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Binding 13 PDF/ePub

Book NameBinding 13
AuthorChloe Walsh
SeriesBoys of Tommen #1
FilePDF/ePub (Downloadable)
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What a person likes to eat might reveal a great deal about them.
So far, at least.

Now, he wants to save her.

She visualises a location where she could merely disappear.

Her health worries me.

He is steadfast in his resolve.

Their fates were intertwined.
Their shared affection brought them together.

Johnny Kavanagh is in a good spot right now. He is a tremendously dangerous opponent on the rugby pitch. He has what it takes to succeed in the spotlight, and his star is rising. There was no way to prevent him from succeeding.
Not the timid, reserved first-year Tommen University student. the person who has an unhappy expression and hidden pains. the person with the greatest ability to change their attention.

Johnny doesn’t have much room for error because of the scouts’ scrutiny and the need to conceal his condition.
Even though Johnny’s International Summer Campaign has been a big success, he needs to maintain his composure. He must focus; he cannot allow outside influences to impair his judgement.
But what if the lonesome image shows a sad-eyed little girl who is alone?

Story Plot

Shannon Lynch’s life hasn’t exactly been simple. She makes the decision to transfer to Tommen College in the middle of the current academic year after being the target of abuse and harassment at her previous school.
On her first day at the exclusive private school, one of the students she meets is Johnny Kavanagh, a local legend.
Despite her best efforts to blend in, Shannon is once more the target of bullying as she attempts to build a relationship with the rugby player on the rise.

While Johnny and Shannon experience intense feelings for one another and explore their attraction to one another, other issues complicate their blossoming romance.

Two young people with various backgrounds get together.

The relationship between friendship, first love, celebrity, terror, and suffering is examined in the book Binding 13.

In “Binding 13,” love and life are tied together.

The first book in Chloe Walsh’s brand-new series is titled Binding 13. The Boys of Tommen books, which are set in Ireland, will take you to a world of young romance, rugby, and heartache.

Chloe Walsh, Author Biography

Writers of young adult and new adult fiction can’t get enough of Chloe Walsh. Her books are a hit with readers everywhere. Her works have captivating narratives and memorable characters. Characters you’ll root for include brilliant and passionate protagonists, hilarious sidekicks, and lovely leading ladies. A reading hangover is guaranteed after finishing any new Chloe novel.

Chloe and her family come from a picturesque county on the southwest coast of Ireland called West Cork. She’s a wonderful mother of a child with autism and a true nerd who enjoys long walks in the countryside with her family. When she’s not doing that, she’s probably reading a book on her Kindle or watching a marathon of Game of Thrones or rugby on Netflix while listening to her favourite Spotify playlists.

Synopsis of Book: Binding 13

The reading speed of this book belies its length. This novel must be great if all books are written in this style.

My interest in the story was sustained by the characters. The plot is simple: a victim of bullying transfers to a prestigious private school, where she crosses paths with the most popular guy, a rugby prodigy. The two gradually fall in love behind everyone else’s backs. To the best of my knowledge, you already know the drill. But the cast is great, dude. They were easy to talk to, hilarious, and had fantastic chemistry. excellent compared to other recent reading material I’ve done.

The bond between Gibsie (H bff) and Claire (H bff) is unparalleled. I don’t think I’d ever laughed so hard in a book before meeting Gibsie that I felt illusory abs growing on my stomach. Claire is the type of friend every woman needs. Their refreshingly unwavering commitment to one another made it impossible for me not to ship them.

“Johnny and Shannon”

After learning of Shannon’s abusive father, I felt compelled to protect her from the world’s bullies and abusers. My aching heart. Shannon may appear weak, innocent, awkward, and naive due to her experiences, yet she is actually the most mature, admirable thing that has ever existed.

to boot omfg There hasn’t been a hero more like Johnny since I can recall. He’s the perfect hero because he’s gentle but also courageous and guardian. Despite the fact that his reluctance to pursue the heroine and his subtle attempts to lead her on truly angered me, I’m glad he did most of the pursuing. He may try to persuade her he isn’t interested, but she should pay more attention to his actions.

Shannon doesn’t “give in” to Johnny’s awful behaviour just because he’s gorgeous, and that makes me very happy. Yes, you heard me. The overuse of this cliche in New Adult fiction is driving me crazy. Shannon, thankfully, is not one of these weak, sexualized heroines.

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