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AuthorAna Huang
Series Twisted #1
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About Twisted Love Book PDF

Although he had no emotion, he would do everything for her, even if it meant setting everything on fire.

Alex Volkov is a demonic being who has been given the appearance of an angel, yet he is ultimately condemned as a result of his own history.

His concentration has been on earning success and pursuing revenge, with little regard for the sentiments of others, because he has been haunted by a tragedy for the better part of his life, and it has followed him about wherever he goes.

On the other hand, whenever he is responsible for the welfare of his best friend’s sister, he experiences an odd sensation in his chest.

An opening.
A melt.
A fire that was threatening to devour everything that he was familiar with.

More About book Story

Ava Chen is an independent thinker whose recollections of her upbringing are marred by recurring nightmares.

Nevertheless, despite the numerous occasions on which her heart has been broken, she has never lost sight of the positive aspects of life…

even the sensitive and fragile side of a man who she knows she shouldn’t desire.

A good friend of her brother’s who is also family.
She had a friend and a neighbour in her.
He ended up being both her saviour and her downfall in the end.

Theirs is a love that never should have developed into what it has, and now that it has, it poses a threat to both of their lives.

along with all that is dear to them.

In this romantic suspense story, the protagonists are brothers who are one other’s best friends, and they find that opposites attract. Although it is the first book in the Twisted series, this book may stand on its own and be enjoyed by readers.

This book contains explicit language and adult content, as well as an alphahole character who is possessive and morally dubious. Even if there is no adultery or mixed-marriage narrative in this book, you should look elsewhere if you are looking for a hero that fits the traditional mould of a lovable protagonist. The age of majority should be at least 18 years old.

About the Author

Ana Huang is a well-known name because she has written numerous books that have been bestsellers on Amazon, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Publishers Weekly. Her New Adult and contemporary romances are a joy to read because they have heroes that are courageous and wonderfully manly male protagonists, along with a satisfying amount of steam, angst, and swoon.

She describes breathtaking locations in her writings and is always up for a cup of chai despite her self-proclaimed status as a nomad. She enjoys weaving these descriptions into her writings.

When she should be reading or writing, Ana spends too much time on other activities, such as browsing Yelp, daydreaming, and watching too much Netflix.

Reader’s Review

The romance, once more, was endearing but ultimately unremarkable to me. The first half had plenty of endearing scenes, but the second half dragged due to too much narration and not enough visuals, leaving me feeling dissatisfied with the grovelling. You’re just going to sum up Alex’s year of grovelling in one paragraph? I would like to take in all the sights, no sir. And I just don’t buy that Alex is soft and sweet towards Ava, therefore I wanted to see more of them together.

I can’t wait for the sequel, aka Bridget’s book! The forbidden princess and bodyguard trope is one of my favourites. Moreover, RHYS is the name of her future husband. That will always be a holy name, therefore I expect a lot from the fictional man who gets the honour of sharing it with him.


Yet another ridiculously touted novel. My friends have all told me that I must read this series, and that the next novels are much better. No, I don’t think so. I don’t find Ana to be a terrible author; her work is serviceable at best and occasionally entertaining at worst. The same cannot be said about her fictional creations.

There is NO coherence between the contents and the cover of this book. You can’t tell if this is a romcom, a dark romance, or just a joke because Ana decided it would be funny to try every single stereotype in the history of the universe with a single plot.

None of these stories are well-done: brother’s best friend, neighbour, nightmare tropes, who did this to you, my parents died or attempted to kill me, ex-psycho lover, millionaire CEO who doesn’t date, grumpy-sunshine, family members who want to take your money. There were times when I thought I was seeing an actual soap from Spain.

But I can’t possibly leave out the greatest cliché ever. Those that made me cry. In other words, whenever I get the chance, I shall speak in an uncannily similar manner to Christian Grey despite the fact that “I AM NOT LIKE OTHER GUYS!!!!!” is my personal mantra. That means he functions as if he were a single male.

Character Alex

Alex, the protagonist. He is the CEO of a multibillion dollar company, has an IQ of 190, despises drinking, and is unfazed by anything, not even bears. He doesn’t want to be kissed while having sex, therefore he avoids it. Every year on his birthday, he feels a sense of dread because everyone else also has one. Because of his incredible shlong, he believes he is highly sought for. He has been running the family business since he was 14 years old, when his uncle finally started to listen to the demands of the future CEO. His own friends are subjected to his slut shaming.

It’s like reading the worst Tinder profile ever created. It’s not impossible that a guy called Rey in Florida who’s a Republican and has a bias against women exists online.

He claims that after witnessing the murder of his parents at the age of 11, he vowed retribution and became a man to be feared. Basically, it’s Batman if you make a wish. That is, except for the fact that Batman is awesome.


Recently, there has been a lot of excitement surrounding Twisted Love by Ana Huang, and for good cause. You will find yourself unable to put this book down, even while your stomach churns and your heart breaks because of the horrific events that are happening in front of you on the pages of this book. Despite the fact that she is flawed to the point where she is unlikeable at certain moments, the protagonist, Vivian Galdi, has all of the ingredients that are necessary to make a compelling and captivating thriller.

Even while Ana Huang’s name might not be as well known as, for example, Nora Roberts’, the first book in this series has already garnered her a lot of new readers. In the first book that Ana Huang has written, titled Twisted Love, the protagonists Jordan and Nina try to pursue their passionate love for one another, but they run into both internal and external obstacles along the way. You may obtain additional information about the book as well as purchase a copy by going to the Amazon website.

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In the engrossing and heartbreaking novel Twisted Love by Ana Huang, the protagonists Edith and Hamish are involved in a relationship that appears to start off normally but quickly takes a sinister and destructive turn. As the plot develops, you will find that you have conflicting feelings about the characters. On the one hand, you will feel sorry for them, and on the other, you will be angry at how they are handling the personal problems that are driving a wedge between them and their loved ones.

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