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Book Name:My Dark Romeo
Author:L.J. Shen/Parker S. Huntington
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The tone of my narrative has shifted to one of imparting wisdom.
sealed using both one’s own tears and tar.

An explosive marriage of inconvenience…between a stained Romeo and a hesitant Juliet, written by L.J. Shen and Parker S. Huntington, who have both had bestsellers published in the Wall Street Journal.

It was merely supposed to be a gentle kiss, but it happened to take place at a posh debutante ball.
A personal confidence shared with a strikingly attractive complete stranger.

Yet, my Romeo is nothing like his namesake in any way, shape, or form.
Wanting to get even drives him.

To him, I am nothing more than a piece on the chessboard. Leverage.
She is engaged to one of his competitors.

In my opinion, he is the kind of individual who should be poisoned because he deserves it.
My wedding plans do not include this particular prince.

He believes that I will simply settle for whatever comes my way.
As a result, I’m going to give rewriting it a shot.

And according to my interpretation of the facts, Juliet is spared.
Romeo, on the other hand? They end his life.

Notes from the Author: In the novel My Dark Romeo, the reluctant love tale takes place between a heartless wealthy heir and a defiantly independent heiress who is not afraid to fight back. The events that unfold take place in the lavish world of Dark Prince Road.

About Author: L.J. Shen

When it comes to modern romance, L.J. Shen is unrivalled as the number one bestselling author on the Amazon Kindle Store, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post. She writes novels where her irredeemable anti-heroes make as much as Elon Musk and her spunky heroines bring them to their knees in a sea of tears (for more reasons than one). You can count on apologies and a happy ending. She lives in Florida with her husband and three sons.

Author: Parker S. Huntington

Parker S. Huntington spent his entire life in the state of California, where he was born. An talented author, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of California, Riverside, as well as a Master of Arts in Literature degree from Harvard University.

She dislikes being in the spotlight and has a strong aversion to engaging in activities related to social media.

Synopsis of My Dark Romeo by L.J. Shen

Unbelievably, My Dark Romeo offers the ideal balance of funny banter, passionate kisses, and sizzling circumstances.

I loved watching Romeo and Dallas develop as a couple; they complete each other beautifully, their clever banter had me laugh out loud, and their passionate scenes were off the charts; the sexual tension gave me chills.

L.J. I was left wanting more of this planet and its inhabitants after reading Shen and Parker S. Hungtington’s dark version of Beauty and the Beast. If you like stories about sassy heroines who relish dragging arrogant billionaire guys to their knees and possessive billionaire men to their feet, then this is the book for you.

Developing the Plot

This entire novel reeks of LJ shen’s influence. It’s the way she writes and how she presents the story. She presents a cold, bitter, and unapologetic Romeo Costa to the world.
Oh no, he bit me!
He can both scorch and cut with his words.
Dallas Townsend, called “shortbread,” is turned off by his devotion. She was raised in a Christian Georgian dynasty, making her the epitome of a true southern belle. Her outlandish personality is a fabrication of her own mind.

Her “own tiny world” was composed of “Myself” and “every other male” whom she succeeded to attract.

He is worrying about his own “dynastic difficulties,” however. Leigh’s works are known for their intensity, with their carefully crafted language and high-pressure metropolitan settings. By picking up her book, you enter a mysterious club to which the rest of us mere mortals are never welcomed. Her framework is well-suited to the passionate characters in her head. In many of these stories, the protagonist harbours a grievance against society and the protagonist herself is a sassy, loud young woman.
However, she sets herself apart from her peers in this respect.
The true you is hiding just beneath the surface.
Her emotional depth and sincerity will have you grovelling at her feet. Their behaviour is entirely rational now. Her ability to make you feel like you’ve done the right thing in winning is unrivalled. The need to step in and defend Romeo was overwhelming. Please hold his sword for him.
By being there for Dallas, I hoped to encourage her to value her own opinion and confidence.

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Dallas, who is both ignorant and gluttonous, provides welcome comedic relief. Her clumsy, public humiliations will become legendary urban myths. I love that her simple, unadulterated beauty is enough to sway Romeo. This is another great story from the vaults of Leigh and Parker.

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