Mortis (PDF/ePUB) By John French Read Online For Free

Mortis (PDF/ePUB) By John French Read Online For Free.

Mortis John French PDF/ePub Information

Book Name:Mortis
Author:John French
SeriesThe Siege of Terra #5
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size6.01 MB
ePub Size4.16 MB
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The Imperial armies have lost ground after a string of wins. All appears lost as the Traitors make gains and the power of Chaos increases. Can Earth survive?

Dive back into the Imperial Empire’s largest conflict to date, which is only growing in scale as Traitor Titans land and the warp’s impact expands, bringing new horrors to the defenders.

The hopes inspired by Saturnine’s successes and the Eternity Wall space port’s sacrifices have long since vanished. The Traitors, whose advances were thwarted but not vanquished, stepped up their assault on the Imperial Palace. Now that Horus controls all of the major space gateways, the Warmaster is depleting the stars.

The strength of Chaos grows in proportion to the intensity of the attack. The defenders’ waking life are riddled with hopelessness, but their dreams lead them in quest of a false paradise. Horus orders the Titans of the Legio Mortis to storm the fortifications as the fabric of the defences frays and the resolve of those standing on them begins to weaken. Mercury Wall and the Legio Igna tum stand strong against them. While the god-engines of these two ancient enemies do fight outside the city walls, a handful of hopeless souls look for a method to stem the flood of the warp’s malevolent power from within. On their route home or into an uncertain future, lost warriors and travellers traverse Terra’s wasteland and horror garden landscapes.

Settings of the Story

There is no sun, yet the blinding light and radiant heat are still overwhelming. The horizon disappeared behind a layer of dust and salt that had settled on the broken ground. A lone cedar tree provides little shade in the otherwise sun-baked terrain.A tiny man with closed eyes rests against a tree. He opens his eyes in the parched countryside and takes water from the tree’s base. A column of air rises in a spiral, carrying the dry earth with it. As the light blurs, the world around you seems to disappear. The warrior in silver and white looks up at the man in the tree. Horus, the man under the tree, tells him that the warp, the area you concealed from us, is really his true home.

Assasins may be found hiding in any corner. Troops are massing nearby. Everyone must choose a side or perish. Horus gathers his fleet, with Earth as his target. The Emperor is waiting for his wayward son to return from exile as he sits on the Golden Throne. But his real foe is Chaos, a primal entity that wants to subject humanity to its whims.

As the Dark Gods laugh savagely, the cries of the innocent and the prayers of the virtuous echo across the universe. Everyone will be doomed to hell if the Emperor fails and we lose the battle. Everything is finished now. The skies become gloomy as massive armies amass. Concerning the future of the Throneworld and of all humanity… The assault on Terra has started.

Beginning of the Plot

Even though there is no sun, the brightness is dazzling and heat shimmers from the ground to the heavens. The horizon has been lost due to the fractured dirt, which is now covered in dust and coated with salt. In the middle of the barren landscape, a lone cedar tree casts little shade.

A guy leans his skinny, closed-eye frame up against a tree. Amidst the scorched landscape, he opens his eyes and draws water from the tree’s trunk. A spiralling column of air rises, bringing the parched ground with it. The surrounding area becomes an illusion as the light smears. A silver and white warrior peers down at the guy hiding in the tree’s branches. Horus, the guy under the tree, reveals to him that this was his hidden homeland—the warp, the place you kept from us.

This was where your authority and potential for greatness originated. Horus feels sorry for the guy dying of thirst under the tree. He says Horus had to have understood that this would happen as a result of his actions. Magnus almost found out you lied, and Lorgar mistook your desire for a divine stamp. As you were coming closer and closer to understanding your actual nature, Horus wondered whether he knew too much about you.

In a fantastical land, the wind shapes salt and dust into the forms of legendary beasts. King Horus announces that his siblings and sons have come home, and that he will rule over them. All authority in the realm is under his control. Horus is warned of his own demise by the guy who stands under the tree, a shadow inside the inferno. Horus stops, feeling empathy for his own frailty and the inevitable, slow death he had worked so hard to escape. He leaves, pledging compassion as he goes to his doom. The guy under the tree dries out and searches for water again. The narrative emphasises the king’s authority over his subjects’ power.

About The Author John French

From Nottingham, England, John French writes and designs video games as a freelancer. His works include the Lord of Nightmares trilogy for Fantasy Flight and the Ahriman series for Black Library. His other writings can be found in various publications, such as the best-selling anthology Age of Darkness. John enjoys talking about why it would be a good idea for dark and corrupt beings to destroy reality and space when he is not thinking about how they may do so.

Mortis Book Summary

For me, Mortis is a very intriguing read. I was anticipating something along the lines of Mechanicum or Titan Death, given that it deals with a crucial aspect of the siege: the participation of the God engines of the Legios (a.k.a. Titans).

The opposite is true. Mortis sticks to the same formula as the other Siege novels by focusing on the adventures of a single protagonist. The one about Oll and the Space Marine, for example, is quite fascinating. For some people, it’s not true. I think the book could have given us more of the epic scenes we expect from the Siege series. I was hoping for more titans in melee combat to the death, but alas, it didn’t happen.

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The book has its exciting moments, but it’s not so much about titans and exciting fights as it is about the fear of a catastrophic future and the hope that can overcome it. I imagine this may be a letdown for some readers, but I enjoyed it.

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