love, though, things reach their pinnacle. Two meditators who love each other can provide an enormous support for each other’s flight into the unknown if one meditator can reach a certain pinnacle in his blissfulness, in his quiet. Their love can become a source of sustenance for their meditation, and their meditation can become a source of nourishment for their love, and vice versa.

osho buddha meditation quotes

One of the most important things to remember about meditation is that no technique leads to meditation. It is the absence of all techniques and thoughts.

Meditation takes place outside of the mind. There is no method that can surpass the power of the mind.

It is not a matter of sitting silently or chanting a mantra. It’s a matter of comprehending the mind’s inner workings. As you gain a better understanding of the mind’s workings, you develop a profound awareness that is not of the mind. That awareness comes from within your being, soul, and consciousness.”

Meditation begins as soon as you turn in. Meditation entails the ability to be joyfully alone, to be content with yourself, and to keep company with yourself. Meditation is being alone with yourself. There is no need for the other in meditation; meditation is the delight of being alone, not the agony of being alone…

Simply put, I’m saying that you have already looked at the “outside” voyage in your life, and now you should try to look at the “inside” journey. If you’ve been chasing money, it’s time to turn your attention inside. You’ve been looking for power, so now you’ll be looking for God. Both are on the go. If you keep chasing meditation, I’ll have to tell you, ‘Now drop meditation too,’ one day. When you stop running, real meditation begins. “Now stop running.'”

Buddha peace of mind

Quotes on Peace

Be careful not to overestimate your own accomplishments or to envy others. The person who is constantly envious of others can never be at peace.”

Those who have eradicated jealousy’s roots live a life of serenity.

Unless physical power is restored on a regular basis and rationally, inner tranquilly cannot be maintained.

Be prepared for both praise and criticism, but don’t allow either affect your mental state.

In order to be at peace, you must first be at peace with yourself. “Don’t look for it outside of yourself,” advises the narrator

When a man is calm, compassionate, and fearless, he is truly considered wise, not only because he speaks endlessly.

Quotes on Thoughts

Do not ruminate on the past or plan for the future; instead, focus on the here and now.

The first thing to understand is that the mind does not exist as a distinct entity. Thoughts are all that exist.

Just keep an eye on your thoughts, and you’ll be on the right track. In the absence of thinking, you will see yourself as something other than your own mind, something transcendental to your own mind. Your mind is yours to control once you’ve tapped into the transcendental. It has the potential to be a powerful source of inspiration.

Just be aware of your thoughts and observe them without trying to stop them. Embrace it and let it run wild. Allow it to move at its own pace. Do not attempt to influence it in any way.

Your thoughts are not part of your nature, and they come and go; you, on the other hand, persist.

Just like the sky, you never arrive or depart; you are always here. Clouds appear and disappear in an instant; they are not a permanent fixture in the sky. Even if you desperately want to hold on to a concept, it will eventually escape your grasp; it has a life of its own and a death of its own.

Think about it: You don’t own your thoughts. They’re here as guests, not as the host’s guests.

You will be the host and your thoughts will be your guests if you pay close attention. As guests, they’re lovely, but if you forget that you’re the host and they take over, you’re in trouble. Hell is like this.

Because you’ve buried your thoughts so deep inside yourself that you’ve lost sight of their transient nature as just visitors, your mind becomes a source of frustration. In the midst of change, remember who you are: your essence.

We become what we believe, and our thoughts shape who we are. Joy is like a shadow that never fades away when the mind is clean.

Quotes on enlightenment

Buddha quotes on enlightenment

When a newcomer to meditation has no prior experience, then bliss happens. When bliss happens, people are overjoyed, yet the mere act of being overjoyed causes problems. What happened today is expected to happen much more strongly in the future; not simply because it happened, but because it happened. However, it doesn’t happen again, and they come to me, crying, to tell me the good news. ‘What happened?’ they inquire. Is there something wrong with us? However, it hasn’t happened in a while.’ ‘This is your fault,’ I say to them flatly. ‘ In the beginning, you didn’t expect anything; now you do. The mind has lost its innocence now. It’s been tainted by your expectations. You’ve lost your authenticity and openness now that you’ve asked for something. Everything is ruined by the emergence of an expectation. Desire and greed are now in the mix.

osho Buddha quotes on bliss and enlightenment

Enlightenment is a state of being awake and observant. The path to enlightenment is neither one of the physical or mental. It comes from a different realm. Our bodies and minds are both manipulated by mechanics, but our souls are beyond the reach of any mechanism at all.

Always keep in mind that the path to enlightenment is right in front of you, no matter where you are in the universe. And rushing will lead you wrong and far from your intended destination. It’s all about decelerating so much that one day you’ll be unable to move at all. You will be enlightened at that very instant, when you are completely still.

Either you’re enlightened or you’re not; there’s no middle ground. There is no such thing as “more” or “less” in this situation. What can you do to get more and less enlightened at the same time? The absurdity of the situation is beyond comprehension. The concept of enlightenment is not a subjective one; it is either there or there isn’t. How are you only half-way there? You have returned. How about “I have partially returned home – only one leg… the head has not come?”

Before enlightenment can happen, intelligence must be present. Intelligence is the means by which one becomes ready for something. Be a thinker. Behave in a rational manner. Think before you act. Without this, enlightenment won’t occur at all! It is a mistake to believe that one day you will be wise and a genius because of the dawning of awareness.

Sharp intelligence is required in order for your energy levels to surge and rise to new heights. If you don’t, you won’t be able to raise your energy level to such an extent. That’s impossible for a naive person to do. Whatever you call it — enlightenment, nirvana, moksha, liberation, kundalini awakening – they are all just titles and symbols. However, one thing is for sure: intelligence must precede them. There is no room for indifference or the hope that someday you may be enlightened. In this case, you’re wasting your time. Intelligence will have to be built.

To what end are we striving? In other words, you’re trying to regain your mirror-like lustre. It’s back to normal. It’s not something you have to create; you’ve already been enlightened from within. It’s time for a thorough cleaning, as the dust has just begun to accumulate.

In your own time, see it. What kind of lifestyle do you lead? Is it a habit of yours to relive the past? So, you’re stuck in the past? Is your life influenced by your past? Then you’ve entered the real world. Without memory, you are in nirvana, or enlightenment; without memory, you are in the world, SANSARA; and without memory, you are in God.

Buddha quotes on enlightenment

Keep in mind that even after attaining enlightenment, one’s individuality is unaltered. Never lose that originality; it’s there for the taking! After becoming enlightened, one’s distinctiveness grows rather than fades. A new bud appears. The Buddha’s path to enlightenment is unique to each individual. A person’s distinct identity is reflected in their experience of enlightenment, their experience of light, and their experience of truth.

Sadness adds a layer of depth. Height is a result of happiness. Sadness establishes roots. Happiness sprouts new branches. Sadness is like the roots of a tree growing into the sky, and happiness is like the roots of a tree growing into the earth’s womb. Both are necessary, and as a tree grows taller, it also grows deeper. The larger the tree, the larger its roots will be. It is, in fact, always proportionate. That is its equilibrium.

osho quotes

I’m only stating that being sane is possible. I’m implying that you can be free of all the madness that the past has instilled in you. Simply by being a passive observer of your cognitive processes. It’s as simple as sitting quietly and observing your thoughts as they pass by. Simply seeing, not meddling, and certainly not judging, since the instant you judge, you lose the pure witness.

You’ve already started the cognitive process when you remark “this is nice, this is bad.” Creating a buffer between the witness and the mind takes some time. Once the breach has been created, you will be surprised to learn that you are not the mind, but rather a witness, a spectator. And it is the alchemy of true religion that this process of observation takes place. Because as you become more deeply rooted in witnessing, your thoughts begin to fade. You are, but your mind is completely blank.

That’s when you realise you’ve reached enlightenment. That is the moment when you become an unconditioned, sane, truly free human being for the first time.

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