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Twisted Games PDF/ePub

Book NameTwisted Games
AuthorAna Huang
SeriesTwisted #2
FilePDF/ePub (Downloadable)
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He realises she can never be his, but he still wants her.

Expert bodyguard Rhys Larsen is reserved, gloomy, and imperious. There are two guidelines he lives by: 1) He is completely dedicated to his customers. 2) Try to keep your emotions in check. Ever.

Before meeting her, he had never considered defying those norms.

Ascheberg, Bridget. A princess who is as headstrong as he is and whose inner flame destroys his regulations. In contrast to his expectations, she is everything he never knew he wanted.

She wears away his barriers slowly but surely until he can no longer deny the truth: he pledged to protect her, but all he wants to do is ruin her. Use her.

He’s entitled to her.

Her father.
That forbidden fruit was his.
Every distorted fantasy of his.

Para 2

Princess Bridget is stunning, independent, yet constrained by her obligations. She wishes she could love and live however she pleases.

But when her brother abdicates, she is suddenly confronted with the prospect of a political marriage she doesn’t want and a monarchy she never sought.

While she’s learning the ropes of her new work, she also has to keep secret the fact that she has feelings for a man she can’t have.

A security guard who protects her.
She has a guardian.
Her whole demise.

Their illicit, impromptu romance had the potential to bring down a take their own lives.

In Twisted Games, a royal bodyguard falls in love with the person who protects him or her. It’s the sequel to the first novel in the Twisted series, but stands alone nicely.

The dominant male protagonist in this book is possessive, and there is also explicit sexual content and strong language.

Author Bio: Ana Huang

Ana Huang is the best-selling author on Amazon and USA Today. In addition to the Twisted series, she has written other New Adult and contemporary romance novels, all of which feature strong female protagonists, alpha male heroes, and lots of steam, angst, and swoon.

More than a dozen foreign publishers have purchased her novels for translation, and media outlets like NPR, Cosmopolitan, the Financial Times, and Glamour UK have published her work.

She claims that writing about exotic locations is one of her greatest joys. If offered a cup of chai, she would never refuse it.

When Ana isn’t reading or writing, she’s either daydreaming or looking up new restaurants to add to her Yelp favourites.

Synopsis of the Book Twisted Games

You don’t have to start with the first book in the series to enjoy the second, Twisted Games. It was a love story straight out of a fairy tale, and it was wonderful. There was never a dull moment, and I was intrigued from the very start. A princess and her bodyguard share a passionate yet forbidden relationship. They have a ten-year age gap between each other. This book has all a reader could want and more.

Princess Bridget von Ascheberg of Eldorra and her bodyguard Rhys are the story’s central characters. Rhys is emotionally distant and won’t allow himself to become close to his customers. Bridget and Rhys had strong feelings for each other, and they simply cannot remain apart. Beautifully crafted sexual tension between the book’s two protagonists makes for many steamy passages.

Bridget craves freedom, but once her brother quits his position because he fell in love, she finds herself preparing to rule Eldorra while concealing her relationship with Rhys. After sharing intimate glances and touches behind his back, Bridget finds it increasingly difficult to resist developing feelings for Rhys.
Rhys is the best type of nerdy teen. That he would do everything to defend Bridget gave off serious “touch her and I’ll kill you” vibes, and I appreciated that. It was heartwarming to watch Bridget break through his icy exterior and help him trust again.


This installment will undoubtedly end up being my favourite in the whole series.
Bridget von Ascheberg struggles to weather increasingly perilous tempests as her brother, the crowned prince of eldorra, abdicates and hands the throne to her. She must figure out how she feels about the one man she can’t have, and what kind of leader she will be as queen.
Although Rhys Larsen has a reputation for being forthright and grumpy, he does let one person to see the other side of him. The side of him where deep, hearty laughter replaces scowls and where safety lessons are exchanged for dazzling smiles.
both the princess and her bodyguard. They were destined for one other, but their respective duties in society forced them apart. Their developing attraction and longing for one another were never fulfilled.
Bridget’s personal development alone is worth playing Twisted Games. All her life, she has felt as though the entire world were resting on her shoulders, and she has carried around an enormous burden of regret and shame. Her experience teaches us that we must work hard for the things we value most in life. that if you want to go where you’re going, sometimes you have to crash and burn in public.
Bridget and Rhys, you have my undying affection.

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