The Midnight Library (PDF/ePUB) By Matt Haig Read Online

The Midnight Library (PDF/ePUB) By Matt Haig Read Online for free.

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Book Name:The Midnight Library
Author:Matt Haig
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A library with an unlimited number of volumes, each telling the story of a different world, exists beyond the reaches of the universe. There are two books: the one that describes your actual life and the other that describes the life you might have led if you had made a different decision at any given juncture. We can all go to the library and speculate, but what if you could go there and actually find out? Would any of these alternate realities really be an improvement?

This is the predicament in which Nora Seed finds herself. As she explores the Midnight Library, she must ask herself what it is that makes life worth living in order to make the difficult decision to abandon her current path in favour of a new one that could involve changing careers, rekindling relationships, and fulfilling a lifelong dream of becoming a glaciologist.

About The Author Matt Haig

Novels by Matt Haig include The Humans, The Radleys, The Midnight Library, and the upcoming The Life Impossible. In addition to his autobiography, Reasons to Stay Alive, he has written the children’s novel A Boy Called Christmas.

The Midnight Library Book Summary

In “The Midnight Library,” Nora Seed, our protagonist, first wishes she could end her life. The passing of her cat, Volts, proved to be the final straw. Her brother despises her, she lost her job at the record store, and she’s drifted apart from her best friend. She has given up hope and is completely exhausted by life. She takes all of her antidepressants at the beginning of the story, yet she still wakes up.

In an eerie Library with what looks like millions of books spread across endless shelves. Mrs. Elm, the elementary school librarian, is located. Mrs. Elm tells Nora and the reader that she is very fortunate and is given the opportunity to “do-overs” in all aspects of her life. Mrs. Elm begins with “The Book of Regrets” since Nora is at a loss for words over the prospect.

The new novel by Matt Haig explores quantum mechanics and the possibility of alternate universes. This is a reflection on how the events of our lives are shaped by the countless decisions we make. Let’s pretend you didn’t want to go to work so much today and instead decided to spend the day at the beach. One of you may have gone to the beach, while the other went to work, and both of you would have ended up in different places in life. For a small fee, Nora can visit the Midnight Library and relive any point in her life. Nora is in a liminal space between life and death at midnight, a time when she can reflect on the moments of her life that she wishes she could redo.

Mrs. Elm encourages her to live a little bit of everyone’s life. To investigate them to determine whether they better aligned with her values and sense of purpose. It’s fascinating to see how many of her past incarnations have the same supporting cast members. However, the protagonist isn’t always so lucky. Her brother dies in one version, but lives and prospers in the other. Her mother is living in one timeline but deceased in another. Some of her lives are comparable to “It’s a Wonderful Life” in that she realises the impact she has on the lives of those around her.

The novel’s premise seemed interesting to me. Having to consider what my own personal “book of regrets” would contain was an interesting aspect. It was inspiring to see how people other than yourself take charge of your own life. And there’s an element of fate at play: X happened whether or not you took any action. And I have considered the possibility of alternate realities and wondered what an alternate “me” might be up to at this very now. This was a breath of fresh air in light of the virus and the political divisions plaguing our world today.

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