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Under One Roof Epub/PDF Download

Book Name:Under One Roof
Author:Ali Hazelwood
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
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Under One Roof Epub

About Under One Roof Book

If an annoyingly hot adversary of a scientist ever has to share living quarters with her, it will be a fiery death for both of them.

The three young women, Mara, Sadie, and Hannah, put their relationships as friends before their work as scientists. They may go to different regions of the world for their studies, but there is one thing on which they can all reach a consensus: in both science and romance, it is polar opposites that are drawn to one another, and competitive relationships are the most passionate.

As an environmental engineer, Mara is well aware of the delicate nature of the world’s ecosystems and the threats they face. A steady hand is required for this task. as well as overlooking the necessity of adjusting the temperature. And not by doing so without the owner’s authorization. In addition, her repulsive roommate Liam, who works for a large oil company and is a lawyer, is ignorant of other social conventions. Yes, she is the one who broke in, but that is not a problem at all. Before Mara arrived, Liam was already firmly planted in his aunt’s home like a scowling and grumpy giant. With his rippling muscles and kissable mouth, he was lounging on the couch, tempting respectable scientists to join the dark side. But Mara looked up to Helena, and she has no intention of giving up her fortune or leaving the house she has lived in all her life without a battle.

The difficulty arises from the fact that sharing a living space requires getting to know the other person. When Mara finds out more about Liam, it becomes increasingly difficult for her to hate him. …and falling in love with him becomes a lot simpler.

Keep an ear out for the upcoming audiobook adaptations of the novellas Stuck with You and Below Zero, which chronicle the stories of the adventures that Sadie and Hannah get into.

About the Author

My name is Ali, and I’m a contemporary romance novelist who focuses on female protagonists working in the STEM and academic fields. I enjoy kittens, Nutella, and side ponytails. In addition to that, I am now teaching myself how to crochet, so as you can see, I am a very active and interesting person that lives a very full life!I solely use Goodreads for the purpose of reviewing and promoting books that I have enjoyed reading (many of these book are ARCs received from fellow authors).


This was such a witty and endearing novelette! Given the amount of chemistry and progression that was provided, it had the feel of a full-length book in some ways. The feeling of forced proximity and lovers turning into adversaries was quite enjoyable to me. and the spice was brought out in that previous chapter… WHEN HE SAID ‘GOOD GIRL’ !!?!????? Right now, I’ll say yes. can’t wait until the other ones come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The other half of this book was the cringiest, most awkward smut ever written, and the first half consisted basically just of the main character telling us how tall and big the love interest is. This book is terrible. I’m not sure what I just read, but whatever it was, I didn’t enjoy it.

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