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About A Gentle Reminder Book

A gentle reminder to be kept in mind on days when the world seems a little lighter and the sun rises a little later in the morning. An encouraging notion to keep in mind both when trying to mend your broken heart and when your heart is full of hope. A word of inspiration for when you’re starting to trust in people’s goodness and when you’re in need of words to hug your fragmented pieces back together. A straightforward reminder for those times when growth appears inevitable and you need to muster the courage to bury it deep within your bones in order to get through the day.

You need a gentle reminder that you are genuine and flawed when you are educating yourself that it is natural to feel both happiness and grief. You must teach yourself that it is natural to feel both as you learn to strike a balance between the ugliness and magnificence of what it is to be human. This should serve as a gentle reminder to keep this in mind when looking up the words you required when you were younger. This is a gentle reminder for you to read that you deserve to be loved just as much as you love others whenever you need to hear it. Here it is for you in case you ever need a gentle reminder to remember that you are not the sum of your flaws or your past.

When you find yourself requiring a gently reminder to maintain your kind and compassionate character, this is the kind of gentle reminder you need. A simple reminder for those moments when you need unshakeable faith in unrestricted love in a world that doesn’t always show such faith in action. a piece of advice to keep doing what you’re doing. a comforting message of encouragement that is full of optimism. I’d like to gently draw your attention to it. Get whatever it is that you need.

About the Author

Toronto-native Bianca Sparacino is a poet and visual artist. Her Twitter handle is rainbowsalt. Her three novels have the following titles: A Gentle Reminder, The Strength in Our Scars, and Seeds Planted in Concrete. Her books have been translated into other languages and have about one million copies sold globally.

Is This Book Really Worth Your Time?

I found it challenging to finish the book in one sitting because it is fairly quote-heavy. It must be enjoyed slowly, much like a meal, since it helps you ponder and appreciate the words. It really reminded me of times in my life where I felt I could have done better or made wiser choices. It also aided in my reflection on what I can change to improve my life.

A Gentle Reminder Book Summary

A rare book of modern poetry that didn’t make me want to rip my eyeballs out with a knife. Instead, it was a collection of several quite great poetry, many of which appealed to me, even if some of them did seem to have been lifted directly from Tumblr.

“Please, just have faith in life’s timing. You are not required to achieve success in a way that motivates you before a certain age or to have it all figured out.

All you have to do is realise who you are. You must continue putting in the effort, both physically and mentally.

You need to develop a fundamental understanding of who you are, identify the things that are most important to you, light up your soul, and motivate you to get out of bed in the morning, then choose those things each and every day. You must advocate for it. Even though it’s frightening and even if you’re the only one with that hope, you must take a leap of faith.

Therefore there is no purpose in hurriedly pursuing a life you do not want. If you are only going to be unhappy, there is no purpose in doing everything perfectly.

No, you aren’t doing badly in life. Because you are travelling at a slower rate than those around you, you are not falling behind. If your dreams do not resemble the ones that society advised you to have when you were younger, you are neither strange or insane. You are claiming ownership of your life. Your future is evolving as you do. Never feel guilty about that.

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