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Book Name:Requited Unrequited Love
Author:Mina Ramzy
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About Requited Unrequited Love PDF

Her mother, who mindlessly conforms to cultural standards, does not believe that she has reached adulthood despite the fact that the rest of the world considers her to be an adult. The environment that Kristina lives in is very depressing, despite the fact that both of her parents came to the United States from Egypt. When she still lives at home and has very little freedom, it is impossible for her to complete the mundane things that are on the numerous bucket lists that she has created.

Kristina, who is majoring in psychology, writes letters to her pen pal Adam using the character of Eve, who she creates for usage online. Because of the history they share together, she avoids males in general, but she makes an exception for him because of their relationship.
Kristina is aware that the moment she says “I do,” things will miraculously change for the better. Her aversion to caving in to her whims would be outweighed by the liberation that comes with having a husband to support her in whatever she chooses to do. It’s an offer where you get two things for the price of one, and while that’s not ideal, it is the best choice.

Right now, Augustine will offer his literal advice. The one and only catch is that! Because he is so rude and full of himself, Kristina has nothing but contempt for this individual. She does not strike him as particularly attractive either, but he has a bargain that gives him two things for the price of one, which will be to his advantage in the long term.

They both feel the same way, so they decide to marry, pretend to be in love in front of other people, but then they each go their separate ways once no one is watching.

And vice versa? They are unaware of how closely related they are to one another as Adam and Eve.

Everyone will come out ahead as a result of this predicament. Please stick to business only.

The question that needs to be answered is, “What may potentially go wrong?” Except that they do not have to deal with the typical human experiences of love, rejection, or betrayal.

About the Author

In her writings, the Egyptian author Mina Ramzy blends together her passions for the fields of psychology and fiction writing. Her objective is twofold: first, to draw people’s attention to issues that are urgent, and second, to illustrate how the strength of human connections can be demonstrated. And to do everything in her power to make sure that her characters are relatable to the people who read her work.

She has a soft spot for love stories, particularly ones in which the two main characters loathe each other at the beginning of the story. Up until the point where the slow burn drives a wedge between them, just to bring them back together at the end of the ceremony — yes, in love and in hate. Honestly? She is adamant that things remain in their current state.

She uses her spare time to engage in activities such as daydreaming, planning for the future, playing with her cat, eating an unhealthy quantity of chocolate, and thinking about herself. On the other hand, she might be plotting her next move.

Requited Unrequited Love Book Summary

One broken heart was able to help another. She showed him that he was worthy of love and respect from a woman. He showed her that she was worthy of love and respect from a guy.

Consider an Arab marriage of convenience as a cross between the movie “You’ve Got Mail” and the culture of that region.

I’ve been on the lookout for a narrative that captures the profound impact of being immersed in an Americanized culture for as long as I can remember. To be clear, I’m referring to the institution of marriage. Honestly, I had no clue what you meant. Our parents have forbidden us from asking about it, yet we’re still required to know some details. We’re to take it lying down, to be ready to quit our jobs and devote ourselves to some guy. And it’s not bad…but because we don’t get it, it is cast in a villainous light. Therefore, I worry and keep repeating that I will never marry an Arab man.

Then this fantastic writer showed up in my direct messages and said, “I noticed you suffer being Middle Eastern and despise marriage, let me offer you a novel with exactly what you’re experiencing and reel in your hate, to love.”

I, a Syrian American, was struck by how similarly this book’s author, an Egyptian, and the young people in his target audience viewed the Syrian and Egyptian cultures. Everything I’ve ever wanted to articulate is there in the story she told. If you are a Muslim and are thinking about reading this book, I need you to know that you shouldn’t read it because you are a Muslim; you should read it because you are a MENA female. Check it out for the sake of CULTURE. This is not written from a Muslim woman’s point of view, but it must be proclaimed with great emphasis: in our homelands, our blad, we are one and the same, and we always have been. Not being able to tell ourselves apart since we’ve always been tethered to our heritage. Arranged weddings are just the way it is for us; it’s part of our culture.

Everything I feel is summed up in Kristina’s head. I despise romance, marital commitment, Arab males, the way our parents mistakenly attribute religious significance to cultural norms, and the whole mysticism of Arab society. No major religion in our countries — not even Islam, Christianity, or Judaism — teaches that women are incapable of performing the same roles as men. However, the root of the issue is the ways in which our culture tricks us into believing this to be the case.

That was brilliantly caught by Mina Ramzy. She did not succeed in making you despise your own culture, but rather in teaching you about it. No matter the highs or lows, or the divergence of opinion, she made you accept and even embrace it. If you’re not already in love, she’ll make you fall in it. And the beauty of it brought me to tears. That, shockingly, there are GOOD guys to be found in our culture. In a world full of Caesars, all we need is one Romeo.

To warn you!! There are sexually explicit scenes between two adult Arabs, as well as traumatic memories that may trigger some viewers.

Thank you, Mina, for putting into words the thoughts of many Arab women.

Please know that your acknowledgement caused me to cry uncontrollably; I adore the fact that so much of what you’ve written is based on your own experiences and serves as an inspiration.

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