Den of Vipers (PDF/ePUB) By K.A. Knight Read Online

Den of Vipers (PDF/ePUB) By K.A. Knight Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Den of Vipers
Author:K.A. Knight
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The Vipers: Ryder, Garrett, Kenzo, and Diesel.

They control everyone in this city. Their business practises and dealings are so shady that they may make even the most stalwart guy beg for his life. My dad made the mistake of trying to reason with them. The elderly man had accrued a debt with them, so he sold me to pay it off.

And I’m convinced!

They have complete control over me now.

In every respect, I am theirs. But I was never the type to be mild and submissive. These guys are staring at me wistfully. Their bloodied, scarred hands encircling mine. They are only satisfied when they have taken everything I have to offer. My heart may be mine, but my body is not for sale.

The Snakes? I will make them deeply regret kidnapping me.

Who is this young lady? Like a dog, she can bite.

Ages 18+ Reverse Harem Love Story. Warning Some readers may be triggered by the depiction or mention of abuse or assault in this book. Also, violent and sexually explicit content. This is a rather gloomy book.

About The Author K.A. Knight

K.A. Knight is a Romance writer from a small English village. She creates villains that are enjoyable to despise. Insanity is encouraged.

She enjoys spending time with her pets, sipping coffee, and reading. Katie, too, has an unhealthy fixation on horror films and intends to watch them all over agai.

Den of Vipers Book Summary

As you all know, reverse harem stories are some of my favourites, and this one did not let me down. This was the first work of K.A. Knight that I had read, and I was not disappointed.

Because of her abusive upbringing, Roxy ran away and became legally independent. She recently bought a pub and moved into the flat upstairs.

Even after some distance, she still feels the weight of her past. Roxy’s father is negotiating a business deal with the help of his daughter. She is now the “property” of the four Vipers, the city’s most powerful and wealthy men.

Ryder, Kenzo, Diesel, and Garrett make up the Vipers. Diesel and Garrett have become like brothers to Ryder and Kenzo, who are biological brothers. They may not be blood related, but they look out for one another like brothers and are always willing to fight for one other.

While Ryder is a very practical businessman, Kenzo is a high-stakes gambler who usually comes out on top. While Garrett is a fighter dealing with marital tragedy, Diesel is a crazed assassin with a penchant for torture and suffering.

Roxy is first held for business purposes, but she quickly becomes a favourite of the Vipers’. As their bond grows stronger, she comes to rely on them completely.

The lads’ fierce guarding of her was a highlight. They take great care to ensure that she is safe from harm. It was adorable to see how quickly she became part of the family and started contributing to everyday life.

As the five of them confront their personal demons, they learn that they are more alike than they were at first led to believe. Because of this, their bond grows stronger and they can no longer be separated.

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