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Book Name:Destiny book 27
Author:Helen Hardt
SeriesSteel Brothers Saga #27
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Does love suffice?

Ava Steel is being followed by a spirit who refuses to stay dead. She wonders if she deserves to be with the man she loves, Brendan Murphy, and if she even has what it takes to be in a relationship with him. She closes the bakery, which she never does before, to deal with the revelations, and she also ends things with Brendan.

Brendan is struggling to let go of Ava, but he also needs to focus on himself. Now that his relationship with the Steel family is public knowledge, he and the citizens of Snow Creek are facing a financial crisis that the Steels cannot alleviate.

As more of Ava’s and Brendan’s prior secrets are revealed, they struggle to rebuild their relationship. However, these challenges appear to be enormous.


Donny and Callie have spent years studying the Snow Creek High School Future Lawmakers Club and can’t wait to join them. Ava is dead set on learning more about her family’s history and its possible ties to the FLMC, a notorious student organisation that has claimed responsibility for several incidents on campus. The FLMC was notorious for its members’ participation in and attribution of wrongdoing at their institution.

Michaela, Ava’s dad, removes Donny’s coat and puts it on the hook in the foyer. They talk about the FLMC’s past and its impact on present and future politicians. Callie, who is interested in the law, goes to the meeting at which the club is founded, but no one brings up the subject of law or lawmaking. The FLMC members restricted membership and blamed themselves for many of the school’s problems.

Ruby, Ava’s mum, agrees to try some of the wine that bears her name. She joins Donny and Callie on the leather sofa to impart her FLMC wisdom. However, she is unable to go since she cannot bear to think about what happened to her ancestors and Uncle Talon.

Callie and Donny are aware of the FLMC, but she refuses to visit because of concern about their safety. Donny speculates that the reborn club may have ties to the organisation to which their grandpa belonged in a previous life. With each new piece of knowledge, Ava’s optimism diminishes, and she feels terrible.

Donny says that Dale and Ava’s father, who sold them into slavery for $5,000, is proof that race doesn’t matter. Ava expresses regret for the suffering she and Dale have endured and for the fact that their biological parents’ identities are irrelevant. She sips some water and then turns to Donny, asking how they may learn more about the FLMC’s current activities.

Callie, who left the institution eight years ago, claims that her relatives no longer have any ties to the institution. Donny concedes that people may not trust them, but Ava is set on discovering whether or not the FLMC’s intentions are genuine.

About The Author Helen Hardt

Helen Hardt, a best-selling author for The Wall Street Journal, traces her love of reading back to childhood, when her mother would read to her before bed. She began writing at the tender age of six and has never stopped. She is a mother, an attorney, a black belt in Taekwondo, a grammar nerd, a lover of fine red wine, and a fan of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, in addition to being a writer of current and historical romance, as well as erotica, she has won awards for her work. She currently resides in Colorado with her family and writes when she has free time.

Destiny (27) Book Summary

Destiny delves deep into the history of the Steele family, revealing secrets and twists beyond the romance between Ave and Brendan. And then to come up with new and fresh stories that she has threaded through all these novels to keep the reader going back book after book to find out what is happening with this family; I am surprised at this author’s creativity. The Steeles have been through a lot of hardship, but the love stories of each pair offer a wonderful, if not always easy, counterpoint. I’ve read a ridiculous number of romance novels, but my favourite is The Steele Sage because it includes not just romance but also mysteries, villains, highs and lows, redemption, forgiveness, and beautiful love between two very deserving people.

Despite this, Ave Steele is not my preferred protagonist in this series. She was just not as close to the family as everyone else. I realise the author chose to make her this way, and I accept that, but I just couldn’t feel as much empathy for her as I did for the other characters. Getting to know Brendan was a pleasure. He was a devoted son and friend who undoubtedly adored Ava. I loved reading more of the puzzle pieced together in this book, and I think you will too. To fully appreciate the backstories and their connections to Destiny, the reader should read the preceding books in the series. Definitely give this whole series a try.

Ava and Brendan keep unearthing family mysteries from their pasts. After going through the ups and downs of having secrets revealed to each other, they come to the conclusion that they are meant to be together forever.

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