The Unwanted Marriage (PDF/ePUB) By Catharina Maura

The Unwanted Marriage (PDF/ePUB) By Catharina Maura for free.

The Unwanted Marriage Information

Book Name:The Unwanted Marriage
Author:Catharina Maura
SeriesThe Windsors #3
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.93MB
ePub Size648KB
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This sexy billionaire arranged marriage story is the latest from the author of The Wrong Bride and The Temporary Wife.

Dion Windsor doesn’t even want to date, never alone marry, Faye. but he can’t run away from the captivating pianist he’s been engaged to since they were kids.

After years of making his disapproval clear, seeing Faye with another guy just months before their wedding causes him to rethink his decision to keep his distance.

He takes one glance at her and knows he can no longer run. It’s over now, and he can have her whether she likes it or not.

If the secrets he guards didn’t have the potential to harm her, that is.

Each book in the Windsors series focuses on a separate Windsor sister and can be enjoyed independently, according the publisher. There is no cheating or sad endings in The Unwanted Marriage.

About The Author Catharina Maura

Bestseller lists everywhere include works by Catharina Maura. She is the author of heartbreaking, fast-paced modern romance stories where the happy ending is earned through hardship.

Cat and her husband share their Hong Kong home with a dozen named houseplants. When she isn’t speculating about future characters, she travels the world in quest of fascinating new experiences to incorporate into her writing.

The Unwanted Marriage Book Summary

Catharina Maura’s writings never fail to enthral and keep the reader engrossed right up to the final page. In addition, reading her works can evoke a surprising variety of feelings in the reader. My emotions range from joy to sadness to anguish and hurt. This is not meant as criticism; rather, it is a tribute, as no one else has come close to matching her success.

Dion and Faye’s story is explored in depth in The Unwanted Marriage. Their parents knew one other well enough to arrange their marriage while they were young. (Just so you know, there is an age difference.) They’ve each lived their own lives, waiting to commit until when it was absolutely necessary.

Faye has not had the same experiences that Dion has had throughout his life. I wanted to be there with her because I felt so deeply for her. It broke my heart to read about her gradual realisation of the familial dynamic.

Not only that, but we also find out that Dion and Faye share a common bond based on their shared experience of trauma.

She didn’t want to hurt me this much, yet here I am, grovelling at her feet and wishing I could make her agony go away.

What I liked best about this novel was that even though it hurt, the main character (MMC) never gave up on the one person he sought and loved the most. Aside from that, there’s the guy we all adore who’s protective, jealous, and a little possessive. Dion’s allowance of Faye’s feelings for him was one of my favourite things about our relationship.

“Insane? You haven’t heard anything yet, baby.

Dion and Faye are the first couple I’ve ever truly cheered on. I’m pleased they were able to find happiness together despite the many obstacles they faced.

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