The Sweetest Oblivion (PDF/ePUB) by Danielle Lori

The Sweetest Oblivion (PDF/ePUB) by Danielle Lori Read Online For Free.

The Sweetest Oblivion Information

Book Name:The Sweetest Oblivion
Author:Danielle Lori
SeriesMade #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
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She is a true romantic who lives in the most unromantic of environments… Elena’s placid disposition has earned her the nickname Sweet Abelli, and she has an endearing response for everything. She is the favoured daughter, the ideal mafia principessa, or at least she was. Now, all she can see in the mirror is crimson paint-like blood stains on her palms. They say that the initial impression is everything…

Elena’s sibling is arranged to marry Nicolas Russo in the murky waters of New York’s underworld. A Made Man, a leader, and a phoney, even by mafia standards. His reputation is as sinister as his black suits and ties and reaches far and wide. After she accidentally glares at him during their first encounter, Elena realises he is as boorish as he is attractive. She dislikes the man and everything he stands for, but that doesn’t stop her pulse from pounding like rain on glass when he’s nearby or the shiver that runs down her spine when she hears his voice. And he is always close by. She received directives on what to carry out. making her feel more seductive than any potential brother-in-law should. Although on the outside Elena could seem like the Sweet Abelli, she is starting to learn that she has a taste for the dark, rough hands, cigarettes, and eyes the colour of whisky. She already managed to escape one scandal, so she cannot afford to get involved in another.

About Author Danielle Lori

Discover flawed yet captivating heroes and heroines in Danielle Lori’s books, where their relationships are just as imperfectly beautiful.

She has dabbled in the fantasy genre as well as the contemporary one, but romance is the one she will never leave.

Her daily routine consists of caffeine, bodice rippers, and girly films from the ’90s. She, her husband, and their son all share a house in a small town in Iowa with far too many dogs.

The Sweetest Oblivion Book Summary

I haven’t read a good mafia novel in years, but this one hooked me right away.This book has one of the sexiest buildups I’ve ever read, I have to admit. The chemistry between the MC was undeniable, despite the fact that they didn’t like each other at first. What I liked most about this novel, though, was how faithful it was to the “cosa nostra” lifestyle that the men of the mafia supposedly led, not just for themselves but also for their ladies.

Our H Nicolas, who was a ruthless unrepentant Don with rigid customs, began to make allowances for our h Elena. I thought Elena was wonderful and the ideal match for Nicolas. Her father was a Don as well, so she was familiar with the lifestyle. I appreciated her wry sense of humour and the fact that she always wore heels (a trait she likely inherited from her Nona).

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I have to say again how amazing the first kiss was in this book. Misunderstandings between Elena and Nicolas occurred, but it never bothered me that they didn’t understand each other. I hope each and every one of the wonderful characters from both families gets their own book.

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