Ugly Love (PDF/ePUB) By Colleen Hoover Read Online

Ugly Love (PDF/ePUB) By Colleen Hoover Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Ugly Love
Author:Colleen Hoover
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Upon their initial encounter, Tate Collins discerns that her sentiments towards airline pilot Miles Archer do not align with the notion of love at first sight. They refrained from acknowledging themselves as acquaintances, let alone friends. Tate and Miles share a singular commonality, which manifests as an irresistible and reciprocal allure towards one another. Upon the revelation of their desires, individuals come to the realisation that they have achieved an ideal arrangement.

The individual in question exhibits a lack of interest in pursuing romantic affection, while the other individual faces constraints on allocating time for such pursuits. Consequently, their relationship primarily revolves around engaging in sexual activities. The potential for a remarkably smooth coordination between them exists, contingent upon Tate’s adherence to the sole pair of guidelines stipulated by Miles.

It is advisable to refrain from inquiring about historical events or circumstances.
One should not anticipate a future.

The individuals hold the belief that they possess the capability to manage the situation; yet, they swiftly come to the realisation that they are utterly unable of doing so.

The heart experiences infiltration.
Promises are often not upheld.
Rules are often broken.
The manifestation of love can often become unattractive.

Ugly Love Book Summary

The novel “Ugly Love” did not fully embody the ugliness that was anticipated; yet, this emotionally intense narrative of love undeniably contained several instances that were far from aesthetically pleasing.

The book appears to be eliciting a range of feelings among admirers of CoHo, particularly in relation to her distinctive writing style.

The author’s customary style exhibits subtle variations in this instance. Some sections of the book exhibit a more apparent lyrical quality, however, I have consistently observed that the author’s writing style possesses a substantial poetic prose.

Essence of the story

This narrative specifically highlights the significance of prose, and I perceived that the organisation of specific chapters enhanced its overall impact. There were instances of heightened intensity in the writing, characterised by a visual and tactile perception of the text appearing to descend from the pages. The text does not adhere to a prescribed formula and deviates from established rules. I have a preference towards those who defy established norms and regulations. I found Ugly Love to be enjoyable.

Tate encounters Miles during her relocation to her sibling’s residential community. The phenomenon of physical attraction can manifest rapidly, and Miles effectively communicates his intention to provide solely sexual encounters without any further emotional or relational commitment. The individual’s previous experiences, which have been negatively impacted, have significantly hindered their prospects for future romantic relationships. Tate, embodying strength and independence, establishes a mutually agreed arrangement with Miles that only revolves around sexual encounters.

The absence of affection. There are no issues or difficulties present. Is that correct?

As the element of love gradually becomes a factor, Miles’ established principles are subjected to examination and evaluation. Embracing the unattractive…

Narrative Structure

The narrative structure of this novel exhibits a pattern of oscillation between past and present chapters, employing alternate perspectives. The romantic relationship between Tate and Miles unfolds in a contemporary setting, with intermittent incorporation of flashbacks that shed light on Miles’ troubled history.

The conversation in both narratives was characterised by its authenticity, allowing for a seamless immersion into the respective storylines, which eventually converged.

This literary work primarily focuses on the romantic aspect, with minimal diversion into subplots. While the romantic aspect of the narrative was undeniably compelling in driving the storyline, I did experience a desire for further elaboration.

However, I believe that what will greatly appeal to devoted enthusiasts of the romance genre is the following: The term “miles” refers to a unit of measurement commonly used to quantify distance. He exemplifies remarkable heroism. Characterised by a brooding and fragmented demeanour, although exhibiting a sense of protectiveness and a small inclination towards possessiveness. The consistency of his persona was maintained. He does not relinquish his competitive advantage and discard his troubles immediately upon encountering Tate. The individual undergoes a process of evolution. The pace at which the pages were turned was deliberately slow, and I found this to be a realistic and welcomed aspect.

This novel has a substantial amount of steam, should you be inclined to explore this aspect. Effectively managed, I must emphasise. I am not inclined towards the excessive utilisation of sexual content to enhance a storyline; yet, it is worth noting that in this particular instance, it was executed with great proficiency.


The writing in this narrative, which is consistent with Ms. Hoover’s other works, stands out as my preferred aspect. The impact is significant, evoking a physiological response. Even the act of emphasising a sentence does not appear to adequately capture its significance. I desire to internalise and retain the information within my memory. Every book authored by this individual has consistently expanded my cognitive horizons, as each insightful quotation encountered has incrementally deepened my intellectual perspective. And “Ugly Love” was definitely not an anomaly. This literary work is highly commendable.

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