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Book Name:Twisted
Author: Emily Mcintire
File Type:PDF
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About Twisted Book

She is his rough diamond in the making. He is the embodiment of everything that may go wrong in her eyes.

Yasmin Karam, the pampered daughter of one of the wealthiest men in the world, has never had to be concerned about her family’s financial situation. Therefore, when her devoted father becomes ill, she is resolved to make his remaining days the best of his life. That was his last wish before passing away. for him to have the ability to choose the man she will marry. Except for the fact that Yasmin’s affections have already been taken. To put it another way, a servant. A person who makes their home on the streets. A possible suitor for her father who her grandfather would never marry. Yasmin is in a difficult situation, so she makes a deal with Julian, who is a trusted aide to her father. Yasmin is unaware that Julian has his own nefarious plans in mind when she makes the deal with him.

That settles it: Julian Faraci’s one and only goal in life is to elevate himself to the position of being the most powerful man on the planet. He has made a future out of the broken bodies of others and the injuries that he has repaired, and he does not care in the least about the individuals he may have hurt in the process. However, the coming death of his guide places him in a position in which he stands to lose everything, and because of this, he is willing to do anything in order to safeguard his inheritance. to the point where he is going to marry a woman he despises against her will.

Due to the fact that he acts like a spoiled child and speaks before his time, Yasmin serves as the story’s antagonist. However, he has already decided that she is his, and he has stated that he is willing to do whatever in order to make this happen.

About the Author

Emily McIntire, whose Never After Series has helped propel her to a spot among Amazon’s Top 15 authors, is the undisputed master of writing happy endings for our favourite antagonists. No one else comes close to matching her skill in this regard. Because she doesn’t want to box herself into a certain subgenre, the settings of her novels range from rural settings to urban settings, but the genuine attachment between the characters is always the focus. She uses the time she doesn’t spend writing to hang out with the people she cares about, get lost in a good book, and keep her fingers crossed for a letter from Hogwarts.

Twisted Book Summary

I would want to express my gratitude to the Publisher, Emily, and NetGalley for allowing me to read and evaluate this advanced reader copy at no cost.

I have no doubt in my mind that Emily is perfect. This series has swiftly become one of my most anticipated whenever a new installment is released, and I YELLED when I realised that I acquired this ARC in advance of its publication. I really enjoy how little snippets and parts of the main tale are woven into the fabric of each separate book, and how this is accomplished in a way that is both entertaining and seamless. And let me just say that Emily is a master at writing men with ambiguous morals because there hasn’t been a single one of them in this series who isn’t as hot as fuck. Because I am not prepared for it to end just yet, it is my sincere wish that there will be additional novels added to this series in the years to come.


Simply said, it was missing that certain something else. The “chemistry” (and I use that term loosely) appeared to be more artificial than it did natural. And when it comes to slow-burns, I need the tension and the chemistry to be something that you can actually feel growing between the two of us. Moreover, by the time they got to the “chemistry,” everything was done in a hurry. During the entire first half of the song, the refrain is “I detest you” or “I can’t stand you,” but then, all of a sudden, it changes to “I love you” and “I want eternity with you.” Don’t get me wrong, the spice was delicious, but I was hoping for even more. Maybe it was because I’ve basically gone a whole month without smut, but normally with Emily’s books, her plot to spice ratio is impeccable chefs kiss, but I don’t know why Twisted wasn’t giving what it should’ve been giving. Maybe it was because I’ve basically gone a whole month without smut. Even worse than the other Never After men, Julian lacked the pzazz that characterised their performances. However, I must admit that some of the things that come out of that man’s mouth make me cringe. And Yasmin’s best friend, Riya, earns a perfect 5 stars all on her own. I absolutely LOVED her. She was my favourite protagonist for the entirety of the novel. She was just amazing in every way.

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