Thicker than Water (PDF/ePUB) By Kerry Washington Read Online

Thicker than Water (PDF/ePUB) By Kerry Washington Read Online for free.

Thicker than Water Information

Book Name:Thicker than Water
Author:Kerry Washington
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
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Kerry Washington, an actor, director, producer, and activist who has won multiple awards, discusses the “exquisitely moving” path of her life up to this point (as described by Isabel Wilkerson), as well as the courageously private story of realising her truth.

Kerry Washington received a text message on what seemed to be an ordinary afternoon in Los Angeles while she was driving. The message would lead her on a voyage of self-discovery that would change the course of her life forever. In an instance, her fundamental identity was shattered, and everything she believed she knew about herself was called into question. This completely upended her worldview.

Through her memoir, Thicker than Water, Washington provides readers with an up-close and personal look into her personal and professional life, including her roles as a mother, daughter, wife, artist, advocate, and pioneer. She reveals how she overcame a series of obstacles and setbacks, effectively hid childhood traumas, met extraordinary mentors, managed to grow her career, and made the leap into the limelight and political activism, where she found her true identity and a place in the world. She accomplishes this by recounting her upbringing and the events that have led her to this point in her life.

In this deeply affecting and exquisitely written autobiography, Washington makes numerous attempts to respond to the concerns with which so many people have grappled. Just who am I? Who am I, in the deepest and most genuine sense of the word? How can I develop a stronger sense of connection and belonging in this community? She does it with dignity and candour, encouraging readers to look for—and discover—themselves in the process.

About The Author Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington has won an Emmy, and she has also directed, produced, and been nominated for a Golden Globe. Washington, who was born and raised in The Bronx, New York, is a multi-hyphenate who has been lauded for her efforts in film, television, theatre, digital media, advocacy, and more.

Kerry Washington’s memoir THICKER THAN WATER provides an in-depth look into her life as an artist, campaigner, entrepreneur, mother, daughter, wife, and Black woman. In this firsthand account of her upbringing and life’s journey to this point, she discusses the many times she had to hide the traumas she had experienced as a child, the extraordinary people who helped her through those times, the steps she took to advance her career and cross the threshold into political advocacy, and how she finally found her truest self and a greater sense of belonging as a result.

Thicker than Water Book Summary

I, too, am grateful to Kerry Washington for her honesty in discussing her conception through a donor. It’s not easy to come clean about something as personal as one’s genetic makeup if that fact was concealed from you. I also think it’s great that Kerry hasn’t been coy about her desire to track down the donor who gave her parents life.

Getting to know more about her background and how her experiences have shaped her ability to portray a wide range of personalities and convey unique tales was fascinating. You can see she has talent as a writer. The book is structured around the secret her parents hid from her, therefore I would have liked to see more exploration of Kerry’s reaction to hearing it. Instead, only two chapters are dedicated to discussing this discovery.

I can attest that the discovery of genetic relatives, connections, and/or rejection may transform being donor conceived into a never-ending roller coaster journey. These shifts can occur rapidly, and they have the potential to completely alter a donor-conceived person’s worldview. I wonder how Kerry would react if and when her situation changes, and how the book may have been different if the author had more information to work with.

Overall, it’s a memoir that sheds light on a surprising revelation for a public figure, but it’s not as focused on the revelation as, say, Dani Shapiro’s “Inheritance” or Peter Boni’s “Uprooted.”

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