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Book Name:God of Ruin
Author:Rina Kent
SeriesLegacy of Gods #4
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.59 MB
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Now I want vengeance.
After much deliberation, I dealt the guy who had insulted my family a similar fate.
And there I had hoped it would stop.
This did not occur.
Landon King is my worst nightmare: a wealthy, arrogant, and artistic genius.
He has chosen to include me in his chess strategy.
Poor guy, I’m not his pawn.
If he strikes, I will strike back with double the force and ferocity.
I’m going to wreck me, he says.
He doesn’t understand that disaster may work both ways.

This novel is not for those who want their romance light and fluffy. Before reading, please review the author’s notice for any content restrictions.

God Of Ruin Rina Kent Book Summary

After finishing this book, I feel hollow within. It was one of the most highly awaited books I’ve read in a long time, and I devoured it in a single sitting. Now, I must admit, I had my doubts about Landon. I’m not going to lie, he scares me a bit since he’s always been the bad guy in the books before this one. This guy was the most insane person ever; he was a total psychopath who didn’t give a damn about anything or anybody. Killian was terrifying, but Landon??? takes emotionless psychopathy to a whole new level. BUT DO YOU REALISE WHAT??? I gobbled this nonsense right up.

The summary does not do justice to this book, in my opinion. Though it’s mentioned in the summary, Mia’s desire for vengeance really plays just a minor role in the story. But, oh my goodness!!! The first few exchanges between Landon and Mia had me glued to the page. When Landon took a long, hard look at Mia and realised she was his MUSE, their continuous bickering stopped. Oh my god, I simply like it when Landon looks at her and treats her so sweetly, despite the fact that he is a psychopath and completely bonkers.

Some of my Favourite Moments

Landon’s realisation that Mia is his inspiration is one of my favourite portions of the novel because of the affectionate way he looks at her and touches her face and hair. i was shrieking with delight. I’ll admit that I didn’t immediately like Mia, but I’ve grown to like her. I found her initial lack of strength annoying, but as she got her bearings and started butting heads with Landon, she became one of my favourite characters. I really appreciated how she dealt with Landon. Because of her vulnerability and the trauma that forced her to lose her voice, he has finally found his equal in her.

Nonetheless, I was pleasantly pleased by the amount of screen time given to Landon and Mia. We received a lot of sweet/psycho/cute stuff, but occasionally Rina would jump forward a few weeks before filling us in. For me, the best part was when Mia sat quietly beside as Landon sculpted; Mia is his muse, and he needs her close at all times. OMG Incredibly, even after breaking up with Mia, he continued to water her precious flowers and watch after her garden.

The scene where Landon unexpectedly showed up at Mia’s birthday party to announce that they had been seeing each other and caused a huge fuxking ruckus before Mia broke up with him and he took stock of his life and asked his siblings for advice on how to improve so that he could deserve Mia again was one of my favourite parts.

Because Landon is such a multifaceted character, I found the writing in this book to be very engaging. Just going inside his brain and seeing how he sees things and how he actually strives to do better for Mia made me so happy, despite the fact that he is so sick, sociopathic, physically unhinged, and fucking crazy. The death of Mia was the last straw that made Landon see his emotionless, empathy-free attitude to life was not working. He begged his siblings for advice on how to become more empathetic. Regardless of what everyone says, this man is the only one of Rina Kent’s characters that would go out of his way to impress his girlfriend. He saw his shortcomings and decided MIA deserved more, so he sought assistance in becoming a more admirable person.

AND when Niko, Killian, and Jeremy were beating him up, threatening to break Landon’s artist hands if he kept seeing Mia, and Landon’s reaction was?????? I want you to break my fucking wrist and tell Mia she is never, ever leaving. Do you get it?

London’s character Development

The fact that Mia was Landon’s preoccupation and real love helped him improve, and he even won over Mia’s family, despite his many flaws and mental health issues. This guy is so in love with her that he did everything for her, and my shrieking had to stop. The fact that he can’t live without Mia makes up for the fact that he’s weird and dangerous and insane. Mia soothes the beast inside him, and it was well worth the time to see how much she aided him and how his fixation grew as a result. This book really drove home how unique and wonderful their relationship is to everyone else’s.


Let’s start with the fact that, although we were correct that Mia’s selective mutism was related to childhood trauma, with abduction being the most probable cause, the major surprise was that the cause went beyond that.

Being inside of Landon’s head must have seemed like madness. The intensity with which he thinks and schemes was fascinating, and although his arrogant belief in his own special divine destiny may have been off-putting, it really added to his allure since it made you that much more eager to see him brought to his knees (which eventually happened). Although Mia’s emotions for him became stronger and more serious as the novel progressed, I believe that the book’s true magic lay in his developing obsession with and need to possess her.

While her emotions for him were predictable, the real magic happened when he developed affections for her as well. From what he says about himself, he is the one who is hollow. He appropriates the study of emotions for his own ends, but within he is a calculating psychopath. The fact that Landon was so enamoured with and needy for her attention and presence made for some of the funniest moments. Now that we know how far he would go for her, we can also be sure that his feelings for her stretch much beyond the meaning of those three simple words. In a sincere and open manner, he tells her.

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