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Thrive (ePUB/PDF) By Krista Ritchie Read Online for free.

Thrive Information

Book Name:Thrive
Author:Krista Ritchie
SeriesAddicted #4
File Type:PDF/ePub
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Lily Calloway falls into a deep depression as vicious rumours spread about her having three-ways with her boyfriend’s rock-climbing brother. The space where she sleeps. Loren Hale aids Lily in the only way he knows how, and that’s by being more self-assured and resolute about keeping their sex relationship private, even from friends. But can there be too much love?

Everyone watches, judges, and comments on their every move. And all the while, Lily and Loren are confronted with foes they never saw coming, demons they aren’t sure if they should bury, and obstacles they never imagined they would encounter. Not so fast!

And it only takes one false rumour to send them reeling. This will be a true test of their mettle, and if they can’t rely on each other to stay alive, then someone is going to drown.

About The Author Krista Ritchie

Krista and Becca Ritchie, New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors, are identical twins; one is a scientific nerd and the other is a comic book geek, but they pooled their brain skills as children and haven’t stopped producing stories since. Superheroes, flawed protagonists, and soul mates are big hits with this demographic.

Thrive Book Summary

The fact that Thrive is just a filler novel would sound awful, but it’s not. Read Thrive to get Lily and Lo’s perspective on what happened in Kiss the Sky and Hot House Flower (important* read those books first). Lily and Lo are still fighting their addictions and making efforts to improve their lives.

We don’t think they’ll get it, and we’re tired of everyone always talking to us. Let’s just work on something together for a change. Alone. Lo and Lily. The same as previously. It’s like before, but better. We’ve got more power now.

Even though I thought Lo was being a big dick to Ryke throughout HHF, I was glad to hear LiLo’s side of the story. Because each person’s experience of a given event is unique, it’s excellent that the authors were able to present their readers with contrasting perspectives.

The book’s abundance of nerd references was my favourite part. Wow, that’s a lot of HP! Also, it was fantastic for me. I cracked a really big grin at all the nerdy allusions.

He tells me, “I’ll never understand Ravenclaws. If Connor and Rose were wizards, they would be members of the most illustrious house possible. Without a doubt. Even before the sorting hat reached their head, they’d know they belonged in Ravenclaw.
^^^ Yes, I also think so.

“‘I have no idea.’ I keep waiting for someone to bring up Jon Snow and Game of Thrones, but then I remember that only Lo would get it. I get it (honey, really I do. Usually, I’m the one who starts the party)

Lo and Ryke’s budding friendship was fascinating to see unfold. I’m curious to see where their relationship goes in the next book because they may not always get one other, but they clearly love each other.

In fact, I enjoyed watching Connor and Lo grow together. I was brought to tears by the events in the kitchen. So, the book’s bromances were totally awesome.

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