Cold as Ice (PDF/ePUB) By Rachel Jonas Read Online For Free

Cold as Ice (PDF/ePUB) By Rachel Jonas Read Online For Free.

Cold as Ice Information

Book Name:Cold as Ice
Author:Rachel Jonas
SeriesSavage Kings of Bradwyn U #2
File Type:PDF/ePub
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The SAVAGE KINGS OF BRADWYN U book 2 is now available.
Don’t freak out over the calendar. I always make extra copies and send them out just in case, and you’ll soon have one in your hands! Description and cover will be finalised soon…

COLD AS ICE: More Information
The men in this series boldly fly red flags at the maximum of 99 and over. Therefore, not all readers will find to their liking the violent content and questionable behaviour featured in this dark bully romance. Review the complete CW included within the book for any potential triggers. Please read at your own discretion and risk. Stevie won’t have her happily ever after (HEA) until the final book in the trilogy, which this is.

About The Author Rachel Jonas

Hi there, my name is Rachel! Please consider this post to be your official invitation to join me in THE SHIFTER LOUNGE, which is a closed community on Facebook. You’ll get to participate in wacky discussions about books, win special prizes, and experience other forms of nerdiness!

Do you rarely engage in conversation with unknown people? Don’t be concerned! Permit me to begin by introducing myself. I was born and raised in Michigan, and I have three children and a husband. I have created a career out of listening to the voices in my head. There is something for everyone, with multiple finished series and stories in both the contemporary YA/NA romance category as well as the paranormal YA/NA romance category.

Cold as Ice Book Summary

The second book in the Savage Kings of Bradwyn U series by Rachel Jonas and Nikki Thorne, Cold As Ice, begins just where the first novel, Break The Girl, left off.
Thanks to the alternating points of view, we are immediately immersed in the ongoing saga of Stevie, Ash, Micah, Vince, and Tate.

Having forgotten the events of the first book, Break The Girl, it took me a few minutes to get back into the flow of things and figure out what was going on.
After it all came flooding back, though, you can bet that I dove into this book more thoroughly than ever before.
Only to once again plunge headfirst into the morass of Stevie, Ash, Micah, Vince, and Tate-related content.

We were taken on a thrilling adventure with Stevie, Ash, Micah, Vince, and Tate in Cold As Ice.
They’ve raised the stakes even higher this time.
Having to deal with all the drama, unresolved mysteries, and mounting tension while riding an emotionally taxing and tense roller coaster. Rachel and Nikki’s addition of chaos and commotion to this roller coaster was predictable.
As you followed the story’s many twists and turns, you found yourself captivated and eager to read every word.
The secrets were never revealed, but the intrigue surrounding them only grew.
While it’s possible that some inquiries resulted in replies being made public, others only served as a springboard for even more information to emerge.
In the end, you and Stevie are left with more questions than when they started. Adding further layers of awe and interest to the situation.

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