The Taste of Revenge (PDF/ePUB) By Veronica Lancet Read Online

The Taste of Revenge (PDF/ePUB) By Veronica Lancet Read Online for free.

The Taste of Revenge Information

Book Name:The Taste of Revenge
Author:Veronica Lancet
SeriesWar of Sins #1
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
PDF Size:1.64MB
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She is the most alluring lady he has ever met, and also his worst nemesis.
Scarred by his history, Rafaelo Guerra wants nothing more than to get right with his brother for taking everything he owned. And he needs to work with a violent crime lord to put his ideas into action. However, he never anticipated running into her again.
DeVille, Noelle. The irritating younger sibling of his new business partner.
The only other human being he despises as much as his sibling.
She may be the most stunningly beautiful lady he’s ever seen or the most irresistibly tempting, but neither of those things would sway him. He sees through her pretence of innocence.
But he has to marry her to bring their families together, so how can he say no to her?

Noelle is stuck by her overprotective relatives and cannot speak up because of their silence. She made it through a violent marriage despite suffering severe emotional and bodily wounds. But when Rafaelo Guerra unexpectedly enters her life, she wonders if she can make it.

She has no recollection of the atrocities he says she committed, but he is determined to make her pay for them.
When she’s around him, why does her heart start racing? Why does her heart yearn for a man who can’t stand to look at her?
She finds herself unexpectedly wed to her sworn enemy in a planned marriage. Now that her life is secure, it is her already fragile heart that she worries about.

The Taste of Revenge is an arranged marriage, enemies-to-lovers dark romance with plenty of passion. The ending leaves the reader hanging, making this the first novel in the Guerra Brothers series. Before continuing, please make sure you understand the triggers. The romance in this book is pretty bleak. It first appeared in War, Unfinished, where it was originally published.

About The Author Veronica Lancet

As a child, Veronica Lancet lived in a mafia-controlled Eastern European village. She uprooted her life, earned degrees in Biology and History from Columbia University, and is now studying for a master’s degree in forensic science on the other side of the world. …

The Taste of Revenge Book Summary

Don’t try to make me feel like I’m making up my trauma.
Anyone who has endured assault will find that line particularly resonant.
Because these people’ backstories are saturated with pain and the fallout from having experienced some unbelievably awful things, I found the beginning to be sluggish going. In the beginning, I had a hard time telling Raf and Michele apart because they are written as two sides of the same completely messed up coin. Human trafficking, drug cartels, and the mafia are all extremely dangerous situations from which no one can emerge undamaged.

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Every single one of these people has had a rough life, beginning with their birth. Personally, I find it simpler to connect with Noelle, however our points of similarity end there. It’s a striking example of how one might miss an entire city since all they can see is the scene outside their window. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our own lives and think no one else can relate, but the struggles we face might be overwhelming for some and manageable for others. As a survivor, any action taken against a person without their agreement and when they are desperate to stop it is a level I just can’t go on, thus I didn’t like the scene with the five males and the blindfold. I appreciate Veronica’s efforts to humanise each of them. It’s easy to forget that you can be someone else’s inspiration when you’re so wrapped up in your own life decisions.

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