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Book Name:Win Lose Kill Die
Author:Cynthia Murphy
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Exciting new works of fiction for young adults written by the author of “Last One to Die.” Students with a demonstrated history of academic excellence are given priority for enrolment at Morton Academy. When a murderer starts targeting the most talented pupils at the school, the stakes are very high. Someone is prepared to resort to whatever means necessary in order to achieve their goals. Who could possibly be doing this? Is there any way to stop these from happening? A slasher movie with a sinister twist that takes place in a high school setting. This is something that fans of Gossip Girl, Holly Jackson, and Karen McManus will really appreciate.

About Cynthia Murphy Author

Young adult literature is Cynthia’s speciality, and she was born and raised in the Northwest of England. When she was accused of plagiarising by her English teacher in eighth grade, she first became suspicious that she may have some skill for writing.

She began reading Point Horrors when she was in elementary school and then moved on to Stephen King when she was in her early adolescent years. She has always had a penchant for tales of the macabre. She succeeds in pub quizzes when the subject is great horror flicks from the ’90s and ’00s, and it’s possible that Buffy the Vampire Slayer was her first love. During the course of her studies in Art History and Archaeology, she acquired a preference for things that were historically significant, aesthetically pleasing, and often found to be dead. In her writing, she makes an effort to combine this historical information with current events in order to come up with unique and eerie contemporary tales.

Cynthia is married to her best friend, and the two of them have a Romanian rescue dog named Loli who is obsessed with stealing socks. Loli dominates Cynthia and her husband.

A Synopsis of the Book “Win Lose Kill Die”

This book was one of the ones I was looking forward to reading the most in 2022, and it did not disappoint. Win Lose Kill Die was the perfect way to ring in the New Year in grand fashion.

Students at the illustrious Morton Academy, which has a long and illustrious tradition, are competing with one another for the role of Head Girl and the privileges that come with holding that position. However, there is one individual who is intent on usurping the throne, and as a result, the dead begin to pile up. Liv, Taylor, Kat, Marcus, and Cole are the five of them, and they are all searching for answers. Is this some type of secret organisation, and if so, have they taken an oath to support it? Where did this cult that is responsible for the horror at Morton High School originate? Even creepy Billy, who is enamoured with odd plants. They had to investigate the situation thoroughly before it is too late to do something about it.

Win Lose Kill Die is a fast-paced thriller that has all the slasher undertones of a horror movie from the 1990s (as well as numerous tiny Easter eggs that I completely recognised), yet it’s not a horror movie. On the very first page, you’ll find yourself cheering for one of the major characters over another.

I like that this book doesn’t pull its punches when it comes to the blood and guts. For me, having the opportunity to read another novel that takes place in the world of Morton Academy, with all of its illustrious and scandalous past, would be a dream come true. Either a prequel, which would tell us more about the story’s origins, or a sequel, which would tell us what occurs next.

Because Cynthia Murphy has rapidly become one of my favourite writers, I cannot contain my excitement for the release of her next novel.

If you like slasher-style adolescent thrillers that also have a significant amount of sinister academics, cults, secret organisations, and murder, this is the ideal book for you to read.


A chilling and intriguing murder mystery that will make you question everything you see!

To what might the common misconceptions regarding boarding schools be compared? When there is a dead body to add to the mystery, that is! Plus a whole deal more! How funny!

As for the disorganised review, please accept my apologies for that as well; I am still overtaken with emotion at how amazing this book is.

Liz is a kind young lady who is a student at a prestigious institution known as Morton, and she is the main character of our story. In that school, she and the other brilliant pupils get the very finest education that can be had. Nevertheless, there is definitely something criminal going on here. A tragic and violent event. It should not come as a surprise that nobody is safe. It blew my mind that we all worked together to find out what was going on, and I applaud all of you for your efforts. I’m simply trying to hold on to life as best I can here. There is a mysterious collective of individuals. Something is hidden underneath everything.

On the other hand, I like reading about this school because, much like Truly Devious, it is a one-of-a-kind environment in which children with outstanding abilities may flourish. Everyone is exceptional at something, and everyone has room to grow in the skills that they already possess in that field. There are some among us who are very talented in both the arts and mathematics, and vice versa. It was a really enjoyable experience! In addition, the cuisine at the canteen, particularly on the weekends, seemed like it would be amazing.

More about Story

Below are some spoilers. Unreliable narrators are among my very favourites in fiction. In point of fact, it aptly characterises our MC to a tee! Without a doubt, Liz, a great deal of unreliability. Awe to the extreme. At first, I just had suspicions about her and Kat, but as the plot developed, I started to have serious second thoughts about our supposedly perfect little Liz. Then, in the roles of the villains, we hear sentences that Liz has previously spoken, and at that point, I realised that my first assumption was right. The author did a fantastic job with the uncertainty. It is simple to overlook. Alright, I’ll admit it, the premise is exposed in the very first chapter. Before I was able to explain what had taken place, my spouse got a great deal of amusement out of seeing me scream “OMG OMG” and wriggle about.

My readers are aware of my general displeasure with stories told from the perspective of the antagonist, but this one was an exception to that rule. This new turn of events was really unsettling. the more terrifying.

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