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Bite of Loyalty PDF/ePub

Book NameBite of Loyalty
AuthorR.L. Caulder
SeriesBlood Oath #1
FilePDF/ePub (Downloadable)
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The burden of being the last surviving Van Helsing was something I never sought.

I was an orphan who blamed Dracula for the death of his family.

My transformation into the monster I was intended to slay was the only snag.

Having been admitted into the Dark Imaginarium Academy, where I could hone my vampire abilities and learn to manage my blood lust, was the first step in that direction.

Everyone was taken aback by me.One of them has the ability to slay vampires.

I was totally unprepared.

Lincoln, Drake, and Andrei.

They wouldn’t give in without a struggle, and I was prepared for that.

Thankfully, I don’t feel bad about using the guts of my adversaries to clean my nails.

I’m Alina Van Helsing, and I’m here to eat people.

The Blood Oath series begins with “Bite of Loyalty.” In this paranormal romance, the three male antagonists will do anything to stop the powerful female protagonist from exacting her revenge. You may find here stories of forbidden love, dark secrets, strong and sassy female protagonists, and an absence of male bullies.

In DARK IMAGINARIUM ACADEMY, everyone is an adult. This material is not intended for high school students or readers under the age of 18.

Monarchs of Hell (Complete Series) by R.L. Caulder and M. Sinclair is a series within a universe.

R.L. Caulder’s The Creatures We Crave is the sequel to the first novel in the Dark Imaginarium Academy trilogy.
Blood Oath M. Sinclair’s The Mate of the Storm Dragons author Mary Sinclair Caulder, R.L., has written a book titled Moon Phases.

About the Author: R.L. Caulder

U.S. best-selling author R.L. Caulder spends her days in her “writing cave” with her husband and two cats, MeowMeow and Winrey, who she refers to as her “furry writing assistants.” R.L. is never at a loss for things to do because she constantly has dozens, if not hundreds, of imaginary friends vying for her attention and screaming for her to tell their stories.

Story Details About the Bite of Loyalty

Since I first heard about this book, aeons have passed. I knew I would like Caulder and Sinclair’s Imaginarium Academy series, which is situated in the same world as the Monarchs of Hell books, because I enjoy those books. The first book in the Blood Oath series, Bite of Loyalty, was just released, making a total of three series so far.

The term Van Helsing is now commonly used to refer to the most infamous group of fictional vampire hunters. The protagonist of Bite of Loyalty, Alina Van Helsing, is a badass and the only heir to the House of Van Helsing. Alina possesses numerous endearing qualities, such as competence, self-assurance, obstinacy, wit, resolve, and so on. I admire her for sticking to her principles and being honest to herself rather than trying to pass for someone else. Alina is highly introspective and little deranged, but after the events of the novel’s prologue, she has become broken and is unable to cope, hiding her feelings away instead of addressing them head-on. To sum up, I think highly of her.

Her love chances, alas, are not as bright. Lincoln needs to slow down and think things through more before he acts hastily and with an irritating attitude. Andrei was a fascinating character; he seems rude at first, but he warms up to you and shows hidden layers. Both have been broken and troubled, but at least they don’t have anything in common with Alina to discuss. Their demeanour is generally commendable, with some room for development.


R.L. Caulder has written another wonderful novel that will have you staying up late reading. The main character, Alina, suffers unimaginable grief yet stays true to herself while coming to terms with her dual nature as a vampire slayer. While she is still trying to make sense of everything that has changed, she meets a handsome professor and a star student who are both stunned by the awareness of how much Alina means to them. Alina’s purpose remains in the background as the three of them create an enormous amount of tension that leaves you wanting more. Wow, what a punchline! Oh my god, that’s the biggest tease ever! I have no doubt that the sequel will be a masterpiece.

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