The Pawn and The Puppet (PDF/ePub) by Brandi Elise Szeker

The Pawn and The Puppet PDF/ePub by Brandi Elise Szeker Free Book.

The Pawn and The Puppet PDF/ePub

Book NameThe Pawn and The Puppet
AuthorBrandi Elise Szeker
SeriesThe Pawn and The Puppet #1
FilePDF/ePub (Downloadable)
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The majority of individuals avoid entering the Emerald Lake Asylum at all costs. Skylenna, while being only 19 years old, feels she must fulfil a promise she made. When hired, she’ll be tasked with demonstrating to the council that traditional forms of punishment like waterboarding, boiling in oil, and beatings are ineffective. But her intentions are put on hold when she experiences the asylum’s actual fear. A guy with dissociative identity disorder, one of whose guises is the deadly genius Dessin. However, there is another side to him that he has kept hidden for a long time.

If Skylenna is unable to bring forth Dessin’s true character and reveal his humanity, Dessin will be executed after being caught during an attempted cell break. To preserve his life, she had ninety days to let him fully include her into his world of moves, countermoves, and master puppeteering.

Every day, they become closer as friends, and she begins to feel an increasing attraction to him despite her better judgement. Skylenna discovers the grim backstory that made him into the horrible monster he is today. She proves to be Dessin’s downfall despite his seemingly impregnable exterior.

There are some very scary and explicit scenes in this book. Please review the trigger warnings at the beginning of the text.

The reader is expected to feel uneasy about this post-apocalyptic world. This is a piece of fiction, not the author’s opinion. The community’s moral compass will shift and strengthen as the play progresses.

These trigger warnings are for the current draught of the book and will be updated for the final version.
Gore, decapitation, child abuse, hostage situation, body shaming, panic attacks, misrepresentation of trans people, emotional trauma, sexual assault on a child, sex trafficking of children, depression, suicide, torture, domestic violence, eating disorders, hallucinations, misogyny, poisoning, sexual assault on a child, rape of a child, paedophilia, romanticised mental illness.

Author Bio: Brandi Elise Szeker

Brandi Elise Szeker’s new novel The Pawn and the Puppet is an adult dystopian romance that takes place in a mental institution.

Synopsis of the Book: The Pawn and the Puppet

I don’t know where to turn right now. I really don’t know how to get back to normal here.

Putting it simply, this book influenced me greatly.

An in-depth exploration of mental health, incorrect society conventions, self-forgiveness, and an everlasting love. I will never be the same after reading this narrative since it is so mind-bogglingly intricate and well-written and fascinating.

Brandi’s fascinating (though messed-up) future society has intrigued me. The depiction of a society where beauty and wealth are defined by a narrow set of standards was disturbing but nicely written. I had no idea the novel’s world-building would be so impressive. There’s clearly something shady going on in the politics skillfully introduced in this book, and I can’t wait to find out what it is.

Skylenna charmed me over with her unique personality and genuine kindness. Her sister’s death has left her saddened, but she is determined to carry on her mission of helping the patients of the Emerald Lake Asylum, where they are subjected to harsh conversion treatment in an effort to maintain control.


When I initially heard about this book, I was sceptical of its quality. I didn’t even bother to look up the name on Google. Then all of a sudden I saw it practically everywhere. The cover and release date finally materialised, and I committed to giving it a go. Following that, I took a look inside.

I am ecstatic that I finally achieved it.

Not every book deserves its hype, but this one did. It’s not often that an author can combine so many excellent clichés into a single novel the way Brandi did.

Skylenna is a remarkable person. Her feistiness and determination won me over. For most of the book, she was afraid, but she persisted nevertheless. The ferocity of a Boss Bitch’s energy.

Niles? I knew right away that he was the one, and now he’s with Ruth, and I can’t stand it. Hilarious.

By the way, Chekiss was a cute little guy.

I’m looking forward to the subsequent volumes so that I may follow Ruth’s development alongside that of Judas.

It’s true that with these characters, you’d have a powerful team.

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