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Twisted Hate ePub/PDF Download Book by Ana Huang – Twisted #3 Read Online.

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Book Name:Twisted Hate
AuthorAna Huang
SeriesTwisted #3
File Type:PDF/ePub
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Almost as much as he wants her, he despises her.

Except for Jules f**king Ambrose, Josh Chen has never met a woman he couldn’t charm. He is handsome, confident, and rapidly climbing the medical career ladder.

Since the day they met, the stunning redhead has been nothing but a pain in his side, but she has also managed to capture his imagination like no other woman has.

After a particularly unpleasant evening, he suggests an enemies with benefits arrangement with a few ground rules in order to get her out of his system permanently.

Absence of envy.

There are no catches.

And don’t even think about getting romantic.


Jules Ambrose, a former party girl who is now determined to become an attorney, is outgoing and driven.

No matter how handsome he is, she shouldn’t waste her time on a doctor who puts the SUFFER in insufferable.

But the more time they spend together, the more she sees that there’s more to the man she’s hated for so long than meets the eye.

The sibling of her closest friend.

Their enemy.

And therein lay her only hope.

Theirs is a marriage made in hell, and when their respective demons finally catch up with them, they must decide whether to accept or reject the truth.

…or wipe out their hard-won progress.

In “Twisted Hate,” two people who start out as enemies eventually end up as lovers. This is the third book in the Twisted series, but it can be enjoyed independently of the others.

Please be aware that it includes sexual references, language, and subject matter that may be offensive to some readers. Please refer to the book’s internal notes for further information. Ages 18 and up are advised.

About Author: Ana Huang

Author of several New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Publishers Weekly bestsellers, Ana Huang has gained widespread recognition for her work. There’s a satisfying amount of steam, angst, and swoon in her New Adult and contemporary romances, and the male protagonists are brave and wonderfully manly.

Despite her nomadic lifestyle, she is always up for a cup of chai and writes about beautiful places. She finds great satisfaction in incorporating such details into her writing.

Ana tends to procrastinate her reading and writing by doing things like scrolling through Yelp, daydreaming, and watching too much Netflix.

Twisted Hate Book Summary

An intense blend of Enemies to Lovers, Best Friend’s Brother, and Office Romance, Twisted: Book 3 is the perfect addition to the Twisted series by Ana Huang. After witnessing Josh and Jules’s simmering animosity over the course of several books, I was eager to learn their fate.

I was eager to see how this relationship developed because of the chemistry the author always manages to inject into her pairings. Since I find it difficult to believe that the hatred has a reason and find it frustrating that so much vitriol is shared when I can’t see the reason for it, I am generally pretty sceptical of Hate to Love in modern romances. The fact that Josh and Jules LIKE to hate each other, combined with the fact that Josh has a very protective brother and that they had some misunderstandings when they first met, is what I think made their relationship work.

When Josh becomes a resident doctor and Jules an intern at the same firm, they make peace over their shared workplace. It’s more like a forced proximity situation that eventually leads to some great banging. What we can expect from Ana Huang are some seriously filthy moments.

The fact that they kept their relationship a secret for far too long and the fact that they broke up in the third act were the only parts I didn’t like. Honestly, I think Josh overstepped his bounds. The way he treats Jules has seriously disturbed me. Although I suspect he had personal reasons for his actions, I had a hard time forgiving him.

The subsequent possessiveness and grovelling he displays are good and will likely work for many people; however, I felt compelled to point this out. I almost couldn’t take his antics any longer. I can’t stand a modern person who manipulates me in the bedroom. Because it puts both of their lives in grave danger.

Even though my all-time favourite book will always be Twisted Games, I had a blast reading this one. I’m dying to read Twisted Lies.

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