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Book Name:The Serpent and the Wings of Night
Author:Carissa Broadbent
SeriesCrowns of Nyaxia #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size2.79MB
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Oraya formed her identity in a society designed to kill her, despite the fact that she was born a human and adopted by the vampire monarch of the Nightborn. She must enter the Kejari, a legendary tournament held by the goddess of death, if she ever wants to cease being an easy target.

However, it won’t be easy to win against the three vampire families’ fiercest warriors. Oraya’s last chance of survival is to join forces with an unknown foe. On Raihn, there is no place to feel secure. He is not just her greatest opponent, but also a violent vampire, a skilled assassin, and an enemy of her father’s reign.

Oraya is most troubled by her unexplained attraction to him. However, the Kejari have a not-so-good record for being friendly. As tensions rise, Oraya ideas about the House of Night are put to the test. Even though Raihan seems to understand her better than anyone else, their growing passion might be her undoing in a culture where love is the most lethal of all vices.

The Serpent and the Wings of Night is the first novel of a new trilogy, and it is full of devastating passion, dark magic, and ferocious intrigue.

About The Author Carissa Broadbent

My teachers and parents have been worried about me ever since I was nine years old, and I have a history of chronically gloomy tales. My stories have become (somewhat) less dismal and (maybe much) more pleasurable to read since then. There are strong female characters, strong male protagonists, and a touch of romance in the fantasy books I now write. Although I spend my days as a cybersecurity marketer, my passions outside of work include painting and watching far too many films. My fiancée and I now reside in Rhode Island with our two bunnies, one of which is great and the other of which is horrible, as well as our always-doubting cat.

The Serpent and the Wings of Night Book Summary

The story of ‘The Serpent and the Wings of Night’ depicts the final showdown between humans and vampires, in which the rules of this ‘bloody’ game are put to the test and come into conflict with the struggle for survival and the affairs of the heart. In a competition between three great Houses and scores of warriors vying for the coveted title of ultimate victor, there can be only one survivor; so “guard your heart” with your life and appreciate loyalty when you find it.

In conclusion, the ‘Vampire-ology’ and the unexpectedness of that ending were the elements I liked best about this book, despite the fact that the MC’s survival was probably secured, but not in this fashion. To be honest, I enjoy reading both ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Horror’ stories that feature vampires, and this one was particularly thrilling and interesting. The narrative of their betrayal, love, ambition, friendship, and eventual survival is compelling.

What bothered me the least was how much it resembled ‘Hunger Games,’ even down to the fact that the protagonists had to learn that being ruthless is not the same as being fearless at one of the story’s most pivotal scenes. They required both in order to stay alive.

Feedback and Analysis

Competitions and conflicts that call for a sharp intellect, a thorough approach, astute strategy, and bravery are my favourites. The trials lacked some of the more nuanced aspects of the genre that I appreciate, and as a result, I found them less satisfying.


In sum, I found this to be a fantastic and engrossing book, full of vivid descriptions and interesting new takes on the vampire mythos that left me wanting more.

The Gossip’s Plan

Each of the three houses, Night, Shadow, and Blood, sends dozens of its most formidable warriors to compete in this tournament. Many would be killed in the pursuit of glory, but all houses had to give up their finest fighters or risk being demoted.

Oraya slow-burning romance with Raihan will put their shared values, goals, and accomplishments to the test as they try to make it through each round without being eliminated.

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