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Verity PDF/ePub

Book NameVerity
AuthorColleen Hoover
FilePDF/ePub (Downloadable)
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Details About the Truth in a Tale
A writer on the edge of insolvency, Lowen Ashleigh accepts a once-in-a-lifetime employment offer. Jeremy Crawford, Verity’s husband, has hired Lowen to complete the series after she was injured while writing the fourth and fifth books in the series.

At the Crawford home, Lowen gets ready to sift through Verity’s old notes and outlines in the hopes of finding something useful. Verity’s handwritten autobiography is one among the things Lowen doesn’t expect to find in the chaos of her office. On each succeeding page, Verity’s daughter’s tragic death and other shocking details are disclosed.

Lowen decides to hide the book from Jeremy since he knows its contents will crush the grieving father. But as her feelings for Jeremy deepen, Lowen realises how much she stands to gain from having her husband peruse her writings. Although Jeremy loves his hurt wife deeply, he fears he would no longer be able to love her if he knew the truth.

About the Author: Colleen Hoover

Excuse me! As a writer, I dabble in several genres, including but not limited to: romance, young adult, thrillers, women’s literature, and paranormal romance. The kicker is that… The New York Times has even named me their number one bestseller!

To be honest, I’m not into pigeonholing myself. If you try to confine me, I will find a method to break free.

Synopsis of the Book: Verity

Lowen Ashleigh’s life is saved from tedium when Jeremy Crawford hires him to ghostwrite the books in a best-selling series that his wife, Verity, is unable to finish due to an accident. Lowe caves in to the pressure and agrees to take advantage of this opportunity so that she can advance her career even if just slightly. But when Lowe stumbles upon Verity’s autobiography, she is taken aback. Just to sate our irrational fear.

Verity’s secrets challenge what Lowen believes she knows about Verity, Jeremy, and their life together. The full truth will emerge, as it always does in such situations, but in the meantime, there will be turmoil, yelling, and casualties.

Verity, Hoover’s novel, is unlike any of his other works. This book is a mental whirligig, a tour de force of original thought. A hall of mirrors represents the entire property and all of its inhabitants. Hoover takes you to a fantastical universe where illusions affect reality and the relentless march of time is a constant threat.

Story Plot

She is incredibly cunning and skilled at lying. She has mastered the use of erratic protagonists to terrify, amuse, and perplex the reader. Once something seems to be one way, it turns out to be something else entirely. Even before I recognised where the story was taking place, I was hooked.

For me, the book’s greatest strength was the boundless sense of energy it conveyed. I appreciate how Hoover places the reader smack dab in the middle of Lowe’s anxiousness and confusion.

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You can sense the impending danger even though you can’t see the horrific future that is rapidly materialising in front of you. In conclusion, if I were Lowe, I would have run away from the situation right away. I might have been moved by her courage if my mind hadn’t been screaming, “GET OUT OF THERE, YOU IDIOT!” the entire time she was talking.

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