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Secretly Yours Tessa Bailey Epub/PDF Download

Book Name:Secretly Yours
Author:Tessa Bailey
Language:Bilingual (Both English & Hindi)
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
PDF Size:1.04 MB
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About Secretly Yours Book

A brand-new romantic comedy about an uptight professor and his outgoing next-door neighbour…

By the time Hallie Welch was fourteen, she was already hopelessly in love with Julian Vos, when the two of them came dangerously close to locking lips in the shadowy vineyards of his family’s winery. Now that he’s home, the handsome guy everyone in town was pining for is back in town, too. Hallie hopes that she will obtain her long-awaited kiss from the Vos family when she is recruited to redesign the grounds at the Vos estate. The grouchy professor, however, is not the carefree adolescent she remembers, and the two have a remarkable personality mismatch. Hallie still feels guilty about the drunken secret admirer letter she left for Julian after a night of booze and girl talk. Uh oh.

When Julian takes a break from his elite university career, he hopes to use the time to write a novel. And Hallie gardening just outside his window is the ultimate source of diversion. She’s weird, always running late, always dirty, and so stunningly attractive that he can’t pay attention to anything else. Until he comes upon a letter written to him by an unknown woman from his past. In spite of his curiosity about this admirer, Julian finds himself increasingly drawn into Hallie’s orbit. Hallie brings a splash of colour into Julian’s otherwise drab existence, much like the flowers she grows throughout town. Her upbeat, disorderly demeanour makes no sense to a man who likes to iron his socks and keep to strict timetables. However, he recognises something in her, and just being in her presence has thrown his life into disarray.

About the Author Tessa Bailey

Tessa Bailey is an author whose books have been best sellers on the New York Times bestseller list. Rather than focusing on her own problems, the author chooses to write about resolute blue collar men and devoted heroines in her books. On Long Island, she stays indoors and avoids the sun and other people, so it comes as a surprise when she doesn’t get any phone calls. Tessa’s writing has been praised for its “spice, intensity, swoon, and a guaranteed happily ever after,” leading Entertainment Weekly to dub her the “Michelangelo of naughty words.” You may see a complete list of her books on, or you can follow her on TikTok under the handle @authortessabailey.

Secretly Yours Book Summary

Although “that happened one summer” is the gold standard, this story is pretty darn close to being just as good.

I really enjoy how Julian and Hallie’s personalities rub one other the wrong way sometimes. although the two don’t really go together, the effect is certainly the same. I also believe that Napa plays the perfect setting because it is very summery and has the cosy vibes of a little town. and the reputation for causing anxiety is high with this one. hence, there are a lot of wonderful things to love in every direction!

But if there is one thing that might have been done differently, it would have been to include complete letters from the hidden admirer. Despite the fact that the blurb gives the impression that the story is going to centre on them, this is actually more of a subplot, and it’s one that I don’t think really contributes anything to the story (apart from the typical “miscommunication” spike towards the end that all romance books have). The narrative centres on Julian’s attempts to get to know Hallie despite the absence of the letters between them, which leads me to wonder: “What was the point even?” I suppose that I’m just not cut out for that particular archetype.

However, on the whole, this is a charming love story, and it is one that is likely to be just right for its release around Valentine’s Day.

A huge thank you to Avon and Harper Voyager for providing me with an advanced reading copy!

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