Her Vengeful King By A.N. Stauber (ePub/Pdf) Black Heart #1

Her Vengeful King By A.N. Stauber (ePub/Pdf) Black Heart #1 Read Online And Download.

About Her Vengeful King By A.N. Stauber

Winter in Boston may be chilly, but so were her own emotions.

Haley Savino, a veteran of the U.S. Army, escaped her monsters by fleeing to the east coast. Even if the man who wounded her didn’t stick around, the memories would never go. She developed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of her stepfather’s abuse, and she began drinking to cope with the agony. From early on, she’s been taught that males are always unreliable.

She had a hard time making sense of the new desire once Cal invaded her life.

Even though he was the heir to the Boston Irish Mafia, Callum Murphy was completely unprepared to discover love.

He knew he couldn’t let Haley leave when she came into his bar for a birthday party. Her melancholy attracted him, but he needed the challenge of trying to crack her defences in order to feel complete.

Haley’s heart may be ready to open up to a guy at last, but is she ready to do so? Can the worst monster of them all, Cal, be the one?

This contains mature subjects; read the author’s note before continuing.

About A.N. Stauber: The Author

A.N. is a devoted wife and a doting mother to her three little ones. She likes to write edgy romance stories with strong female protagonists and always include a happy ending. She spends her time with her family when she isn’t reading or writing. Her hobbies include reading and writing. Additional interests include things like horseback riding, making crafts, and procrastinating.

Her Vengeful King By A.N. Stauber Book Summary

Callum Murphy is the eldest son, and throughout his entire life, he has been groomed to take over leadership of the Boston Irish Mafia. He can’t claim to have ever seriously dated anyone. While he is aware that eventually he will have to settle down and create heirs, he is not opposed to the idea. He is not in a hurry and is content for his father to choose his spouse for him. This alters after he has a conversation with Haley.

Haley is burdened with more emotional baggage than any one person should ever be expected to bear. It has left her with emotional scars and makes her more prone to panic attacks. She drinks to dull the agony, despite the fact that she is aware that being intoxicated makes her more susceptible to harm.

Haley has a magnetic pull over Callum. And this is the very first time in her entire life that Haley has found herself attracted to a male.

Callum is the remedy, but Haley needs it sooner rather than later. But are they both capable of overcoming everything from both their pasts and their present in order to make their relationship work?

Review copies were graciously sent to me by the publisher and NetGalley, which I read on my own volition.

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