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The Wrong Bride (The Windsors #1) PDF and ePub by Catharina Maura free Book.

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Book Name The Wrong Bride
Author Catharina Maura
SeriesThe Windsors #1
Language English
File TypePDF/ePub (Downloadable)
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She is his fiancée’s younger sister. She has always felt deeply for him.

Raven’s wedding to Ares Windsor becomes obligatory once her sister bails on the ceremony. Raven’s marriage, however, is a torture chamber.

She has always adored the secretive media magnate who is worth billions, but he has shown more interest in her sister.

Now that they’re married, Raven is set on winning his heart.

After all, there are no guarantees in either love or war.

What then?

Indeed, such is the way of war.

She is the younger sister of his fiancee. Her affections for him go back a long way.

After her sister ditches her wedding, Raven is forced to marry Ares Windsor in her stead. However, this marriage is a living hell for Raven.

The reclusive media magnate with the billions is the man she’s always loved, but he’s always been more interested in her sister.

Raven, now happily married to him, is determined to win his love.

After all, in battle and love, all bets are off.

Then what?

That’s the nature of battle, after all.

Author Bio: Catharina Maura

Catharina Maura is a ubiquitous presence on best-seller lists. Her forte is contemporary romances with a lot of action and heartbreak as the protagonists struggle to win their happily ever after.

Cat, her husband, and a dozen potted plants each have their own names and call Hong Kong home. When she’s not thinking up ideas for new characters, she goes on adventures around the world.

Synopsis of the Book: The Wrong Bride

Oh my… The master of all fears has struck again. Despite the fact that Raven’s best friend’s elder brother, Ares, is engaged and promised to Raven’s best friend’s sister, Hannah, Raven has harboured a lifelong infatuation for Ares. Soon before the wedding, Hannah vanishes, leaving Raven to go through with the marriage in accordance with the agreements made by both families. For fear of being hurt, Raven marries Ares while knowing he has emotions for her sister. This synopsis may make the book sound simpler than it is. Ms. Maura’s characters aren’t what they seem; they’re evil, unselfish, and confused by their new lives.

Since Raven’s future depends on her marrying Ares, he is understandably conflicted between her and her sister. The lovely steam and the angst have a profound message about accepting toxicity and feeling less than. These incidents related to psychological well-being resonated with me as I read them. This story blew me away, and I didn’t want it to end. I can’t help but imagine the novels that could be written about Ares’s numerous siblings. To put it simply, this is one of the best books I have read this year.


This is the first book on tiktok that I have ever felt justified giving 5 stars to. It added depth and complexity to my life, along with flavour and emotion. Everything a female reader needs to get into the story and enjoy it as much as I did. The novel takes the reader on a roller coaster of emotions from beginning to end, and I loved every minute of it.It strengthened the book’s overall argument. It was as if I were reading a true account of someone’s life.

Raven’s mother and sister are determined to ruin the marriage they drove her into, but the mmc is always there to soothe her. I really appreciate how thoughtful he was in meeting all of her needs, how committed he was, and how honest their relationship was. To be honest, I didn’t notice how much I hated “misunderstanding” cliches until recently.

This inability to have an honest conversation about how they feel and what they need to be happy makes me so mad. This book is written by them, and it’s refreshing. Never once did she leave her or betray her confidence. This book was great if you like witty dialogue set in a fort or some sensual scenes. I regret not investigating what happened to my mother and sister. Raven was well within her rights to take revenge on her mother and sister, who she saw as evil for their treatment of her.

Although learning the truth about their families will hurt deeply, it will ultimately deepen your affection for Ares and Raven. When her own family disowned her, he adopted her and made her part of his. I know her dad loves and supports her, but it isn’t enough in my opinion. He should have abandoned his wife and sided with his daughter instead of standing idly by as she was abused by his other daughter and his wife. But in any event, I think this is a book you’ll really like. I’m dying to read the next chapter. Wow, what a great book!

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