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Write Me A Love Story Pdf Download Free

Book Name:Write Me A Love Story
Author:Ravinder Singh
Publisher:HarperCollins India
Pages304 Pages
Language:Bilingual (Both English & Hindi)
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
PDF Size:20 MB
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About Write Me A Love Story PDF

Ravinder Singh, widely regarded as India’s preeminent romance author, published his eleventh book, titled Write Me A Love Story, in the month of May 2021. To put it more succinctly, this well-known author penned a romantic tale.

The book Write Me a Love Story is a biography that details the life of the famous romance writer Abhimanyu. This fantastic love story starts with a chance meeting in a parking lot with the stunning PaperInk Editor Asmita, and it is full of drama, conflict, and of course, passion and romance. It all begins with a chance meeting in a parking lot.

You can begin reading Write My A Love Story by Ravinder Singh as soon as you finish reading this article since it will tell you how to download a free PDF copy of the book from our website and how to do so.

The Text’s narrative structure

Both Abhimanyu Razdan and Asmita Mullick are extremely important to the progression of this story. In India, Abhimanyu is a best-selling author in the romance genre, while Asmita is an editor at PaperInk, where she focuses on literary fiction. Maaya, the head of PaperInk Publishing, is a driven and ambitious lady who has the ambition to publish the works of well-known authors. At the beginning of the book, the employees of PaperInk are getting ready for a meeting during which they will decide whether or not they would engage Abhimanyu to work on three different projects. Maaya was giving Abhimanyu a supper, and she was putting the finishing touches on the preparations and the plating before she served it to him.

On the other hand, Abhimanyu arrived very late. It was a living hell trying to find a parking spot in Mumbai during rush hour, and even if he did, the space barely accommodated his vehicle. As a result, he made up his mind to park there for sure and started making adjustments to his vehicle so that it would fit. Abhimanyu was left upset and bewildered as a result of a little automobile racing into the same parking space as soon as it became available despite the fact that he was taking his time. Asmita’s automobile. Maaya kept calling Asmita to see if she had arrived safely despite the fact that she was running severely late. As the editor in charge of commercial fiction was out of the office for the week, it was decided that Asmita would be the best person to represent the magazine at the conference. Asmita had deceived Abhimanyu in order to save time while parking, but Abhimanyu did not reveal his true identity, and this led to an argument between the two of them. During the argument, Asmita’s pride prevented her from apologising to Abhimanyu, and vice versa. When Asmita saw that Abhimanyu had arrived at the conference room, which was jokingly referred to as the romance room, she was taken aback. She then realised that he was the man whom she had insulted only a few minutes earlier in the parking lot. If her boss found out about this, it would be the end of her career. When Abhimanyu first saw her, he realised he couldn’t let this opportunity go by without first demonstrating to her precisely where she was located. The discussion came to an end without any discoveries coming from him, and he had a cool demeanour throughout the entirety of the conversation. However, he found out that Asmita is not a fan of commercial fiction and that she has not read any of his works when they happened to run into each other near the restroom. His determination to have just Asmita work as his editor at PaperInk became even more steadfast as a result of this encounter.

Maaya, Peter, who is the CEO of the company, and Asmita were all caught off guard when Abhimanyu made his demand. Even though Maaya and Peter wanted Asmita to finish the task for the good of the company, she once again refused to do so due to her ego and her resentment toward Abhimanyu. She decided to leave PaperInk after having a blow to her sense of dignity inflicted upon her. She submitted a number of applications for jobs, but in the end, Abhimanyu’s competitor, Rizwan, offered her a position and paid her to steal the plot of Abhimanyu’s upcoming book so that he could publish it first. She tried her luck with a number of job applications. Because Rizwan was a wealthy guy, he was able to make significant investments in the promotion of his novels, which ultimately led to the popularity of those novels. Despite the fact that he was nowhere near as talented as Abhimanyu, he managed to build a name for himself in the public eye. As a consequence of this, Abhimanyu developed feelings of envy toward him.

Which did Asmita place a higher value on, her pride or her perseverance? How much did she endorse Rizwan’s proposition as a course of action?

Exactly what is it about this book that makes it so interesting?

Create a Romantic Tale for Me Ravinder Singh’s PDF book stood out from the author’s other works because he had never depicted personal situations in any of his previous writing. This made the book stand out. One has a strong desire, one that is almost bodily, to be able to experience the same great joy as the protagonist.

Abhimanyu, on the other hand, is not quite as sensitive or emotive as the heroes of the stories he writes. Because he is so self-absorbed and bloated with success, he has already gotten into a violent argument with Asmita, the literary fiction editor at PaperInk, before the two of them have even met one other. Because of her apologies, he is already put off, but when he learns that Asmita disapproves of popular fiction in general and his own work in particular, he becomes much more enraged. He finds it offensive that she apologised for her actions.

He makes the threat that he will teach her a lesson that will result in her losing her job. But fate has something else in store for them, and they quickly learn that there is no escaping love. Abhimanyu and Asmita are at each other’s throats because they couldn’t be more dissimilar to each other.

Beneficial results can be obtained from reading this book

Create a Romantic Tale for Me Readers gain a sense of optimism and the promise of a happy ending from reading romance books, in addition to hope, representation, empowerment, inspiration, camaraderie, and support.
Encourage engaging in romantic activities. Because any form of mental work is beneficial, the best way to improve your mind is to read as much as possible.


Create a Romantic Tale for Me It is a wonderful love story, and you should read Ravinder Singh PDF because of this. In spite of the fact that she has apologised for her behaviour, he is still quite irritated by the fact that Asmita does not like popular fiction, and more specifically, she does not like the kind of fiction that he writes. This is the case even though he is already sceptical of her. He gives her the assurance that he will disclose anything that will undermine her power.

Abhimanyu and Asmita are as dissimilar to one another as it is physically possible for them to be within the context of a love triangle. Despite this, fate has another surprise in store for them, and they quickly discover that there is no way to avoid falling in love.

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