The Seven Year Slip (PDF/ePUB) By Ashley Poston Read Online

The Seven Year Slip (PDF/ePUB) By Ashley Poston Read Online for free.

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Book Name:The Seven Year Slip
Author:Ashley Poston
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When the worst day of your life finally arrives, you must learn to move on with your life.

To protect her heart, Clementine makes a plan that includes keeping herself occupied, working hard, meeting a decent person to love, and trying to remember to chase the moon. Her aunt instilled in her the belief that you needed at least one truly audacious goal if you were going to make it through the day. For the past twelve months, everything has proceeded according to plan. Mostly. She finds love challenging since she hesitates to let someone too close because she doubts her fragile heart can handle it.

The next thing she knows, she’s standing in her aunt’s kitchen with a mysterious man. A gentle soul with a soft Southern accent and a penchant for lemon meringue pie. The type of man she would have fell madly in love with before everything went wrong. Yes, she could do it again.

One catch, though: he lives in the past. Specifically, seven years ago. And she is a resident of his future, seven years from now.

The flat, according to her aunt, is a time warp where the days run together like watercolours. And Clementine knows that her fate is sealed if she lets her guard down.

After all, it’s not an issue of time, but of timing, when two people fall in love.

A book publicist whose life is meticulously planned runs into trouble when she falls in love with her this new novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Dead Romantics, he finds out he has been living seven years in the past the whole time.

About The Author Ashley Poston

An article by Ashley Poston appeared in The New York Times. She travels back and forth between South Carolina and New York, stopping in bookstores along the way. She frequents several online communities where she can read fanfiction and watch cat videos.

The Seven Year Slip Book Summary

Clementine’s relationship with her Aunt Analea was quite tight. She meant the world to her, and six months after her death, she is still grieving. She is too preoccupied with her career as a book publicist to follow her aunt’s second rule of ever falling in love (the first is simple; remove your shoes at the door). She is focused on getting the promotion she deserves.

Of course…

When she opens her eyes, there’s a man in her place.

He says he stayed at her aunt’s flat throughout the summer because she sublet it. What?

Clementine feels uneasy in her own home because Iwan, an aspiring chef, is acting as though her aunt is still alive.

Did she take a trip through time?

Does this explain why her aunt described the flat as “magical”?

Now, things are getting more difficult for Clementine. Feelings for Iwan begin to emerge for her. yet is he real, considering that he lives in her flat seven years in the past yet in the present day?

Meanwhile, a young chef named James Ashton approaches her publishing house with a book proposal. Could it be Iwan? Just seven years older? He couldn’t be more different than the 7-years-younger flatmate she’s grown fond of. However, chemistry exists.

Just what is going on, anyway?

In fiction, I really enjoy magical realism. It’s free to use us readers anyway it sees fit. This is only one example of how, depending on whether or not Iwan is there, Clementine is inevitably transported back in time whenever she enters her flat.

This is a novel and exciting take on the romance genre.

There’s more to the story than meets the eye. Clementine has great friends who all have interesting and distinct personalities.

Drew and Fiona are two of my favourite people since they not only spend time together at work (together with Clementine), but also in their personal lives. They celebrate one other’s successes as well.

Also, Aunt Analea makes an appearance in the form of flashbacks and glimpses of their summer adventures. That’s the kind of Aunt anyone would be lucky to have. Either that, or Analea’s feelings for Vera. Clementine’s extreme sadness is more comprehensible now.

And absolutely…

Iwan/James. One who causes chaos in Clementine’s life. “Lemon.” Who doesn’t enjoy being called with a fun moniker?

This is a narrative with feeling. The ability to fall in love with a tale is sometimes all us readers need.

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