The Issue with Bad Boy Roommates (PDF/ePUB) By Piper Rayne

The Issue with Bad Boy Roommates (PDF/ePUB) By Piper Rayne read online for free.

The Issue with Bad Boy Roommates PDF/ePub Information

Book Name:The Issue with Bad Boy Roommates
Author:Piper Rayne
SeriesLake Starlight #2
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size3.54 MB
ePub Size1.16 MB
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To be honest, all I wanted was a flatmate…

They call me the town’s widow.
Though not the only one, she is the youngest.
After my husband passed away a year after we were married, I became the town’s charity case in my remote Alaskan community.

Since then, my numerous relatives have taken it upon themselves to keep me occupied in the vain hope that I will forget the traumatic events that occurred years ago.

When will I know it’s time to leave this place? Of course, but it’s far simpler to say than to actually execute.

Then, on horseback, comes Van Adler. For the first time since my husband’s death, his bad boy image—complete with motorcycle and tattoos—makes me feel physically attracted to him.

The worst part is that he was the one who responded to my flatmate ad. Since our two-bedroom flat is so small, I’ve had to establish certain ground rules, such as insisting that he keep his rippling abs covered at all times. We quickly became close friends, and he began cooking me meals and staying up all night with me to watch television series.

The more our paths cross, the more I find myself drawn to him. This has left me thinking if it’s possible to find true love more than once in a lifetime.

About The Author Piper Rayne

Both members of Piper Rayne have books on the USA Today bestseller list. If you’ve read any of our stories, you know that “Heartwarming Humour With a Side of Sizzle” (yes, you caught us, that’s our tagline) is our goal. A brief introduction… Both of our Kindles are stocked with instant reads. Both of our husbands encourage our drinking. Both of us act as the family carpool driver. We hope you share our appreciation for sexy heroes and wacky heroines that keep us entertained.

The Issue with Bad Boy Roommates Book Summary

Brinley Kelly and Carey Van Adler return in book two. Brinley Kelly is the offspring of Bailey series characters Savannah and Liam Kelly. After getting married at a young age, Brinley tragically lost her husband in a tragic accident. After five years, while on leave from the Coast Guard, Van finally makes his way to Lake Starlight. He voluntarily requests time off to consider whether or not he wants to reenlist. He has just arrived in Lake Starlight, where he will be working as a barman. Since Brinley’s former roommate Calista from Book 1 is leaving, she has posted an ad looking for a new roommate.

This book provides us with some truly unforgettable experiences. The authors came up with a wonderful approach to remember and celebrate everyone’s favourite grandma Dori. She was a mainstay in the first Bailey novel but passed away because she was too elderly to continue living. However, she is not finished making sure her great-grandchildren find love and happiness.

A disclaimer of sorts: I was given an advanced reader’s copy (ARC) of the ebook in exchange for an honest review, and then I was given an advanced listening copy (ALC) of the audiobook in exchange for an honest review. The narration of the audiobook was superb. Narrators who work well together in a duet. What an amazing job they did in making the narrative come to life!

Great appearances from Savannah, Liam, Denver, and Rome round out the package. It’s incredible how much the clan has grown. At one point, Brin says she has more than 25 cousins, which really blows my mind. The Bailey family has always been sizable, and it simply keeps growing. As a widow, Brin relied heavily on her friends and family, and they continue to do so as she begins dating again.

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In sum, it was a delightful read. Van is the medicine Brin needs to get well, but it hasn’t been easy on them at any point. They are both holding secrets from her, and the revelation of those secrets could prove to be the final straw. Despite its predictability, I still enjoyed the story. Piper Rayne books never fail to deliver.

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