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Book Name:If He Had Been With Me
AuthorLaura Nowlin
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About If He Had Been With Me Novel PDF

If he had been here with me, things would not have turned out the way they did…

That August evening, Finn and I did not spend time together. But I really ought to have been. Of course, it was raining at the time. And during the entire time that he was driving down the icy road, he was arguing with Sylvie. Nobody ever clarifies what the subject of their disagreement was. Some people have the opinion that it is not significant. They are unaware that there is another version of events. The narrative that lies dormant within the facts. What they do not know, which is the reason for the argument, is extremely important.

So let me tell you…

About the Author

Laura Nowlin received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Missouri University, with a concentration in Creative Writing as her area of study. When Laura is not at home toiling over her own novels, she is employed at a public library, and she has discovered that the patrons of the library give a wealth of material for her creative writing. St. Louis is home for her, her musician husband, and their neurotic dog and wild cat, all of whom share their home with them.

Story and Summary of the Book

I read If He Had Been With Me in one sitting because it was such a moving story. This is the most emotionally honest and intense narrative I have read in a long time, and it deals with themes of friendship, first loves, and families. Even though I had a good idea of how the narrative would finish, the gorgeous, emotionally stirring writing managed to draw me in and keep me turning pages.

The story starts out with the saddest chapter, showing you how everything will ultimately turn out. Despite my awareness of this, I continued hoping against hope that the author would alter the story's trajectory and that perhaps she was just toying with us. For this reason, it should come as no surprise that the ending left me feeling emotional once again.

An exploration of "what if" scenarios is at the heart of If He Had Been With Me. Before their friendship began to deteriorate in middle school, Autumn and Finn had been inseparable for as long as either of them could remember. Despite the fact that their mothers were close friends and that they lived in close proximity to one other, there was always an uncomfortable tension between them whenever they spent "family time" together. They also appeared to never mix or communicate with one another since they surrounded themselves with people who were on the complete opposite ends of the political spectrum from them. Despite the fact that she has a wonderful support system in Jamie and her friends, Autumn still feels a pang of sadness over Finn.

More Details on Story's Format

At first, it's just a slight annoyance that she brushes off and tries to ignore so that she can concentrate on the good things happening in her life right now. However, as she continues in school and continues to see Finn on a regular basis, she begins to experience a wide range of emotions, including anger, betrayal, love, and loneliness, all of which gradually become overwhelming. The question is, what would have occurred if Autumn and Finn hadn't eventually grown apart? Would the current situation have been any different if this hadn't happened? These are the thoughts that Autumn can't seem to stop thinking.

Some readers may be confused by the story's format, which alternates between present-day Autumn and her academic progress and flashbacks to Autumn and Finn's childhood. To my mind, the temporal jumps and gaps worked splendidly. When told, the anecdotes perfectly illustrated how Autumn's present disposition is a direct result of the influences of the past. Autumn's character was illuminated, and a profound bond was forged as a result. While I can understand why some readers would have become irritated by Autumn's choices, I personally don't think I would have made any other ones if I were in her position. As the story's protagonist, she faced several challenges, all of which, in my opinion, were met with bravery.


With this narrative, Nowlin delves deeply into the complexities of depression, dysfunctional families, and isolation. The consistent attention paid to these concerns as Autumn advanced through her academic career lent a realism to the story that helped make it feel more true to life. It was sweet how, despite their differences, Autumn always knew she could come to Finn for stability. Her group of friends was similarly encouraging, and I had a great time hearing about and joining in on their shenanigans. However, one aspect of their behaviour that I was completely unprepared for tarnished my otherwise positive impression of them.

If the book's tragic subject matter is putting you off, know that Nowlin's magnificent prose is not to be missed. Each of her words pierced a hole in my heart, and her writing was strewn with lovely passages. In spite of the fact that I was a wreck for a few days following and couldn't stop wondering why Nowlin had done this to me, he did it. For a long time to come, I anticipate returning to He Had Been With Me as a favourite book.

This beautiful passage from the book sums up my views about it perfectly:

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