The Maddest Obsession (PDF/ePUB) By Danielle Lori Read Online

The Maddest Obsession (PDF/ePUB) By Danielle Lori Read Online for free.

The Maddest Obsession Information

Book Name:The Maddest Obsession
Author:Danielle Lori
SeriesMade #2
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.68 MB
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The individual experiences a sense of terror in relation to darkness.
He exercises authority over it.

The outfits she wears have a snug fit, while her choice of footwear features elevated heels. The individual in question exhibits a propensity for emitting boisterous laughter, engaging in the consumption of food without according to established norms of decorum, and frequently misinterpreting or misusing idiomatic expressions. Many individuals are unaware that the seemingly glamorous front is really a superficial cover, concealing a series of anxiety episodes occurring incrementally.

Gianna’s veneer remains impervious to scrutiny until the arrival of an individual who manages to penetrate it.

The majority perceives the individual as an exemplar of ethical principles, a highly skilled operative dedicated to enforcing legal regulations. Within the realm of the New York criminal underground, he is recognised by his peers as a hustler and a killer, characterised by his unfeeling demeanour akin to the icy core residing within his chest. Christian Allister has consistently adhered to the life trajectory he had envisioned during his formative years, while enduring the austere illumination of a cold and moist confinement space. Due to his inclination towards organisation and preference for the number three, he has consistently demonstrated a steadfast commitment to staying on track and avoiding any deviations. However, it may be argued that it is unwise to make absolute statements.

On a snowy evening, their lives become interconnected. The subject harbours a strong aversion towards the object, mostly due to his aloof and haughty disposition, as well as his astute perceptiveness. However, as time progresses, despite engaging in a series of exchanges involving disparaging remarks about their physical appearance and intellectual capabilities, the subject gradually develops a fondness for engaging in playful interactions with the object.

Christian had not made any preparations for Gianna in his intentions. The individual in question exhibits a manifestation of disorder, which is incongruent with the preferences of the subject. Furthermore, the individual is already married, rendering her unsuitable as a potential romantic interest. However, these circumstances do not prevent the subject’s gaze from consistently tracking her movements.

Throughout the whole, she remains oblivious to the fact that she embodies his feelings of both exasperation and captivation.

About The Author Danielle Lori

Danielle Lori’s literary works encompass protagonists with ethically ambiguous qualities, dynamic relationships characterised by intense animosity evolving into affection, and predominantly spirited heroines, occasionally displaying endearing traits. The author has demonstrated proficiency in both the fantasy subgenre and contemporary literature, while maintaining a steadfast commitment to the genre of romance.

Her typical daily routine consists of consuming coffee, engaging in the reading of romantic novels, commonly referred to as “bodice rippers,” and indulging in films categorised as 1990s chick flicks. The individual resides in a rural area of Iowa, characterised by a limited population, alongside her spouse, offspring, and an excessive number of canines.

The Maddest Obsession Book Summary

I observed my acquaintance Val expressing great enthusiasm for the initial installment of this literary series several years ago. However, due to my personal disinterest in mafia-related narratives, I refrained from exploring it further. Subsequently, I developed an inclination for a female protagonist characterised by rebellious tendencies, and upon receiving a recommendation, I proceeded to immerse myself in the contents of this particular literary work.

Upon initial encounter, Gianna Russo, a 20-year-old individual, is situated within a correctional facility subsequent to her apprehension for the possession of illicit substances. Christian Allister, a corrupt FBI agent affiliated with Gianna’s criminal spouse, provides financial assistance to extricate her from her predicament. Over the course of the following years, they develop a relationship characterised by acquaintanceship, rather than friendship, which is mostly driven by Gianna’s sarcastic remarks and Christian’s enigmatic and enduring composure. The following description may appear unconventional, yet it is the most accurate means of conveying the concept.

Several notable scenes in the literary work occur subsequent to the demise of Gianna’s unfaithful spouse, prompting her quest for a younger romantic partner. The act of Christian physically removing her date from the situation was quite remarkable. Numerous authors have endeavoured to depict events of similar nature, often resulting in a lacklustre reception. However, Lori managed to successfully execute such a scene. The two individuals engage in a shared sleeping arrangement, though subsequently, Christian departs for a duration of three years. Upon his return, Gianna has entered into a new marital union with an individual of advanced age, reaching his eighties. Will that effectively prevent them from continuing their actions? No, that is not the case.

The novel in question does indeed depict the protagonist engaging in an extramarital affair with the main character. However, it is important to note that this narrative element does not personally disturb me, as I occasionally seek out literary works that explore such themes. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the heroine had not engaged in any sexual relations with her elderly spouse prior to the aforementioned affair. This book can be considered safe for consumption as it contains negligible instances of drama within the realms of OW and OM.

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