When Love & Hate Collide (PDF/ePUB) by Shayla Hart Read Online

When Love & Hate Collide (PDF/epub) by Shayla Hart Read Online.

When Love & Hate Collide Information

Book Name:When Love & Hate Collide
AuthorShayla Hart
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Have you ever met someone and instantly despised them for all they were?

I have.

Reyes, Dean

The most cherished pupil of the devil.

And in the end, my destruction.

When the Turner family moved onto our block when we were just five years old, I had the unfortunate experience of meeting him. My mother coerced me into becoming friends and playing with him.

Our friendship lasted about five minutes until he sternly told me that he will never be friends with a girl and that I should never speak to him again, leaving me crying on the playground.

To his dismay, Ashlyn, his twin sister, and I get close and, in fact, I would say we become more like sisters. As we grew older, the hatred between Dean and I grew so strong that we could not stand to be in each other’s company for more than five minutes without fighting. As our families grew closer, so did our friendships.

Our relationship is still solid, and we even live together and attend the same institution, despite his best efforts to sever it.

Dean enlisted in the Royal Air Force to become a fighter pilot after Ashlyn and I left for college, and we haven’t seen each other since. That is, until the summer of 2004, when we all returned home for the season.

I was aware that there was a small line between love and hatred, but I was unaware that there was also a thin border between lust and lust. Dean and I would never, ever, ever be caught in each other’s company, much less in bed together. Not in my wildest fantasies.

But here we are, ripping off each other’s clothes, insulting each other.

The saddest part of it all is that I’ll lose Ashlyn for good if she ever learns that her twin brother and I have been covertly hating on one another.

About Author Shayla Hart

Shayla Hart is a contemporary romance novelist who works in the United Kingdom. She was conceived and brought up in the city of London. Shayla has been in a content marriage for more than fifteen years and is a proud mother to two boys. In 2009, while Shayla was struggling to overcome the effects of her depression, she turned to writing as a kind of self-care.

When Love & Hate Collide Book Summary

Dean and Shayla were obviously unable to stand each other because they desired each other. Sadly, they didn’t see it right away. The two of them were in a raw, angst-filled sexual tension. The fact that Dean is Shalya best friend’s twin brother and that neither of them want the other to know makes this an intense enemies-to-lovers story. Since Dean and Jeyla have only ever argued and been cruel to one another, everyone was accustomed to their behaviour.

This relationship for Dean and Shalya is hard, especially after they realise the depth of their affections for one another, due to their sneaking about and hiding secrets from the people they love. It’s time for them to come clean and make their relationship known.

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