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Meha Baba Quotes on Love

Love is capable of doing what the brain is incapable of comprehending.

Meher Baba on Love

True love is not a game for the faint of heart. It comes from a place of power and comprehension.

Meher Baba on True Love

I adore everyone. Each person takes on the function that has been assigned to them…

Meher Baba on Love

“These days, lust is taken for love. The slight distinction is overlooked. The distinction between love and lust is subtle, yet it is distinct. They are not the same thing. This is lust; you adore rice and curry. You yearn over a cigar; lust once more. You like curry and eat it, but you don’t contribute anything by doing so. You complete the beloved!”

Meher Baba on Love

“Devotees must always trust on Baba rather than on one another. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t communicate to each other, love each other, pass on impressions, be together, or share experiences — but you shouldn’t lean on each other. You must love, serve, and assist one another, and you must encourage one another to love me even more. Don’t lean, love.”

Devotees Love to Meher Baba

“The happiest person is the one who does not expect happiness from others. Giving, not receiving, is what love enjoys and honours. So learn to love and give without expecting anything in return.”

Meher Baba on Happiness

“If you can’t love, have the guts to surrender.”

Meher Baba

Meher Baba Quotes on Life

The book that I will encourage them to read is the book of the heart, which contains the key to unlocking life’s mysteries.

Life Teaching _ Meher Baba

Worry is one of the few things in the mind that consumes as much energy as it does. One of the most difficult things to do is to not be concerned about anything. Worry arises when things go wrong, but it is pointless to wish that things had gone differently in the past. The frozen past is what it is, and no amount of anxiety will change it. The restricted ego-mind, on the other hand, identifies with its history, becomes enmeshed in it, and keeps the pangs of thwarted wishes alive. As a result, concern continues to creep into man’s mental life until the ego-mind is weighed down by the past. Worry can also be felt about the future if that future is believed to be unpleasant in some way. It tries to justify itself in this circumstance as a necessary element of the effort to prepare for the next situations. Worrying, on the other hand, will never make things better. Furthermore, many of the things that are expected never materialise, or if they do, they turn out to be far more acceptable than expected. Worry is the result of an overactive imagination stimulated by desires. It is a way of life characterised by miseries that are largely the result of our own actions. Worry has never done anyone any good, and it is far worse than simply wasting emotional energy because it significantly reduces life’s joy and completeness.

Happiness _ Meher Baba

Concerning the New Life This New Life is endless, and it will be kept alive even after my physical death by those who live a life of complete renunciation of falsehood, lies, hatred, anger, greed, and lust; and who, to accomplish all of this, do no lustful actions, do no harm to everyone, do no backbiting, do not seek material possessions or power, who accept no homage, neither covet honour nor shun disgrace; and who, to accomplish all of this, do no Even when there is no the one live it, this New Life will continue to exist indefinitely.

Meher Baba On New Life

Don’t Worry anything and Be Happy!

Meher Baba on Life

Unlimited number of prayer or meditation can’t do what the helping others can do.

Help Others _ Meher Baba

When the mind flies in search of objects imagined in space, it is in search of emptiness; nevertheless, when man dives deep within himself, he is in search of the fullness of existence.

start looking _ Meher Baba

The soul is like a chicken and the body is like a cage. The chicken is free outside the cage. But he does not know its value and the importance of freedom, because he has not seen or known the prison and is deprived of the inference of freedom outside the prison. By entering the cage and experiencing suffering, when he is released, he realizes the value of freedom and space outside.

Soul & Body _ Meher Baba

The universe is the result of human creativity. So, instead of plunging into the depths of your own Self, why try to learn about the imagined universe?

human creativity _ Meher Baba

“Why is there suffering?” someone inquired. “Suffering is important for the removal of the ego, just as it was necessary for you to scrub and scrub in order to wash the stain from my coat,” Baba said succinctly.

Suffering _ Meher Baba

“Life is a collection of experiences that take on a variety of shapes. Death is but a pause in a long life.”

Meher Baba on Life

Meher Baba Universal Message

My blessings to all individuals who feel oppressed, unhappy, or stifled from any cause whatsoever, regardless of their birth designations or belief tables!

Meher Baba Quotes

My work will be completed when the churches fall!

Meher Baba Quotes

“My work is unique. It is not my job to travel and hold darshan programmes all the time just so people can bow down at my feet. It is not my job to deliver lengthy speeches, perform miracles, or draw large audiences to me. This is not why I’ve come. I’ve come for everyone; I’ve come to awaken everyone!”

Meher Baba Universal Message

“First, people must give, and then they must receive. Give first, and then you’ll have everything. People, on the other hand, prefer to have everything first and then consider sharing. This isn’t the way to go.”

Meher Baba Universal Message

“Everyone, no matter how depraved, can progressively improve until he is the best example for all of humanity. Everyone has hope; no one is completely lost, and no one needs to despair. However, it is still true that the path to divinity is through the rejection of evil in favour of good.”

Meher Baba

“There is no need to express any desire if you believe I know everything. No amount of appealing for any ambition will change your mind if you believe I know nothing.”

Meher Baba

Meher Baba Quotes on God

The only thing worth finding is to love God and find him within.

Inspirational _ Meher Baba

All those who believe the coarse world to be genuine are dozing off. Only those who perceive it as unreal will be able to recognise God and awaken.

Awakening Meher Baba

“To simply say, ‘I want to see God’ or ‘I want to realise God,’ is akin to an ant declaring, ‘I want to be an elephant!’ Words on their own are meaningless. To seek God, the heart must be thirsty.”

God _ Meher Baba

“Just a glance from me can provide you with everything you require – it can turn your gaze inside. You will be sitting here, unchanged on the outside, but you will transform into who you truly are. You must wait for that opportunity. That moment is approaching, and you must love me completely in order to avoid missing it. I’ll leave if I knock on your door and you’re sleeping. It is not necessary to make the internal trip in stages during Avataric moments. If you have the Avatar’s Grace, He just transports you from where you are to where you should be, where God desires you to be.

Meher Baba on God

“Anything beyond your capacity will inevitably modify your capacity, because you don’t know what is beyond them as long as everything is inside your boundaries. And everything about God and God-realization is limitless. So immense pain and being beset by horrible issues are useful in this way.”

Meher Baba on God

“What does it mean to be God-Realization? It entails becoming one with God. One can never become one with God by thinking and fantasising. Only after the death of thoughts and imagination – the mind must die — is union conceivable. How does one know when he or she has realised God? It is pre-programmed. You are a living creature. Do you ever question whether or not you are a human being? Because you are a human being, you do not ask yourself this question. Similarly, once a man recognises God, he spontaneously recognises himself as God. By personal experience, he has had the whole experience of it.”

God-Realization _ Meher Baba

“As good is required, so is bad – just as positive and negative are necessary. Both are required for action and evolution to occur. Life would come to an end if only good prevailed everywhere! All extremes of good and evil lead to Self-Realization; for example, pure evil with no trace of good, or ultimate good with no trace of bad at all — both are equally favourable to achieving Self-aim. Realization’s If this is the case, the question becomes, “Why is good preferable to bad?” For those who are God-Realized, both good and wrong are null and void. Both are dualistic phrases. The Masters and Avatars, on the other hand, prefer and advocate for virtue over evil. This is just because excellent is actually easy to achieve the objective spiritually, even if it appears to be the opposite materially. “For example, terrible appears to be simple – but it isn’t! But, in life, the underlying concept of spiritual advancement – authentic existence — clashes with material progress, which is merely apparent and not real. As a result, the Masters promote doing good, which is actually easy for people, as the preferable path to take for true advancement in life toward the goal of Realization.”

Meher Baba on God Realization

“True knowledge is that information that leads a man to assert that his true Self is in everything and everyone after Self-Realization or unity with God.”

True Knowledge Meher Baba

Other Quotes

Children were never [made] in the human form. This need for humans to dwell together is nothing more than an animal impulse inherited from all of evolution’s prior incarnations, from the stone to the human form.

Meher Baba Quotes

What is politics if not deception? Whatever your honest, frank opinion is, you must act in accordance with the party’s creed, sometimes against your conscience, and so be reliant on others for your conduct, which is in direct opposition to the fundamental principles of Truth.

Meher Baba Quotes

Would the legendary Henry Ford come over here and do what I tell him to do if I asked him to? Never! But if I could bring a thousand-year-old corpse to life in front of his eyes, he’d gladly stay here and wash my clothes!

Meher Baba Quotes

What will happen if the current anarchy continues? What will happen at the end of it all? It can only come to one conclusion. All of humanity will be weary of it.

Meher Baba Quotes

“We can never create a vibrant universal culture by just putting up isolated pieces drawn from the current diversity of culture; we will only end up with a patchwork with little vitality this way. A jumble of gathered notions will never be able to replace a direct and fresh vision of the Goal. The new world-culture must develop from an integrated vision of the Truth that is independent of current traditions, rather than from a tedious process of selecting and compiling conserved values.”

Meher Baba

“I want every one of my lovers to say my name every time they take a breath. The repetition should be constant, such that it continues even when you are sleeping soundly. Then there’s a chance you might get a sight of me. When saying my name, don’t be concerned about your thoughts. Do not examine them because, when you speak my name, the ideas will not tie you—for good or for bad.”

Say my Name _ Meher Baba
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