Long Way Down (PDF/ePub) By Jason Reynolds Read Online

Long Way Down (ePUB/PDF) By Jason Reynolds Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Long Way Down
Author:Jason Reynolds
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A tool for RULE, One other name for it is “gun.” Will, 15, keeps it concealed in his pants’ back pocket. Recent events have included the murder of one of his brothers, Shawn. Will understands the rules and regulations. Stop crying. Don’t tell anybody anything. Revenge. Will is already in route, carrying the rifle that formerly belonged to their brother. He takes the lift to floor seven, full of anticipation.

He knows exactly who he needs to kill. Is he serious? Buck exits the lift on level six. Will finds out that Buck gave him the rifle and that it belonged to Shawn all along. Buck tells Will to check that the gun is not loaded. One of the bullets is missing, and Will realises this. The gun’s trigger could only have been pushed by Shawn himself. Huh. Shawn had never told Will that he had ever used his gun before. Okay, so you’re taller and wider. BUCKS DAY IS DONE.

But I think Buck is on the escalator. Will is attempting to figure out what’s going on as the lift door opens. A young lady walks in, waving her hand to get rid of the cigarette smoke left behind by Dead Buck. She was familiar with him, although Will had never met her. Knew. Grade three. And stray bullets had slashed through the playground, and Will had attempted to shield her, but she was struck nevertheless, and so what she wants to know is, at that fifth floor lift stop, what if Will, Will with the pistol shoved in the back waistband of his jeans, MISSES.

And so it goes, all the way down; at each floor, the elevator stops, and someone connected to his brother enters, giving Will a piece to a larger story than the one he thinks he knows. Unless WILL stays in the elevator, this could continue on forever.

About The Author Jason Reynolds

Poet and novelist for young adults and middle school students, American Jason Reynolds. Jason Reynolds relocated to Brooklyn, New York, after graduating with a BA in English from The University of Maryland, College Park. These days, you can find him wandering the four blocks from the subway to his flat while muttering to no one in particular. Not literally, but he does keep repeating to himself the names of characters and narrative points he came up with on the train, perhaps out of fear that he’ll forget them before he gets home.

Long Way Down Book Summary

I found Long Way Down to be an excellent read because of its depth of meaning and symbolism.

In that time frame, I was able to complete the task. It’s in the form of poetry. According to my analysis, this novel is trying to convey a message concerning the perpetuation of violent behaviour. I also thought the delivery was excellent. Our protagonist feels compelled to exact revenge for his brother’s murder. He must make a choice that will affect the rest of his life. Actually, he has to. That is how the law of the land works. But as he rides the elevator down, he is visited by the ghosts of his loved ones who have passed on.

I think this is a very significant book because of the many lessons it contains.

The fact that it was written in verse likely contributed to my lack of enthusiasm for it. I’ve just never been into poetry. Just doesn’t work for me. Whether this is because of the manner I was taught it or because it is simply my preferred method of learning, I cannot say. I mean, I do appreciate it, believe me I do, but I just can’t seem to find the joy in it that I know I should. Poetry that doesn’t rhyme or have a clear rhythm or pattern seems like the author just punched the enter key wherever they felt like it to my jumbled head. I can’t make sense of the spaces between the words anymore. Even as I read the book, there were instances when I was confused by the placement of line breaks. I found myself stumbling over my words. So, in all candour, this is more of a “it’s me, not you” scenario.

Nonetheless, even taking it into account, this is a fantastic book that I highly endorse. Even more so if, unlike me, you enjoy reading poetry collections.

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