Assistant to the Villain (PDF/ePUB) By Hannah Nicole Meher

Assistant to the Villain (PDF/ePUB) By Hannah Nicole Meher read online for free.

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Book Name:Assistant to the Villain
Author:Hannah Nicole Meher
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JOB OPPORTUNITY: Esteemed, influential antagonist wants dedicated, composed assistant for undisclosed administrative responsibilities, providing assistance to those involved in sporadic acts of chaos, fear, and other malevolent activities. Exercising discretion is crucial. The benefits are exceptional.

The employment position of Evie Sage holds significant importance and is necessary due to her responsibility of supporting her unwell family. Upon encountering an unfortunate incident involving Rennedawn’s highly notorious antagonist, an employment proposition is extended to her, to which she readily accepts. It is important to acknowledge that no occupation is without its imperfections, and this sentiment is particularly true when one finds themselves harbouring a small infatuation for their formidable, volatile, yet unquestionably attractive supervisor. Evie, it is advisable to refrain from perceiving malevolence as alluring.

However, when Evie becomes acclimated to the presence of decapitated heads hanging from the ceiling and the occasional sensation of an eyeball squishing beneath her foot, she begins to suspect the existence of a sizable rodent within this dungeon.Furthermore, this encompasses not only the explicit form. The presence of a deteriorating being within the realm of Rennedawn has prompted an individual to undertake the task of eliminating the Villain, along with his malevolent dominion.

Evie is faced with the challenge of not only suppressing her attraction towards her superior but also determining the identity of the one responsible for undermining his professional endeavours.and guarantee that he holds them accountable for their actions.

Ultimately, securing gainful employment proves to be a challenging endeavour.

About The Author Hannah Nicole Maehrer

Hannah Nicole Maehrer, also recognised as @hannahnicolemae on TikTok, is an author specialising in the genre of fantasy romance. Her works mostly revolve around the portrayal and exploration of antagonistic characters. When she is not engaged in the production of comedic sketches centred around literary antagonists and their aides, she devotes her time to composing written works inspired by the musical repertoire of Taylor Swift. The individual exhibits profound enthusiasm for romance, magic, laughter, and the integration of these elements into all aspects of her creative endeavours. On most occasions, she can be observed engrossed in her thoughts and engaged in the act of writing, with her mind seemingly detached from reality.

Assistant to the Villain Book Summary

I would like to express my gratitude to Red Tower Books for providing me with an Advanced Reader’s Copy (ARC) of this book in return for an unbiased evaluation.

I have been actively monitoring the TikTok account of Hannah Nicole Maehrer for a considerable period of time, during which I have derived significant pleasure from observing her performances in the helper to the villain sketches. Upon learning that she was in the process of producing a book centred on the identical premise, I had a mixture of enthusiasm and scepticism. I harboured uncertainty over the potential efficacy of transposing Hannah’s comedic and stylistic attributes onto a literary work of extended duration.

Upon perusing Assistant to the Villain, I am pleased to convey that Hannah performs admirably.

This literary work can be characterised as a charming and endearing romantic dream, interwoven with a substantial dose of comedic elements. The narrative of Evie and The Villain revolves around their endeavour to identify the individual responsible for divulging confidential information to the King and his associates. However, the plot itself assumes a subordinate role to the development of the characters and their interpersonal dynamics. While it is true that the plot experiences moments of sluggishness in the initial half, I personally did not have any difficulties in following the narrative. The plot serves as a suitable backdrop for contextualising the remainder of the book, and I found great satisfaction in observing its development towards the latter portion of the narrative.

Hannah’s written work exhibits a lighthearted tone and is replete with humorous elements, prompting me to consume this literary piece inside a single day due to the sheer enjoyment it provided. The comedic elements displayed in her TikTok videos effectively carry over to other platforms, and I greatly appreciated her ability to modify the gags to suit a lengthier format.

A Brief Prologue

Young Evie finds herself in the dry and populous Hickory Forest in the Kingdom of Renedawn. Since the appearance of a shadowy person known as The Villain over 10 years ago, the forest has served as a safe haven for her family, who have managed to live. Evie is wondering whether the murdering figure would be less violent if his nickname weren’t so absurd. She happened along a nearby creek and combed over the information she had collected about the guy from the WANTED fliers.

Years ago, the Villain destroyed one of Western Renedawn’s fishing towns, and the lack of fishing caused the kingdom to be stricken by starvation. The Villain often broke into aristocratic mansions to terrify families and take their priceless antiques while engaging in petty theft, which was a regular task on his to-do list. She is enveloped in an ethereal light as she draws near the stream thanks to the splendour of the sun and the flowers that surround it. Since they are down to their final few meagre food supplies, Evie’s father still doesn’t know that she lost her job at the blacksmith last month, and she has to inform him tonight.

After being given a job posting for a royal household close to her hamlet, maid Evie finds herself in difficulty. Evie is giddy with anticipation and optimism, yet her heart begins to speed. She is startled to see that the water is now stained with blood, and she is unclear whether a little or big animal is hurt. She observes a creature with black fur stooped down and concealed amid the long grass and a massive tree as she continues to travel.

The thing seems to be moving, making faint grunts and noises of suffering. Evie crouchs down and approaches the beast with her sword, but the thing resembles a human hand almost exactly. She is dragged down next to the beast and violently struck. Evie is warned to be quiet or she will be murdered in a low voice. She notices a number of silver-clad guys wielding powerful weapons, some of which are shining. In the presence of the king’s Valiant Guards, Evie must choose whether to continue her quest.

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