Twisted Bonds (PDF/ePUB) By Cora Reilly Read Online

Twisted Bonds (PDF/ePUB) By Cora Reilly Read Online for free.

Twisted Bonds Information

Book Name:Twisted Bonds
Author:Cora Reilly
SeriesThe Camorra Chronicles #4
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.53MB
ePub Size878KB
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In a home full of ghosts, is it possible to finally put the past in the past?

Kiara’s deepest desire has always been to have a caring family of her own. The Falcones were the last place she expected to find it.
Both Nino and Kiara suffered significant identity loss as children. They’re working together to find the missing pieces, but they aren’t the only ones in the Falcone home with broken spirits, and Kiara is afraid not all of them can be saved. She is on a quest to aid her new family in their own unique ways, and she is willing to hoard secrets if necessary to safeguard her future hopes and ambitions.

There are four brothers who share an unbreakable kinship through their shared history of darkness.

About The Author Cora Reilly

I pen works in the romance and young adult genres. I’m hopelessly addicted to terrible lads (in books), and I enjoy fine dining, wine tasting, and reading.

Twisted Bonds Book Summary

The fourth installment in Cora Reilly’s The Camorra Chronicles series, “Twisted Bonds,” has quickly become my favourite of the four I’ve been reading. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every word of this novel.

Gran parte del motivo por el cual esta historia me encantó fue debido a que Kiara y Nino son una maravillosa pareja que me enamoró en Twisted Emotions, pero no solo por eso por eso hizo disfrutar tanto de esta lectura, senti que este tomo es más ” ligero “, ob

The parts where Greta and Nevio appeared were also very good, especially because they showed a less well-known side of these Camorra men. My favourite scenes were the ones in which Kiara interacted with her guardians; I love reading about the way their relationship has developed over time.

Overall, Twisted Bonds was an approachable (it never gets dense or repetitive), powerful, entertaining, and passionate read that reveals a deeper, more emotional side to the love story between Nino and Kiara.

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