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Black Beast Novel PDF Free Download

Book Name:Black Beast Novel PDF
Author:Samreen Shah
Publisher:Samreen Shah
Language:Bilingual (Both English & Hindi)
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
PDF Size:5.04 MB
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About Black Beast Novel PDF

An onslaught of barbaric Vikings came ashore, bringing with them the clang of swords and arrows as they crossed the ocean. They were vicious, heartless, and above all else, carnivorous creatures. They fed on living things.

However, the human kingdoms did not have a significant amount of fear of the Vikings. The power that they hold is what causes the kingdoms to shake in fear, as a result of which they quiver.

They were the ones that had the ability to shapeshift. That is, the creatures. These individuals gained notoriety throughout history as the fabled Viking werewolves.

Name: Logan This beast of the night, also known as the creature of the night. The leader of the herd. a member of the army who is in control of the fighting forces. The animal in question is a particularly aggressive one.

Agnes is the name of the woman. Innocent. a person who has been bought and sold for the purpose of servitude. Currently serving in the capacity of maid to the princess of the kingdom of Vitalis.

An ancient Viking werewolf tale.

Readers Review

  • I am glad I spent the money on this book and have no regrets. Wow, that’s passionate, intimate, and…. stunning! Wow, that’s gorgeous, and the best part is that you can relax now because it’s all done.
  • I’m not faking when I say that I can’t wait to read your next book; my very first experience with BookNet was thanks to Mafiya Vengeance.
  • This book has been on my shelf and reading list for what seems like an eternity.
  • This is a fantastic book with a riveting plot and memorable characters. I really, really wanted to read this book, but I’m having trouble recharging my wallet due to an issue with the location in which I live. Plus, I was overjoyed to find the discount offer. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be the lucky winner:) My stomach is growling with anticipation!
  • Omg… Absolutely the best book I’ve ever read! When they took Logan away to kill him, I cried. It’s amazing how you manage to put into words everything they’re experiencing. Yes, you are truly among the greatest, and I am so happy for you that you won the prize. It was well deserved!! Wow, I really appreciate the book.


As they crossed the ocean, the clang of swords and the arrows of barbaric Vikings could be heard on the shore. They were murderous savages without compassion for the lives they took. Here you can find the direct download link for the Black Beast Novel PDF in hindi/English. This book is excellent in every way: the writing is superb, the plot is intriguing, and the characters stick with you. I cried as they led Logan away to be killed.It’s incredible how well author capture the depth of their feelings in words. Author have my heartfelt congratulations on his success.

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