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Twisted Pride (PDF/ePUB) By Cora Reilly Read Online for free.

Twisted Pride Information

Book Name:Twisted Pride
Author:Cora Reilly
SeriesThe Camorra Chronicles #3
File Type:PDF/ePub
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There’s no saving Remo Falcone now.
The Chicago Outfit has invaded the territory he controls over as Capo of the Camorra, and he rules it with an iron fist.
And now Remo seeks vengeance.
Bride theft is a gross insult to the sacredness of a wedding.
Surface hand in marriage has been promised for years by her uncle, the Boss of the Outfit. However, when Remo abducts her when she is dressed for her wedding and on her way to church, Serafina realises that she is doomed. Despite being in the company of the cruellest man she knows, she is adamant about maintaining her dignity, and Remo soon realises that the woman at his mercy may not be as malleable as he had anticipated.
A cruel guy on a mission to bring down the Outfit by betraying the one person they are sworn to protect.
A woman with the resolve to bring down a monster.
There are now two broken families.

About The Author Cora Reilly

I pen novels for the YA and NA markets. I’m hopelessly addicted to terrible lads (in books), and I enjoy fine dining, wine tasting, and reading.

Twisted Pride Book Summary

In the third book of the Camorra Chronicles, Cora Reilly takes readers on an emotional roller coaster they won’t soon forget. Your taste for Mafia fiction will be permanently ruined. Listen closely! Cora’s skill at creating ruthless villains with redeeming qualities is unparalleled. The storyline of this novel is fast-paced and character-driven, with many unexpected dramatic turns. One of my favourite romance clichés is the adversaries-to-lovers plot, particularly when there’s an element of the forbidden, as there is in this instance with the warring Mafia families.

With an iron grip, Remo Falcone controls the city of Las Vegas. He has threatened to take revenge on the Outfit if they dare to invade his land and attack him and his brothers. Taking Dante Cavallaro’s niece Serafina hostage on her wedding day gives him the chance to get revenge. She is expected to submit to her husband and raise their children as devoted members of the Outfit. Women like her are expected to come to the marriage altar without any sexual baggage. Why not make life miserable for the one innocent person Dante and the Outfit were sworn to protect? Remo, though, will quickly learn that Serafina is no easy target. She has a high IQ, excellent perception, and is not easily frightened. They were both taken aback by the sudden onset of an overwhelming want to be with the other person. Is this blonde angel going to be enough to make Remo change his mind about his plan? Who will emerge victorious from this warped game of chess? Is it really possible to win without giving anything up?

Remo and Serafina

You will fall hopelessly and completely in love with Remo and Serafina because they are two incredibly complex, multi-faceted, and interesting people. Without a question, these are Cora’s most interesting creations. These two hide a wealth of depth and complexity. My feelings for them became stronger as I learned more about their complex characters.

Remo is a heartless tyrant who takes pleasure in causing pain to anyone who cross him. He’s a frighteningly good-looking creature. However, he reveals a softer side towards his siblings and other relatives. Remo would willingly go through flames and give his life for them. You’ll win his respect by demonstrating your reliability and toughness. He defies categorization, making him difficult to grasp for the general public.

The Iceprincess of the Outfit is Serafina. Confidently in charge and in charge of one’s emotions, yet secretly playful and generous. Fina has a lot of guts and determination. If women were permitted to hold positions of power in the Mafia, she would make a great Capo. She is, without a doubt, one of the most formidable female protagonists I’ve ever read about. I respect Serafina for standing up to the Made Men and not giving in to their bullying. The bond she had with her loving family, particularly her twin brother Samuel, was inspiring to me. They have a unique connection that most people can’t fathom. They would risk their lives to protect one another.

Despite their best efforts, the hero and heroine were overcome by an immediate, mutual physical desire. However, as they got to know one another more, they were unable to stop emotions from developing as they learned about one other’s strengths and shortcomings. They were both undesired, but they quickly realised that fighting each other was pointless.

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The story’s moral is that even the darkest places may produce beauty and that love can blossom despite everything. Because I read so much, I’m constantly looking for novels like that.

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