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The Duke and I PDF/ePub by Julia Quinn Free Book

The Duke and I PDF/ePub

Book NameThe Duke and I
AuthorJulia Quinn
SeriesBridgertons #1
FilePDF/ePub (Downloadable)
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A Book The Duke and I is a romantic comedy set in the Regency era.

In the social circles of Regency London, there are certain norms that must be upheld. Children of aristocrats are taught at a young age how to address an earl and curtsy before a prince in accordance with the unwritten but universally accepted rules of the caste. A duke’s demeanour should be detached and superior. Young women that are marriageable should have outgoing personalities.

The latter is not a strength of Daphne Bridgerton’s. She is the fourth of eight children in a tight-knit family and is well-connected with London’s most attractive bachelors. Daphne is loved by those who encounter her because of her kindness and wit. However, no one seems to care about her at all. She is far too honest to engage in the chivalrous gambits that win the hearts of males.

Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings, has a reputation for being anything but friendly. Like Simon, who was rejected by his chilly father, he has lately come to England and aims to avoid marriage and other social commitments. However, a chance encounter with his best friend’s sister paves the way for exciting new opportunities. Simon can prevent the moms from bringing their daughters to him if Daphne is prepared to play along with his sham courtship. Daphne, meanwhile, will have professional and public success.

At first glance, the plan seems excellent. The glittering, gossip-filled, competitive world of London’s affluent reveals one thing with absolute certainty: love gives a hoot about norms of conduct.

About the Author: Julia Quinn

The myth that smart women don’t like romance can be put to rest if you tune in to old episodes of The Weakest Link and see #1 New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn take home the $79,000 grand prize. She did terribly on tests of her knowledge of baseball, country music, and stuffed animals, but she was quite pleased with her perfect scores in tests of her British and literary knowledge, her knowledge of geography, and her comprehension of the fact that Da Vinci existed before the code.

Only sixteen people have ever been admitted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame, and Ms. Quinn is one of them. Her works have been translated into 32 tongues, and she and her family currently make their home in the Pacific Northwest.

Starring Julie Andrews, Phoebe Dynevor, and Rége-Jean Page, Shondaland has started filming a Netflix original series based on her bestselling mediaeval romance trilogy The Bridgertons.

Details of the Tale of the Duke and I

‘The Duke and I’ is the first novel in the historical ‘Bridgerton’ series, and I don’t know why it took me so long to read it. It follows the lovely Daphne Bridgerton and her brother’s closest friend, the very attractive Duke Simon Basset.After their wonderfully random encounter on a ball, these two people’s lives will never be the same.After deciding to play pretend and get engaged so that Daphne may meet more potential suitors and Simon can avoid crazy women looking for a marriage, Simon and Daphne finally begin dating.The Bridgerton family provides a welcome break in between the two main storylines.

The library even had a Swedish version, and based on my star rating, you can probably guess how much I like it.Here we have Simon, whose father punished him horribly because he stuttered, resulting in a horrible upbringing.Daphne, who came from a loving and caring family, would make a wonderful companion for Simon, who has yearned for a life of domestic tranquilly and devotion.What a wonderful love story Quinn has written, complete with touching scenes and memorable characters.The way Simon and Daphne complement one other is beyond my wildest dreams.Because of the intense sexual tension between them, I was rooting for them to find happiness together.Why I eventually warmed up to Daphne’s overprotective elder brother, Anthony Bridgerton.I, too, would like to know who Lady Whistledown is.


This review is challenging because of a contentious and emotionally taxing scene in the book. Knowing that such a situation existed, even though I didn’t know all the details, influenced my expectations.

But The Duke and I was a delightful film. And right now I have to get the sequel to this novel. I felt a strong emotional connection to the story’s protagonists, setting, and general atmosphere almost immediately. I’ve come to watch Lady Whistledown cause mischief, to laugh at the Bridgerton kids and their hilarious matriarch, and to enjoy Simon and Daphne’s witty banter. I’ve never been so emotionally invested in a romance series from the very beginning, so I feel compelled to share my thoughts on the subject. This is the kind of book I’ll want to read again and again.

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