Reckless Heart (PDF/ePUB) By Brighton Walsh Read Online

Reckless Heart (PDF/ePUB) By Brighton Walsh Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Reckless Heart
Author:Brighton Walsh
SeriesStarlight Cove #4
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.64 MB
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The stunning stranger I had a one-night stand with turned out to be the best friend of my sister and my new coworker.

Worse? Avery and I shared a lot more than just one incredible night.

My most intimate, buried secret was revealed to her.

I can’t seem to avoid her, despite my fears that she’ll tell my loved ones the truth. Moreover, the electricity between us ultimately erupts again when we are thrown together for an out-of-town vacation and forced to share a hotel with just one bed.

I have no qualms about making her lose her mind or destroying the bed. The longer we continue our affair in secret, the more I want to retain her.

But she’s eight years younger than me, the ray of sunshine to my gloom, and I know her independent nature longs for more than Starlight Cove can provide.

I know I can offer her more joy than anyone else ever could, but it won’t stop me from letting her pursue her dreams.

That includes firing her after her three-month contract expires.

About Author: Brighton Walsh

Author Brighton Walsh, who has won several awards and is a best-selling author in the USA Today and Wall Street Journal, was a professional photographer for over a decade until she decided to take her storytelling in a new way and go back to her first love: writing. Reading, going shopping, or maybe doing both at the same time are presumably the activities that occupy her time when she is not immersed in the worlds that she has created herself.

She has two children, both of whom are taller than she is, and a dog that treats her like a queen. All of them reside in the Midwest with her real-life hero of a husband. Her home is full of boys, which means there are plenty of dirty socks, regular dance parties (okay, usually just her, while her children gaze on in fear), and more laughter than she ever imagined was possible. You may contact her via her website, which is

Reckless Heart Brighton Walsh Book Summary

I’m going to be really transparent and admit that I haven’t read any of the other books in the Starlight Cove series before picking up this fourth installment. Still, it all made perfect sense. Moreover, I didn’t feel that I was missing anything or that I couldn’t understand the depth of the connections, alliances, personalities, etc., even if the familial relationships and couples are apparent allusions to previous works.

Aiden manages a resort during the day and writes fantasy erotica in the evenings (and during the day, kind of). That’s a major issue. Aiden’s whereabouts are currently unknown. After the success of his most recent book, he has found it difficult to balance the responsibilities of his two jobs.
However, Avery is a bit of a wild card who seeks excitement and adventure. Avery stops everything and moves across the nation when her mother tells her that her “boyfriend of the month” can help her acquire a job as a flight attendant, her dream job. While passing through the tiny town where she and her brothers co-manage a resort, she pays a visit to a college best friend. Avery’s friend had planned on taking her out to dinner, but a crisis at work forced her to cancel. Alone in the bar, she meets the most trustworthy guy she’s ever seen, who almost throws up after reading her “Buy me books and tell me to stfuattdlagg” t-shirt. You know where I’m heading with this…

We are going to brush right past the fact that I had never encountered the acronym before and that it took me all of 0.5 seconds to figure out what it meant. Aiden is faultless. There really is no better way to say it. Is the possibility of such a guy existing on any level of reality even somewhat implausible? Indeed, that is the case. But, once again, the fantasy is why we read romance novels. This guy lives up to every imaginable ideal. There are pleasure Doms, I know this. But this dude… this man is unbelievable. Only Aiden deserves 4 out of the 5 stars I gave this book. Avery is fantastic, but there were moments when I just couldn’t connect with her, so she gets the entire remaining star. Sorry, Avery. Even though there were parts of the tale I couldn’t connect with, it didn’t stop me from enjoying it.

I thought the breakup in the third act would happen, and I really enjoyed it. How this worked when I am the world’s biggest opponent of the third-act breakup is beyond me, but it did in terms of both the plot and the characters. I like how Aiden’s in-laws communicate with each other and how they want to renovate the lighthouse so they may live there. I adored every single page of this book.

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