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The Temporary Wife Catharina Maura Pdf/EPUB Download

Book Name:The Temporary Wife
Author:Catharina Maura
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
PDF Size:3.25 MB
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The Temporary Wife Catharina Maura Pdf

About The Temporary Wife Book

An emotionally charged and provocative marriage of convenience romance involving a millionaire boss and his secretary is brought to you by the author of The Wrong Bride and Forever After All.

When Luca Windsor’s secretary decides to leave her position immediately after he is pressured into an undesired engagement by his family, he makes it his mission to find a solution to both of these issues.

… by deceiving everyone and marrying his secretary behind their backs instead.

The guidelines are easy to follow:

  1. Make every effort to avoid romantic attachments.
  2. They must conceal the fact that they are married at work.
  3. They must always sleep in the same bed.

It was supposed to be an easy and beneficial deal for both parties, but as each day goes by, it becomes more and more obvious to Luca that the only thing Valentina wants is the one thing he will never be able to give her.

Having her go on her own.

About the Author Catharina Maura

Author Catharina Maura has achieved the status of #1 best-selling author on both USA Today and Amazon. She is the author of contemporary romance stories that are angst-ridden, fast-paced, and that tear your heart before they take you to a happily ever after that is hard-won.

Cat’s household includes her husband, a dozen houseplants, and all of them have names. Cat resides in Hong Kong. She spends her time wandering across the world and looking for exciting new experiences when she’s not daydreaming about future characters.

Book Summary

Luca is a strange, pathetic little dumb.

Just picture using someone’s grandma’s deteriorating health as leverage to get them to do your bidding.

Within the span of two chapters, Luca manipulates Valentina into marrying him and staying in her job as his assistant twice: once when Valentina’s grandmother goes missing, and again when Valentina can’t afford the healthcare. Im meant to be rooting for this unpleasant doughy weirdo???

When Valentina’s grandma disappears, Luca immediately begins using his connections to track her down, unbeknownst to his granddaughter. So she goes to him with a proposition: she’ll stay on as his assistant (despite having already handed in her resignation, which Luca fiercely opposed) provided he locates her grandmother. Instead, he promises Valentina that if they get married, he’ll track her down.

More Words on Story Summary

Luca makes it very obvious that her grandma will require continual supervision by healthcare professionals after they find her in the subsequent chapter and pay her a visit. I got the distinct impression that Luca knew Valentina couldn’t afford it and stated it on purpose to further influence her into doing what he wanted. hence she concludes that she will wed him in order to secure financial support for her grandmother’s medical care.

I had a bad feeling about him before I even knew he was intentionally sabotaging her efforts to find new work by getting her blacklisted from every place she applied. as well as being engaged to OW (yes, it’s arranged, but the fact he’s not single doesn’t negate the fact he’s not pursuing Valentina) while knowing he can’t offer her an actual relationship and sabotaging any dating attempts she makes.

After that back-and-forth, I decided it was best not to read this. I thought it was a terrible example of exploitation, since they might have been pushed into the marriage by almost anything else. Nonetheless, it was clear from the start that Luca was willing to do everything to win Valentina, as he had very evident ulterior goals.

Moreover, a hero who is too possessive and aggressive in his pursuit of the woman he desires is usually quite attractive. but maybe don’t try to make your move by bringing up grandma’s illness.

Luca acknowledges that it was a stupid thing to do. To which I respond, “You’re pathetic,” since you call me an asshole. Hmm, tomatoes, huh.

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