The Wrong Mr. Right (PDF/ePub) By Stephanie Archer Read Online

The Wrong Mr. Right (ePUB/PDF) By Stephanie Archer Read Online for free.

The Wrong Mr. Right Information

Book Name:The Wrong Mr. Right
Author:Stephanie Archer
SeriesThe Queen’s Cove Series #2
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.62 MB
ePub Size 979 KB
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But can he make her his girlfriend as well as his attractive girl?

Subdued, reticent Hannah’s life is filled with fictitious heroes who are all attractive, caring, and swoon-worthy. As her thirtieth birthday approaches, she takes stock of her life and realises that she has never been in love and that her small-town bookstore is failing. Clearly, a shift is required.

She had already figured out who will assist her.

Wyatt is a surfer who is so cool and assured that women can’t help but fall in love with him. He wants to go pro, but what’s stopping him? His online profiles are empty. He can’t refuse Hannah’s generous offer to manage his social media in exchange for tutoring.

The gorgeous bookworm he likes will eventually come out of her shell, but only on his terms.

Nothing about Hannah’s time with Wyatt goes according to plan: disastrous surf lessons, dive bar karaoke, a bookstore dedicated just to romance and a sparkly clothing that makes her feel beautiful. But surely she wouldn’t want to be with him.

A steamy and humorous comedy with a happy ending about two best friends who fall in love.

You don’t have to start with the first book in the Queen’s Cove series to enjoy this one.

About The Author Stephanie Archer

The romantic comedies that Stephanie writes are feisty and hilarious. Her tales always have happy endings, and they are replete with clever banter and strong female characters that defy convention and refuse to submit. Her home is in the city of Vancouver in the country of Canada.

The Wrong Mr. Right Book Summary

It’s great when the male protagonists are genuinely nice guys who wish to aid the female protagonists. The “your pregnant wife” scene was the best since he felt so terrible for her. (Don’t worry, it’s not a book about stereotypical pregnancies.)

It’s refreshing that this didn’t turn into a conventional “makeover” novel/film, where the female protagonist undergoes a complete transformation, from her personality to her physical appearance, in the hopes that the male protagonist will suddenly find her more attractive. In this case, all Wyatt did was encourage Hannah to be a little more confident in who she already was.

I loved watching Hannah grow and learn to trust herself a little more with each passing chapter. And Wyatt did, too; they both grew and developed as a result of the experience.

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In many stories, we observe the growth of characters, the blossoming of relationships, and the development of chemistry, but we rarely see concrete evidence that these “happy endings” will last. In this one, however, I feel like we saw the foundation of their relationship being laid.

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